Social engagement doesn’t have to be – and shouldn’t be – limited to your own brand campaigns, or interactions initiated by customer service issues. Holidays like National Donut Day offer brands a chance to talk to social audiences like a person – especially when the topic is so full of love.

Unlike some of the quirkier days of observance, National Donut Day (June 7) goes back quite a ways. It was begun in 1938 when The Salvation Army sent more than 250 women to bring food to front-line troops in France. The organization started National Donut Day to honor these women – who fried donuts in the battle helmets of the soldiers – and spotlight their own charitable efforts.

Interestingly, we’re not seeing mention of the day from the Salvation Army at the national level, as they certainly have bigger fish to fry at the moment…

But at the local level, some are offering up info on the history and connection to the organization…

So who else is talking about National Donut Day? And what are they saying? Here’s a sampling of the social conversation.

Some are sharing other pastries in an attempt to get their own “taste” of the social love…

Some plan to give away donuts…

And some are holding contests to decide new flavors…

But whatever the case, one thing is almost unanimous – the love for donuts:

There are (Battle-)star-studded events…

And other outer-space tie-ins…

And emojis, of course…

There are gourmet experiments and tastings underway…

Spotlighted by influential voices:

Top influencer Erin Robinson’s video is highlighted above.

There are hashtags galore – many of which belong to contests…

Or just to Dunkin’ Donuts. The coffee-and-donut megabrand and fans are using #dunkout, #solodunkout, and #groupdunkout to engage:

And the U.S. is definitely most psyched for the occasion:

With women taking the demographic majority:

Find Deeper Insights to Power Your Engagement

The insights about National Donut Day tell you there’s interest and potential for engagement around the subject of donuts. If you want to know how to reach donut lovers when the day comes, simplify your search to look at just “donuts” and see what’s behind the love:

It’s about everything from fancy flavors…

To cuteness…

To fashion statements…

To donut lovers’ favorite local shops…

To baked, gluten- and dairy-free options…

Donuts are part of a variety of conversations on social media!

Put the Trend to Work

What’s the purpose of this data, once you have it? Engagement, for starters. Unless you’re part of the 1% not contributing to the near-perfect social donut love, you can definitely relate to your audience on this front. And there’s room to be creative.

Just as one of the posters above did, why not use National Donut Day to offer up your own special treat – or to partner with a local donut shop? They can reciprocate on National-Whatever-Holiday-Relates-to-Your-Brand-Day.

Of note, the general conversation about donuts is more evenly divided demographically than that of National Donut Day:

So perhaps you can reach men through their wives, girlfriends, sisters, etc. – or use social analytics to understand what they love about donuts overall, and what would get them more engaged in the holiday.

Here are the associated behaviors for “donuts”:

Nothing particularly shocking – but still, understanding these sentiment drivers helps you navigate how to engage with your audience wherever it crosses over. For example:

But there’s also love for donuts – and National Donut Day – being shared by social audiences:

In short, National Donut Day – like many quirky holidays – offers an opportunity to share some social love with your audience. It’s a short-term trend that can have long-term impact if you use it to connect – like a human – and share some sugary love.

What could be better than that?

How do our AI Analytics tools help you measure sentiment accurately to leverage holidays like National Donut Day? Get in touch for a demo to see them in action!


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