NetBase Implements Instagram Channel Coverage Changes as Other Vendors Struggle
Mike Baglietto |
 12/06/18 |
4 min read

In our blog on November 29, 2018 titled “Instagram Evolution: NetBase Launches Updated Instagram Hashtag Support” I focused on the changes specific to Instagram hashtag monitoring that will become effective December 11, 2018.

This blog will focus on Instagram channel coverage – including 1. Monitoring your brand, 2. Monitoring your competitors, and 3. Monitoring your influencers, partnered 4. Monitoring your influencers, non-partnered.  If your current vendor doesn’t support all four, they are either not yet on the new Instagram API or have yet to support all the changes, which will leave you with a gap in your Instagram listening coverage.

Understanding the updated Instagram channel monitoring has a few caveats – most notably, Instagram restricts social listening platforms to monitoring only business channels. Non-business channels are not supported with the new Instagram APIs.  The second caveat is that users must authorize their social listening platform to download Instagram data on their behalf.  The third caveat is how vendors collect and store Instagram data for analysis.

Move Fast and Fix Things

Most social listening vendors are struggling to rearchitect their underlying infrastructure to support user authorizations and single client-data pools to comply with the new Instagram data management terms of use and API changes.

Fortunately for NetBase customers, NetBase is well beyond that stage and has been for over six months. Our agile development process releases product every three weeks, which enables us to move fast, keeping our customers up to date on all the latest developments on Instagram and other trends in social media as they occur.

We have supported the updated Instagram channel coverage and data management required by the new Instagram API since shortly after it was introduced in April, 2018. And we have extended our channel support to analyze comment text on your own business profiles as well as the comment text on your partnered influencer profiles.

Few social listening vendors, if any, are supporting channel comment text today, but NetBase customers are already leveraging these insights to find those influencers that connect and engage with their audiences.

Access Levels & Authorizations

NetBase offers two levels of coverage for accessing Instagram data—one Basic level and two Extended levels. It is important to understand two key concepts around the coverage levels.

The first is that your account’s access to Instagram data at any level requires authorizations. An authorization gives the Instagram API permission for NetBase to access data on your behalf.

To obtain Basic Business Channel Coverage (posts and post data for any owned or non-owned Instagram Business Profile, including competitors, influencers, or any Business Profile), your account must authorize using any Facebook page linked to any Instagram Business Profile.  This is easy to do right from within the NetBase console.

If no user in your account has authorized NetBase to download Instagram content, no Instagram channel content will be collected for analysis in your account. As simple as this sounds, many social analysts and consumer insights manager simply don’t have the required Instagram channel permissions, so they will need to work with their internal Instagram channel managers to gain the proper authorizations to enable channel monitoring. This applies to all social listening platforms.  My advice – start this process early to avoid disruptions to your Instagram coverage.

Instagram also limits the number of calls to the new API based to 200 calls per hour per user authorization. The more authorizations you have granted your social listening platform, the more frequently we can request content on your behalf. This applies to all listening platforms. If fewer than two users in your account have authorized, Instagram data collection latency will increase.

To obtain Extended Business Channel Coverage (comment text from your owned Instagram channels), a user must authorize every owned channel you want to track. The authorizing user must have the Analyst role or higher on the Facebook page linked to the owned Instagram Business Profile. After successfully authorizing, a user can add multiple owned channels to their authorization.

Here is look at what data is available from Instagram using a sample post for each type of Instagram business channel.

The Power of Accuracy & Influencers

Instagram influencers are incredibly powerful assets for promoting your brands. So, it’s important that you have the ability to track not only what they are sharing, but how their audience is responding.

NetBase listens and analyzes your partnered influencers, but also analyzes comment text on their business channel. This comment analysis is extremely useful for understanding how your audience is responding to your influencers and what else they are talking about.

Understanding the passion (or lack thereof) an influencer has and/or is generating around your brand goes well beyond the likes – just ask Stance. They were able to streamline their labor intensive influencer tracking and identify passionate conversation creators that expanded their reach to more than 200 million impressions per month. Not only that, these influencers became exceptional brand advocates that helped resolve customer service concerns. All in all, they captured the #1 share of voice and couldn’t be happier. Their influencers feel similarly.

And be sure to note that this can’t be done with every sentiment analysis tool. Having access to Instagram comment data is one thing, but accurately parsing that data to rapidly reveal underlying sentiment is another matter entirely. As we’ve proven time and again, NetBase offers the highest standard in sentiment analysis accuracy.

If Instagram analytics is important to your social listening strategy, contact NetBase for a demo. Let us show you all of the new Instagram capabilities supported *today* to avoid any disruptions in your Instagram coverage tomorrow.

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