NetBase Certification Reveals Nuanced & Unanticipated Insight

Kimberly Surico |
 07/01/20 |
5 min read

NetBase certification

Consumer understanding will make or break a business right now. The stakes are too high to take risks with less than accurate intel, and this is a challenge many brands face. And this is why top brands and agencies are ecstatic over the nuanced and unanticipated insight they’re uncovering during the NetBase Certification process.

What is NetBase Certification? It’s a designation data analysts earn after completing our Express Learning offering where participants perform activities that advance their social analytics understanding. We have a series of posts offering a glimpse into how that certification has helped participants leverage social analytics in ways they never thought possible – and these are some digitally savvy folks! We’ll also share how this certification designation helps them win business.

To do this, we interviewed a few folks who’ve completed the Certification, as their words best capture the value it offers. And this is a free training that we offer customers, by the way. This is just another way we’re ensuring brands and agencies derive exceptional consumer and market intelligence from our tools. More on that as we progress through our series! Now to the good stuff . . .


Analytics Experts Amazed by What’s Under the Hood

Analytics experts are a discerning lot. They’ve been around the social analytics block on a variety of projects, ranging from campaign development and competitor monitoring to influencer identification and tracking ROI. Adding depth to an already impressive set of analytical capabilities probably felt impossible at the outset. And if you’ve used one social analytics tools (as many of our customers have), you have a decent sense of what’s going on under the hood, right?

Well, that really depends on the tool.

We’ve found that folks who’ve used introductory social analytics offerings expect to learn a good bit more. And they do. They’re advancing from free tools to robust enterprise-grade expertise, so the differences are inherent.

But those coming to us from competitor tools (and we get those quite often), are blown away by three very important differentiators:

  • The depth of accurate, transparent consumer insight available – that can be explored and confirmed to a granular level
  • The options for analyzing the data, in ways that get to the heart of that matter and fully answer executive questions
  • And the exceptional and consistent customer service and technological support available to brands and agencies outside of the sales cycle

In this first part of the post series, we’ll touch on each, with each post adding more context – much like how our training is framed. There’s just too much to cover in one sitting. And that’s precisely where we’ll start . . .

“Executives Dream About This Stuff”

Without diving too deeply into specific capabilities (as we that in later posts!), we do need to mention the Crosstab Analysis, as it was something reviewers consistently raved about. And for good reason. Brands can compare multiple topics or companies across a series of indicators. In the example below, we see multiple airline companies compared on the basis of keyword-based Certified Themes, such as “baggage,” “boarding,” and “cancellation/delay.”

And each piece of it can be explored to a granular level, to see where the insight is coming from specifically:


Joseph Gudino, Paid Social Manager at JUST Media, captured it best: “It is so freaking cool. It’s sort of like showing someone a Ferrari. Unless you really know cars, you don’t appreciate how amazing it is.”

And the buyer journey capabilities were another “must see” for him. As his team shares sentiment analysis through the buyer journey, exploring pre- and post-purchase indicators, the executive team is always incredibly impressed to have these options. “Executives dream about this stuff, but often don’t know exists – or that it’s okay to use! And so, we show them this, and at first, they’re sometimes like, ‘Is this real?’” It’s so real.

It helps brands determine where in the life cycle to focus – and how. It’s identifying and engaging with consumers every step of the way, from consideration and all the way through post-purchase. It’s incredibly valuable.


And that’s really just scratching the surface.

Depth and Accuracy of Insight 

With so much available on the surface, users can feel a bit overwhelmed and also content with stopped there. The possibilities many tools offer are similar and somewhat sufficient, but once customers experience how deep insight can truly go, there’s no looking back. It’s similar to switching from dialup internet access to 5G. The different is startling.


As Michael Kwolek, Director of Strategy at Room 214 shared: “NetBase has a lot more depth to it, and having gone through the training, I see how much more you can do with it and how many more possibilities there are.” Further, “it’s not necessarily all there in front of you, the way other tools function – where you build the monitor or the query and it’s all right there and that’s all of it. But with NetBase, it goes beyond that and into much greater detail. And you can do this with every specific aspect.”

And once you understand these inner workings, the tool is a quick study, as it’s super intuitive to use.

Intuitive User Interface  

As Aris Tagle, Group Director of Digital & Social Media Analytics at Team One shared, “I definitely think it’s more friendly as a user interface. It’s more straightforward also to do segmentation certainly. That’s one of its strengths. You don’t have to do as much Boolean and you really don’t have to do any Boolean in NetBase unless you really want to.”


The topic definition guide is super straightforward, and the ability to capture and track converged media as well – paid, owned and earned – increases this tool’s value tenfold.

But that’s not even the most sophisticated part!

More Sophisticated Analysis Options 

Say what you will about social analytics tools in general, but never assume they’re all created equal. With next generation AI-powered social analytics there are very distinct differences available to brands. Just ask Derek Kopecky, Data Analyst at Doe-Anderson:

“In the previous two years, we’ve have had other social listening tools, so we’re definitely not brand new to the space. But as far as NetBase, it’s definitely a lot different than other tools we’ve used in the past in a more sophisticated way. There are a lot of different things that you could do in NetBase that we wouldn’t have been able to do in the past.”

Like what, specifically? This is something we wanted to know as well! “A lot of the filtering options to power our searches and the widgets are a lot more interactive than other tools. Being able to click into a widget and have it automatically filter is huge. And the option to save those analyses when we exit too. To have the ability to exit out and to reset everything or dive deep into the weeds, create all those excluded terms, sort out hidden insights, everything down to a specific data point that we wanted, and save it right there to reference that same data point in the future. That has been very beneficial.” And that’s quite a capability for any brand or agency to have available, for sure!

Future Certification Series Posts

And to say that all of this helps agencies in pitches is underselling it. So, we’ll leave it for our next post in this series where we’ll share how and why NetBase Certification is being used in pitches. Agencies are winning business with it, and your agency can do this too!

In the meantime, be sure to reach out for a demo of the super granular, sophisticated and truly best-in-class analytics capabilities NetBase offers and see how we compare to whatever tool your brand is currently using. We’re scheduling demos now!


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