NetBase Has the Deepest Social Analytics with Data Coverage from Instagram, YouTube and Reddit

Niraj Sharma |
 09/12/18 |
4 min read

When it comes to social listening platforms, the name of the game is data quality. It’s not just about which social networks are accessed, but the depth of quality data the tool pulls from each platform.

At NetBase, we’re always looking for ways to surface more insights so our users can better report on campaign performance, and better identify key influencers and emerging topics. Over the last few months we’ve been working behind the scenes to bring our users more data points from the top networks they actually care about – Instagram, YouTube and Reddit.

Read on to learn more and see why NetBase continues to lead the industry in data coverage and quality.

Terrific Instagram Business Channel Support

Instagram is one of the most important channels to today’s marketer. The platform has a massive userbase, and businesses are falling over each other to access Instagram users and influencers.

Your brand or agency is likely spending more on Instagram in 2018 than last year. That’s why it’s important your social listening tool gets the most data from this platform. With richer Instagram data it’s easier to collect and report back on campaign success, track influencers, and know you’re making the right investments on the platform.

That’s why NetBase is working hard to ensure we offer the highest quality Instagram data.  And we’re proud to say that NetBase offers support for business channels following recent changes to Instagram’s data policies.

By adding business and competitive channel support our users are better able to report on-channel metrics, as well as define benchmarks to beat for competitive or aspirational channels on Instagram.

But what does this mean for influencers? We’ve found that professional influencers almost always have business profiles! Now those profiles will get additional metrics as NetBase continues to roll out enhanced channel coverage.

The power of influencers is game changing for challenger brands, as we’ve seen with sock company Stance and their influencer army, the Punks & Poets.

punks and poets screencap

Screencap of Stance’s Punks & Poets from their website

These Instagram-active athletes and artists have not only helped Stance grow – they helped make them the stand-out option for a major brand partnership in a Super Bowl commercial. This would never have happened if Stance hadn’t cultivated influencers using social data.

NetBase Has Category Best YouTube Channel and Metric Support

Along with Instagram, YouTube is emerging as one of the top social channels. In our own industry reporting we’re finding that YouTube has the most-engaged content for most brands – making it an important channel to gain insight into.

Customers and fans share feedback on YouTube via comments and likes – and we’re making it easy to understand what’s behind those comments and likes. Having your finger on the pulse of YouTube viewers is a great way to make sure your brand’s content and messaging are resonating.

In addition to engagements, and comment text, NetBase also captures channel subscriber counts

By adding YouTube data to all queries – even those not referencing a YouTube channel – we have increased coverage available to our users. And now we’re happy to highlight how we’re getting even more YouTube data, to give our customers an even better view of consumer conversations on YouTube.

NetBase now retrieves YouTube comment text. The addition of YouTube comment text lets users analyze even more content from YouTube during their analysis. YouTube comment text is valuable for a number of use cases – from campaign reporting, to general social listening.

NetBase also delivers topic data collection, filtering, and analysis by YouTube channel, providing customers the ability to track and analyze all YouTube conversations around their brand, even if the conversation does not explicitly mention them.

Our clients are using this for brand, competitive, crisis monitoring and content performance analysis. Having this data available makes it easy to measure and monitor performance on YouTube just like you would on other social channels.

This is crucial for understanding how video fits into your brand presence online. When you know what consumers want and respond to, you can tailor your content in exactly that way. Cuisinart did, and got 10K video views for their efforts – along with a new audience segment and 30K impressions.

NetBase Has Full Reddit Firehose Coverage

Reddit is one of the most popular sites on the internet with posts covering a wide range of interests. There’s lots to be learned from Redditors. That’s why we’ve made the full Reddit feed (AKA Firehose) available to all NetBase social web topics and ad hoc searches.

Reddit coverage gives insight into thousands of dedicated communities organized around specific interests – enabling marketers to learn more about their brand perception, and even glean insights from enthusiast communities to drive new product creation.

We’ve witnessed a diverse list of brands succeeding with product innovation based on social insights – from NRG, to Arby’s, to 7-Eleven and Ocean Spray.

The more channels you have access to, the more complete – and valuable – your data. Adding Reddit coverage to our arsenal gives our customers yet another edge against competitors.

Check out the NetBase Travel And Hospitality Industry Best Practices Guide 2018 to see how the Westin hotel brand used Reddit specifically to refine their customer experience on the fitness front.

You’re Only as Strong as Your Data

With so much competition, and consumers running the show, brands need the best data available to stay relevant.

Like Image Analytics and other products updates, these new and exciting data points take our users beyond basic metrics to provide a much more detailed view of the customer. These metrics make measuring campaign effectiveness easier than ever before. And they give you all the proof stakeholders could want when wondering if the investment in social analytics tools is worth it.

It is. And we’re committed to ensuring continued returns on that investment at every turn.

Want to see how social analytics can transform your business? Request a demo and we’ll give you a guided tour of the power of NetBase.




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