Starting March 1, NetBase is hosting a guest-blogging contest like no other – and we need your help. But don’t worry – it’s going to be fun.

Marketing Manager, Customer Retention & Advocacy, Kevin Lau, and Marketing Manager Sean Chauhan have made a bet, and… well, if you’re a NetBase customer, you’re part of it.

What’s the deal?

We’re looking for a few good guest bloggers – 12 to be exact. We’re going to feature posts by NetBase users for 12 weeks – starting March 1 – and we hope you’ll be one of them.

We’ve been talking a lot lately about all the great things our products can do – from revealing unexpected sentiment towards Valentine’s Day to inspiring a new Slurpee flavor – but we want to hear more from our customers. Each of you has different goals and objectives, and we love finding out how you’re using NetBase to reach them.

The exact topic is completely up to you, but should involve either:

  • Your experience using NetBase as part of your social media strategy
  • Your experience creating a social media listening program

We’d also love to hear about justification, ROI, different methods of use, model configurations, topic hierarchy, and anything else you’re excited about.

To take part, simply reach out with a brief summary of your idea to either:

If we hit our goal of 12 posts, Kevin wins – and we’ll tell you why we’re partial to that outcome momentarily. First, here’s what’s in it for you.

What’s at stake?

You’ll be featured on the NetBase blog, and benefit from all the notoriety and promotion that comes with it – and as a token of our appreciation, you’ll also earn 750 points in the VIP Hub for being featured. If you’re not already participating there, let us know and we’ll explain how to start!

But there’s more – and this is where it gets serious. Kevin believes we can achieve this goal of 12 guest bloggers in 12 weeks. He’s so sure he’s promised to do the Whip Nae Nae better than this kid here if he loses:

But he doesn’t plan to lose, he plans to win. When that happens, Sean – as the loser (and doubter) – will have to perform a choreographed Justin Bieber dance on a hoverboard. Filmed, of course. And we’re hoping it’ll look something like this:

Kevin is a self-professed terrible dancer. And Sean is hashtagging #DevastaSEAN – so maybe he’s hoping he loses so he can strut his stuff?

Maybe it’s not fair to take sides, but we’re kind of rooting for Kevin – and not just because the hoverboard thing would be pretty impressive. More than anything, we want to hear about how our customers use NetBase “in the wild” – and we believe there are at least a dozen of you ready to share your expertise.

Maybe you found a surprising and exciting micro-segment with Audience3D, or noticed a shift in the way consumers are engaging with your brand. Maybe you prevented a reputation crisis using social media listening and want to humble brag (we’d love that).

Each brand has its own NetBase story – and we want to hear them all.

So, to summarize:

  • NetBase is hosting a 12-week guest blogging contest starting March 1
  • Share your experiences about NetBase or your social listening tactics and get featured on our blog
  • You’ll get 750 points in the VIP Hub
  • See Sean do a choreographed Justin Bieber dance on a hoverboard

To take part, email Sean or Kevin – and tell your friends. Maybe Kevin will be so psyched to win he’ll Whip Nae Nae anyway as a bonus.

Not using NetBase yet? You’re missing out (and not just on terrible dancing). Contact us for a free consultation and discover new ways to connect with your audience!

Image from louiscrusoe

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