NetBase Joins Twitter Official Partner Program
Kimberly Surico |
 06/10/15 |
2 min read

CertfiedPartner_140x140_blueWe are excited to announce today that NetBase is now Twitter Official Partner. The Twitter Official Partner Program is open to select, leading B2B product and service providers to make the platform even more useful to business. This partnership is a huge validation of our status as the leading enterprise-scale social media analytics company and the valuable relationship we have built with Twitter over the years.

Twitter is one of the most important global sources of social media information helping companies hear consumer voice and react to customer needs in real-time. Over the last few years, we’ve built a strong relationship with Twitter that helped us gain access to Twitter’s early stage initiatives and products as well as work in close cooperation with their Data and Ads teams.

In the future, the even closer partnership with Twitter will enable us to:

• Guarantee the best access to the leading global source of real-time social media data
• Accelerate product innovation with access to Twitter’s data offerings and advice to effectively solve business challenges
• Pursue new joint go to market opportunities
• Enable us to offer our best-in-class social media analytics to more brands and agencies

We already have several products that are focused specifically on the analysis of real-time and historical Twitter data going as far back as the very first Tweet. NetBase LIVE Pulse™ Suite provides real-time social media analytics dashboards powered by up-to-the-second Twitter data. Audience 3D leverages Twitter to help brands get an unprecedented understanding of their social consumers including their interests, psychographics, emotions, and behaviors.

We are confident that in the future, this closer partnership will enable us to bring to market valuable products that help brands and agencies succeed in their social business.

To learn more about the Twitter Official Partner Program, see our press release.

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