national nurses month

As part of the aptly timed “Year of the Nurse and Midwife,” the American Nurses Association expanded National Nurses Week, to a monthlong celebration. And businesses would be wise to recognize and celebrate healthcare workers as well. Many are and it will pay off long-term. Let’s check it out!

Brands recognizing their importance with funding PPE (personal protective equipment) or other gear, are also realizing that broadcasting the good they’re doing is really all they can do right now. So, they better have something to say! And recognizing nurses offers an “in.”

National Nurse Recognition

In the wake of COVID-19, these frontline heroes are finally being recognized. Even street artist Banksy got in on this celebration by making and donating a beautiful picture to a hospital in the UK, honoring Nurses everywhere.



And Banksy isn’t the only one showing love, peaking at social analytics, the overall sentiment around Nurses during this time is positive, with words like “Happy” and “Proud” jumping right off the page.


People everywhere want nurses to know that they are appreciated and loved. Support is being shown in many ways. Sometimes it’s a post from Twitter acknowledging the sacrifice Nurses are making……


…and sometimes it’s a popular tv show posting. Grey’s Anatomy engaged their viewers by posting photos of their medical professional fan base who are currently at the frontlines battling COVID-19.


There seems to be no limit to how you can show support, sometimes it’s a donated hot meal to a working Nurse, and sometimes it comes in the package of PPE.

Brands are seeing the opportunity to help, and many are answering the call.

Brands Making Month-long Efforts

Recognizing that Nurses work long grueling hours, Starbucks, everyone’s favorite wake-me-up, has donated a free cup a coffee a day for the entire month of May for Nurses. And their loyal healthcare workers are ecstatic as they take to their social media to show their gratitude.

While Starbucks is taking care of nurses’ alertness, Crocs is focused on their feet.

Nurses spend all day on their feet, often having a short food break, but now during the pandemic, those breaks are few and far between. Thanks to Crocs, valuable feet will be in comfort while they dash from one heroic duty to another.


And topping the charts is Krispy Kreme, with their free dozen doughnuts to Coronavirus front liners. “Pick up some free dozens on the way to work for you and your colleagues, or maybe a free dozen on your way home to family after a long shift.” Using a company traction graph, Krispy Kreme is second in top mentions, and their pink little bubble floating at the top shows they have the most social engagement.


Using brand passion index (BPI), a tool to help show brands how they are perceived by the public, or how they rate against their competition, we can see how Nurses and consumers view Krispy Kreme, and of course they are in the sweet spot of both passion and net sentiment.


Clearly it pays as a company to give back to the people, it raises your brand awareness and shows that you are a caring part of keeping Nurses and their families going, but what about down the line?

Ongoing Healthcare Support

Brands providing on-going support, from the beginning to the end, are sure to win brand loyalty after the threat of COVID-19 lessens. To find brands already doing this, as Mr. Rogers said, we must “look for the helpers.”


As Nurses and healthcare workers pick up their free coffee and doughnuts, it isn’t caffeine and sugar fixes they are most worried about, overwhelmingly it’s personal protection equipment (PPE).

Eighty-four percent of all Nurses say they are most concerned with the lack of masks provided to do their jobs correctly. And their second concern is still PPE. In a survey conducted by NurseGrid, it’s clear they aren’t afraid to fight the battle, they just want the proper tools to do so.


This highlights the importance of what Nurses need, and it is an opportunity for savvy brands looking to help and raise their brand awareness.

With the help of next generation artificial intelligence (AI), it is clear what companies are getting top mentions in association with National Nurses Month. Afore mentioned Krispy Kreme and Starbucks make an appearance but the leader of the pack is skin care experts CeraVe.


This company is donating 250,000 CeraVe products to hospitals and health centers. They have also begun producing hand sanitizer, which will be supplied solely to medical staff and facilities.

Other top brands giving back include J.Crew who donated 75,000 masks to Montefiore Medical Center in New York, and Gap who has donated millions in PPE to frontline healthcare workers.

One company is making the medical industry tipsy with delight, Sierra Nevada announced that they will be using their brewery to produce viral transport medium (VTM), which allows hospitals to increase the availability of local COVID-19 testing.


And it’s this kind of attention to detail that’s needed – and noticed.

Adidas Brings Printable PPE

Another big player in the PPE provision game is Adidas. Along with Carbon, this shoe company is making 18,000 shields per week and donating them to hospitals and healthcare facilities in need.


Carbon/Adidas also provided the print files publicly so anyone with a 3D printer can make a face shield. Caring and sharing alike, Adidas and Carbon are demonstrating how to give back, and then give again.

One question remains: How will brands who gave be seen after all this turmoil has passed?

Consumers are fickle and are observing which brands flooded their email with coupons vs which brands sacrificed to help others. It’s possible the companies who have a continuity of character and a history of being ‘The Helpers” will be the heroes that people remember.

Learning to read consumers and understand how your brand is perceived is the most valuable asset a business can have right now. Harnessing the power of social analytics to sort out meaningful ways to help will offer significant ROI in the months and years to come. Reach out for a demo to learn more!



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