7 Things NetBase Customers are Thankful For

As the U.S. celebrates Thanksgiving, we wanted to take a moment to express how thankful we are for the amazing brands we serve. And, it turns out, NetBase customers are thankful for us as well!

Here are seven reasons why:

1. Thankful for Superfast Social Media Buzz and Sentiment Tracking

Timing is important in any industry. And understanding consumer sentiment in real-time can make or break an effort. DMS (Digital Media Services), a full-service creative agency specializing in film promotion, uses NetBase’s social listening to deliver campaign reports on social buzz and consumer sentiment on upcoming movies. NetBase’s next generation AI-powered analytics allow them to quickly deliver activity-based reports. These reports are used to track key campaign events, like a new trailer launch or local movie premieres.

DMS thankful for Superfast Social Media Buzz and Sentiment Tracking 

“For us, the key factors for choosing the right social analytics tool are the features and technical ability and being able to get the insights quite quickly. And NetBase is quite good at that.” Anna Zaikina, Head of Social Media Insights, DMS

2. NetBase’s Unmatched UI and Data Quality

sibilare*, a data-driven communications agency based in Spain, uses NetBase to advise clients ranging from government agencies to large multinational brands. They switched to NetBase from another social media analytics tool after researching the market and finding NetBase’s faster, more accurate insight fit their needs:

sibilare thankful for Unmatched UI and Data Quality

“The UI and data that NetBase provides, particularly its Crosstab Analysis, gives us a wide extension of knowledge. We’ve evolved thanks to NetBase – especially as it relates to available reports and retrospective data. It helps us to get faster.” – Adrian Becerra, CTO, sibilare*

3. NetBase Helping Brands Capitalize in Specific Markets

Focusing on category level conversations, agencies gain insights on how consumers are talking in certain markets. And this helps agencies guide clients toward very specific opportunities in certain spaces. WAVEMAKERS works with lots of clients seeking bespoke options, for example:

WAVEMAKERS thankful for NetBase's ability to Help Brands Capitalize in Specific Markets

“[I look] very broadly at category level conversations, thematic analysis, key sentiment drivers and really getting under the skin of how consumers are talking. And at what that means for brands in terms of capitalizing in certain spaces. . . . One of the great things about NetBase is that we can get to the insights very quickly with thematic analysis. And then manipulate the data to derive that insight.” – Mike Hatfield, Social Insights Manager, WAVEMAKER.

4. NetBase’s Speed, Accessibility and Coverage That Delivers On Its Promise

With so many options out there, agencies are skeptical of tools living up their promises. For Portland Communications, a political consultancy and public relations agency, having a robust, accurate, advanced AI-powered tool informing decisions is a necessity. With social analytics embedded across the organization, they aren’t looking at social and digital in isolation.

 Portland communications thankful for NetBase's Speed, Accessibility and Coverage That Delivers On Its Promise

“We’re now using social media data to inform primary research, to dig and uncover behaviors.” When recommending a social analytics tool for a client to use, they look at the “speed at which the data is being processed, the accessibility and the coverage. When you look under the bonnet there are very few tools that actually deliver on that promise.” – Teodora Coste, Senior Strategic Planner, Portland Communications

5. Thankful for AI Technology and Personalized Social Insights

As technology grows, there will be new ways to apply social analytics, as well as ways to combine social data with other data sets for deeper consumers insights. Our first-to-market automated theme discovery is one of those ways, and 113 Industries is one those agencies that’s right on top of it! It makes sense, as using social analytics tools help shape the insights they provide for clients around the globe. So, being on top the the latest and greatest offerings is a must.

113 industries thankful to NetBase for Integrating with New Technology like AI to Personalize Social Insights

“We are a proud partner of NetBase. We love the tool because, number one, the breadth of information on the consumers is just excellent. One of the features we like about NetBase is the ability to integrate and admit other data sets. We use NetBase APIs, for example to get data on the consumers and then we use that in other ways. Specifically, we use IBM Watson to understand the psychology of the consumers.

So after we’ve done the segmentation of the different consumers within NetBase we then use IMB Watson. This helps our customers really activate the consumers in specific ways when they market or launch a product.” – Anupam Singh, Founder and President, 113 Industries

6. NetBase’s Transparent, Actionable Insight

Edelman Intelligence uses NetBase’s social analytics platform to help them strategize more proficiently to serve clients across several areas. Social analytics is part of their day-to-day spanning everything from real-time crisis management, influencers and advocate identification, to tracking a brand across a long-period of time.

The speed and ease of use, the quality of data sources, and the consistent innovation are characteristics that have kept Edelman returning to NetBase year after year.  APIs, algorithms and social channels themselves change a lot and NetBase not only keeps up with that, we keep clients ahead of it. As a result, they transition seamlessly when those changes happen.

delman Intellgience for NetBase's Transparent, Actionable Insight

“NetBase is very transparent about data, which means we can be transparent with our teams and clients about our insights and our ability to capture actionable insight.” – Simon Quinton, Account Director, Edelman Intelligence

The speed, usability, data quality and innovation NetBase offers are key differentiators.

7. Thankful for Clean Data for Relevant Influencer Identification

Metrix Lab, a marketing agency focused on digital research, uses NetBase to deliver real-time insights “yesterday” for Fortune 500 companies. They uncover their client’s customer behaviors and sentiment over social media. This allows them to understand and then communicate what the client audience is saying about them. They also identify ideal influencers for the brand, and how to stay relevant in their industry with data-driven insights:

Metrix Lab is thankful for the Clean Data for Relevant Influencer Identification that NetBase provides

“To use the framework, we rely on clean data. And that is what NetBase provides us. We identify influencers for client fit based on reach and relevance. . . . I’ve been a social researcher for ten years. In those ten years I’ve tried many solutions and NetBase is top of the market.” – Gilbert Saktoe, Researcher, Metrix Lab

Metrix Lab seeks to inspire and excite clients around its social listening findings. And you can do the same, if you aren’t already!

Wishing You A Prosperous 2020

So much is possible with social analytics tools. Everything mentioned above, from tracking live campaign insightsidentifying new audiences to identifying influencers, and more. We’re so grateful to have the opportunity to help so many brands move forward and succeed. And we can’t wait to see what’s in store for everyone in 2020. Our predictive capabilities will have our customers ready for whatever comes though – and you can be too! Reach out for a demo!

Thanks for taking the journey with us. And Happy Thanksgiving!

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