7 Things NetBase Quid Customers Are Thankful For

This Thanksgiving, we are grateful for the amazing customers we serve – and the ongoing feedback they offer, which helps us stay aligned with their needs. As part of that, we’ve summarized some of the top reasons they’re thankful for the consumer and marketing intelligence capabilities we offer!

7 things we hear NetBase Quid customers rave about year-round follow:

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1.Staying Ahead of Trends with Predictive Intelligence

These past two years have taught us how quickly everything can be flipped upside down and end up online – and also, how important online has become. It’s a place to not only sell products and services, but to connect with an otherwise unreachable and disconnected populace. We saw a massive boom in online retail, with ecommerce experiencing stunning gains.

In fact, it was expected that “US sales would grow 13.7% reaching $908.73 billion in 2021. Prior to the pandemic, that projection was just 12.8%.” And brands wanting to cash in on this surge relied on emerging trend intel to keep them ahead of consumer shifts in sentiment and desires – and purchase idiosyncrasies that included stockpiling – and now revolves around shipping delays and early, ongoing Black Friday sales.

2. Psychographic Intel for Deeper Connections

The days of marketing to consumers based on basic demographics are long gone, yet many companies are still defining ‘personas’ this way. It makes little sense as there’s so much consumer intelligence available online – and it makes personalizing any offering, at scale, possible. It also makes it a brand differentiator to do so!


3. Real-time, Accurate and Actionable Consumer and Marketing Intelligence

Having consumer and marketing intelligence at your fingertips is not challenging, as there are endless data sources available online every second of the day. The struggle revolves around separating the signal from the noise and only focusing on the data that’s relevant to your industry, company and consumers – both known and potential consumers.

Having real-time, accurate and actionable intel is separating leading brands that capture most of the market share from brands that are struggling to stay afloat.

4. Social and News Media Combo

With a focus on everything social media, many brands are developing tunnel vision around it and missing out on the insight news media offers. This oversight is huge as one can never tell if social media drives the news stories that generate incredible amounts of awareness, or if the news stories inspire the super viral social media posts we all become enamored with online. Oftentimes, things happen organically on one or the other, but having the pulse of each in your respective category is crucial either way.


5. Aggregating Business Intelligence in Easy-to-Understand Visualizations

Aggregating essential business intelligence is key – and the output of that insight is equally essential. If your stakeholders can’t understand the information you’re sharing without a masterclass in how to decipher your charts and graphs, your presentation will lack impact and potentially miss the mark entirely. Everything moves fast today and that includes strategic decision-making – at least that’s how it happens in the virtual boardrooms of category leaders.

With the ability to combine pretty much any imaginable pieces of structured and unstructured data, brands love the visualizations and dashboarding we offer inside our platforms. From semantic clusters that are easily navigable to sentiment-colored word clouds, the ability to quickly see what is important in a given presentation is game changing.

6. Influencer Identification and Tracking

Knowing the trending topics of the day is one thing, but having a relevant influencer on your side speaking to the masses is another – and it’s a brand marketing tactic that more and more companies are getting hip to. And with good reason. Thanks to TikTok, any brand can be a viral sensation with a catchy song but connecting with the right influencer is worth its weight in likes.

The best part about this? It doesn’t have to be an expensive venture if you get the analytics right, as there are any number of micro-influencers out there hungry for fame and sponsorships – and many more potential followers cheering them on. Just ask Ocean Spray’s Cran-Raspberry influencer, Nathan Apodaca aka Dogg Face.

7. Themes and Filters for Deep Dives

Creating the visualizations mentioned above happens as a final step after analysis – and that involves applying specific themes and filters that support deep dives. Themes offer a layer of analysis on top of your analysis, allowing brands to filter for specific audience segments or functions. Or you can examine a specific subset of an existing search, creating a theme from any granular criteria, and apply it to other searches.

quid social themes

And these are really just a few of the incredible capabilities our consumers are thankful for – and who wouldn’t be?

Wishing You an Amazing 2022

The past two years have been challenging, but we all seem to be ready for anything at this point. This is particularly true when we have consumer and market intelligence to guide our efforts and help avoid trouble spots. Be sure to reach out for a demo ahead of the New Year to see how you can prepare for a successful start to 2022 and join other category leaders in making Q1 amazing!

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