A high-profile sponsorship can be a sweet deal for a brand – and it doesn’t get more high-profile than NASCAR. It was a very big deal for NASCAR to sign Monster Energy to the third ever, multi-year, premier series entitlement deal, which was extended to a second year as of April 2018.

The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series playoffs are underway, and there are only four races left.

Let’s check in on social sentiment to see how things are going for NASCAR and Monster.

View of the Entire Track

Using NetBase Pro, we started our search with the terms “@nascar,” “nascar,” and “#nascar.” We just want to see what’s turning up for the racing organization as a whole.

Certainly people are talking about their favorite drivers, recent results, and the sport as a whole, but how do they feel? Emotions are largely positive:

That’s good news for all brand sponsors – and NASCAR certainly has many. You don’t want to be associated with something people hate.

There’s a bit of negativity in the mix – but nothing particularly worrisome. Monster specifically gets a shout-out via hashtag by driver Kurt Busch:

Looking further into our search results, we see #MonsterEnergy on the Popular Items list under hashtags – though it’s a bit further down the list than #XfinitySeries.

This could be simply because the Xfinity Series is one race closer to the end of their season than the Monster Energy series.

But the brands aren’t competitors, so that’s not a big concern. What matters is what Monster Energy’s goals were coming into this deal, and how their metrics tell them they’re doing. And there’s a lot to consider.

Anatomy of a Brand Partnership

Social media metrics aren’t the only ones being measured, to be sure. There’s a lot happening offline with a sponsorship like NASCAR, and all of it puts a sponsor brand in the spotlight.

Every commentator on TV, the web, or radio will reference the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup by name, and of course everything from the cars to the drivers is branded with the Monster Energy logo.

But social analytics are still part of the equation, make no mistake.

On that front, there are built-in influencers within the NASCAR organization, all of whom enjoy the benefits of Monster being the official energy drink of NASCAR.

Of course, Monster has influencers to spare, as we see when we change the terms to “@MonsterEnergy,” “Monster Energy,” and “#MonsterEnergy”:

This is a brand partnership that is less about one brand “carrying” another, and more about each being able to reach new audience segments they might not connect with on their own.

Monster has turned this into an art form, it would seem, immersing their brand in everything from sports, to music, to gaming.

NASCAR’s roster is no less impressive – and even more diverse.

What You SEE Is What You Get

Even if none of the drivers are fans of Monster Energy drinks, or ever shout out the brand on social, every picture of them does the job. With the Monster logo emblazoned on the breast of each racing suit, every social image becomes an opportunity for Monster to create brand awareness.

Even NASCAR hasn’t tagged Monster – though Monster’s logo is their profile pic, and, of course, on the windshield of this car

That is, if they’ve got image analytic capabilities in their social analytics tools – and they should. This way, even if no one ever mentions Monster by name, they’ll know when their logo or products are being shared, and can engage in conversation with their new audience.

Reassess Every Few Laps

Certainly NASCAR took a look at the ROI of their deal with Monster Energy and decided it was worthwhile to continue the relationship for a second year – and Monster clearly agreed. This is what all brands have to do periodically – whatever their goals.

Perform a social media audit to assess the results of past endeavors, and the predictive value of continuing, or trying something new. This requires following social sentiment and other metrics in real-time – but it’s also important to look at the big picture every now and again to be sure you’re getting what you want from your efforts.

Clearly NASCAR and Monster Energy feel it’s worth continuing the ride.

We want every brand to find their perfect brand partners. Reach out and we’ll show you how social sentiment and other tools help you find amazing opportunities!




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