It’s important that social media analytics be available to power all aspect of your brand operations. However, we recognize not everyone in the organization is equally adept at analyzing data. That’s why we offer solutions for users of all skill levels.

NetBase Pro puts powerful social media insights in the hands of users in all kinds of roles – especially those who aren’t seasoned analysts. We’ve been working to extend the functionality of NetBase Pro and make the more powerful features and analyses from NetBase’s Leading Enterprise platform easily digestible to those without analyst expertise.

Working with Topics and Themes

NetBase now offers a sharing setting that enables users to share Topics and Analyses from the NetBase Enterprise Platform to NetBase Pro – making those topics and analyses available to all users.

The new Theme filter enables NetBase Pro users to select and apply a theme to refine search results and segment conversations. The new theme filter enables powerful data segmentation to dig deeper into shared topics and general social conversation.

This is how 7-Eleven, for example, found the data that led to their SOUR PATCH® Watermelon-Flavored Slurpee®. They discovered a contingent of fans who enjoyed adding the fruity candies to their Slurpees, so they knew they’d have a winner if they made it an official combination.

Here’s how it works: When a user selects a theme, NetBase Pro displays the theme’s Description field so users can understand how the theme is configured.

Live Reports Keep You Nimble

We have also made Live Reports, and Scheduled Dashboard Reports available to NetBase Pro users. Now NetBase Pro users can be subscribed to these reports just like other NetBase users.

NetBase Pro users can:

  • Access Analyst-created Live Reports by clicking a URL in an email and entering a report-specific password.
  • Click widget items, such as a term, author, or geographic area, to view summary metrics, as well as export the report to PDF format.
  • Return to a Live Report periodically to review the most up-to-date data. NetBase automatically refreshes the report data at the frequency set by the report creator.
  • View Saved Analyses (a combination of a topic and themes and filters) saved by an Analyst user to enable easier research in NetBase Pro.

Live insights are how agencies like Moxie source ideas for brands like Chick-fil-A. Moxie has a daily session where they listen to understand what’s happening with social audiences, in the industries relevant to their clients, and with their competitors.

They then report on the “story of the day” to their account, creative strategy, and client, pushing targeted content live within 30 minutes to four hours. This content typically performs 3X higher than other content.

Analyst users in the Enterprise platform can subscribe NetBase Pro-only users to Scheduled Dashboard Reports, which provide a periodic snapshot of the dashboard’s most up-to-date information via an email attachment.

We’ve also added new data to the NetBase Pro platform with new sources and geography widgets. These two widgets provide even more depth into social data. NetBase Pro offers more analyses for the quick-search of data than any other social listening platform.

The new Sources card helps you identify the sources where conversation matching your search is occurring, such as Twitter, Instagram, forums, or blogs. The card displays sources by post count and percent of the total. Click a source to flip the card and display a sample of matching posts.

The new Geography card helps you understand where conversation matching your search is occurring in the world.

We saw the impact geography has in our comparison of key geographical markets within the Beauty industry. Exploring regions from Germany, Japan and Korea, to the Middle East and North Africa, we’ve seen trends and audiences differ greatly from place to place.

For global brands, geographical insights are invaluable.

With our newest NetBase Pro updates you can switch between map view and table view. The map view uses shading to indicate where conversations are happening and lists the top three geographical areas by percent share and total number of posts. The table view contains a scrollable list of matching geographical areas in descending order.

Click a region in the map or a table row to flip the card and display a sample of matching posts.

As you can see we’ve been hard at work making NetBase Pro even more ridiculously useful to users of all sophistication levels. Whether you’re a seasoned social listening expert who wants to get quick answers to management requests, or you’re a social listening newbie who needs to know more about the latest trending hashtag, NetBase Pro has something for you.

And these new capabilities make it even easier for seasoned experts to work alongside newbies to cut through the noise on social and get to the critical insights. And isn’t that the goal, regardless of experience level? We thought so.

With shared topics, shared themes, shared dashboards, and shared analyses – there’s lots to care about. Let us show you how your team can leverage the latest social analytics data in NetBase Prorequest a demo and we’ll give you a tour of all the new functions that make NetBase more useful than ever before.



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