command-center-30-days-thumbAre you betting the future of your company on an innovative product you’re launching within weeks? Are you close to the release date for a watchdog report on a sensitive issue related to your brand? Or perhaps you’re running the first ads today in an edgy campaign that will attract lots of customers.  There are many moments within your business that now require you to be aware of your consumer’s response.  In the past, being able to stay on top of these events took weeks if not months to know the response.

Today, using social media can help you track all those important events minute-by-minute in your social command center. The true value of a social command center is in the ability to immediately engage with a broad customer base, and efficiently make relevant adjustments based on accurate data received from conversation. These elements: immediate customer engagement that results in your quick response and next steps determined by accurate data, are critical to making the most out of your command center.   Yes, your command center is the place where you can monitor and act on the social conversation pertaining to your brand, products and market.

It is a place where you can listen to conversations in dozens of languages to get competitive intelligence, find insights, manage crises, track campaigns and report back.

Oh … you don’t have a command center? Not to worry. Our latest eBook spells out the steps you need to take to get your command center up in 30 days, including:

  • Charter a team with a clear mission to get this done
  • Determine how the command center and social fits your company’s culture
  • Define your hub and your spokes
  • Choose the right social analytics solution for you
  • Allocate a budget for the command center
  • Brand your center to give it an internal identity

We’ve already built command centers for Yum! Brands and Taco Bell and can share with you best practices we learned on those deployments and others.

You can download the complete eBook here.

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