The NetBase LIVE Lineup You Can’t Miss

In two short weeks, NetBase LIVE is on the road again. On October 22 and 23, we’ll be in Los Angeles sharing insight to help brands transform and confidently enter the new era of social analytics. And the NetBase LIVE lineup is one you really can’t miss.

If you work in digital media, you have to get to one of these events. You probably already know that NetBase LIVE is the social analytics event, attended and led by industry experts, but in case that wasn’t clear, consider the brands and agencies that are regularly in attendance, and those participating this year, including VISA, Coca-Cola, iHeartMEDIA, 113 Industries, Digitas Health, Warner Bros., FleishmanHillard, ThirdEar, Western Union, Hotwire, Boost Mobile, ESPN, Conill, FULLSCREEN, Purple Strategies, Team One, Delaware North, Big Valley Marketing, Buzzfeed, GoDaddy, Buffalo Wild Wings, and so many more!

LIVE Lineup Insight 

The networking potential on its own is amazing, and the social analytics learning is top-notch. Participants from brands and agencies on every level of the social maturity spectrum learn so much from attending, including:

  • Learnings from super smart agencies building some of the best marketing campaigns you’ll find anywhere, online and off.
  • Brand managers working in-house, sharing tactical information you can implement immediately.
  • How industry leaders are using social insight in new and interesting ways that your brand/agency has yet to consider. (This happens a lot, as the insight applications are pretty endless.)
  • Ways other organizations are increasingly incorporating social data into their strategic planning, touching all parts of the enterprise.
  • Methods for benchmarking and meaningfully communicating the ROI of online activities. And in ways that reach well beyond social networks to the overarching social web. This includes blogs, forums, review sites and every bit of unstructured data your brand seeks to aggregate.

And if you watch this quick recap of two NetBase LIVE 2018 events, you’ll see why it’s so highly attended:

NetBase LIVE lineup in 2018

This year, our NetBase LIVEE lineup – and learning – is even more amazing. Check out the agenda to see for yourself!

But wait – can’t make it to L.A. in two weeks? No worries – we’ll be on the road again on November 12 and 13, bringing social analytics learning to New York City! We’ll preview both events below for you to decide which one to attend – or maybe you’ll come to both. Many brands do, as there’s lots on offer.

Amazing Keynotes are Coming

We have two fantastic keynote speakers to kick off each event.

In Los Angeles, Author, Consultant, and Media Personality Carlos Gil will speak to the critical relationship between brand and consumer and how it still needs the human touch. Learn how to put ‘social’ back into social media and claim brand relevancy. In a world where algorithms dominate, organic reach is dwindling, and consumers don’t want to be sold to, Carlos will share ways they want to be engaged.NetBase LIVE Keynote LA

And in New York City, we’re thrilled to have Chris Malone, Former Fortune 500 CMO and award-winning author of The HUMAN Brand. He’ll offer compelling insights on how to build lasting customer and employee loyalty in the Digital Age. Super timely as brands find themselves with so many more ways to communicate, but consumer loyalty is lower than ever. And costs keep rising.

NetBase LIVE keynote NYC

And at both events, NetBase CEO, Peter Caswell will speak to Next Gen AI-powered insight as a differentiator for brands ready to adapt in this crowded online market. And ways NetBase’s newest, first-to-market offering, AI Studio, is helping brands do just that!

AI Studio as part of NetBase Live Lineup

And NetBase CMO, Paige Leidig will kick off and wrap-up each day of our NetBase LIVE lineup, with executive insight that will help flesh out your pitch to internal teams around the many use cases available.

Let’s explore these presentations, so you can see what we mean.

On Day One, participants will hear from presentations and panels that will level up their understanding of everything social analytics can do for them – and many things they never thought possible . . .

Panelists and Presentations Offering Outstanding Insight

We have a full day packed with next-level insight from industry leaders, via presentations and panels, including:


iHeartMedia sharing the ways it uses social analytics to put on some of the most recognizable and talked about pop culture events, where it engages with listeners, attracts and grows its audience, and generates excitement around its brands, as well as its in-house influencers. Find out how you can use its learnings to inform your strategy to make your events generate buzz in the social space.

FleishmanHillard sharing four concrete ways to ditch vanity metrics in favor of more reliable, informative, and impactful measurements that will help drive strategic value to your organization. Because campaign performance shouldn’t be about showcasing the largest numbers – you need to showcase them in context! Learn how.


113 Industries and Coca Cola will walk you through real examples of how they use NetBase and other technologies to determine their next $100M product idea, a new brand position, and messaging based on sales channels. They will share the challenges of adoption, and acceptance of using Social Listening as a strategic tool by these large organizations. And how to overcome these barriers, as well as methodology to innovate for the future and deal with the changing landscape of beverages.

Warner Bros. Interactive will share how its Global Audience Insights team identifies key audiences, measures their engagement with our movie titles, and benchmarks this engagement against both competitive and comparative titles in order to maximize a film’s slice of the pie on opening weekend. 

Western Union has evolved its social listening practice to support all aspects of their business, from brand monitoring to campaign strategy and competitive insights. How are its social strategists leveraging both basic and advanced NetBase social analytics throughout their organization to engage customers, identify opportunities for growth, and build their brand? Hear the presentation and find out!

Hotwire Global surveyed marketers, business decision makers, and consumers around the globe to understand how brands are managing crises in this unpredictable world, how these issues are impacting brands and purchasing decisions. The consensus? These situations are unavoidable and marketers are not prepared. Learn what to do when your brand is trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons, and how social analytics can help you get ahead of it.

And we’ll also have Shelina Taki, Director, Strategic Intelligence, Third Ear sharing topical intel around Soccer in America: Capitalizing on Trends and Engaging New Markets, and Michael Leis, Chief Content Strategy Officer, Digitas Health, helping brands better understand context with his presentation on Story, Behavior, Action! A Roadmap to Meaningful Content.

Panels and More on the NetBase LIVE Lineup:

There will also be panels, including one featuring ESPN, Delaware North and Big Valley Marketing sharing expertise for developing a mature social practice that fuels strategic initiatives across the entire organization. Aligning your social strategy for today’s business practices requires coordination, communication, and the right tools. These panelists will share how that looks

Not to mention networking breaks and an after party, of course!

Day Two turns this insight to action, showing participants how to use social analytics to uncover sophisticated and transparent insight. And how our best-in-class accuracy makes a huge difference to brands’ investigative results – and their corresponding ROI.

Day Two – Deep Data Dives

NetBase offers so many functionalities and we want you to be an expert in every bit of it! So, we’ve created a full day of learning to help participants understand the many, many ways they can use NetBase to support every day operations across the enterprise.


In Los Angeles, your Day Two morning offerings will look like this:

Information sessions as part of NetBase LIVE lineup


The afternoons of Day Two, at both conferences, you’ll have two tracks to choose from, with introductory and master class options.

Introductory trainings include:

  • Brand & Competitive Monitoring Basics: Best Practices in Topic Building
  • Crisis Management: Uncovering More Insights
  • Campaign Reporting: Uncovering More Insights
  • Presenting Insights & Driving Action: Storytelling and Dashboard Templates

And Master Class trainings take a deeper dive into:

  • Campaign Content Strategy: Deeper Insights to Connect Emotionally with Your Target Audience
  • Advanced Best Practices in Social Analytics
  • Customer Driven Innovation: Surface Unmet Needs Using Category and Competitive Analyses
  • Creating a Social Listening Program: How Brands & Agencies Can Deliver ROI

All of that certainly sounds amazing, doesn’t it? And we promise you, it is. Register today and reach out with any questions. We’re happy to show you a preview of the platform ahead of the event and help you explore insight specific to your needs during a demo!

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