About 300 million of the English posts in the NetBase index mention Justin Bieber or one of his many hashtags (mostly Twitter).  Of these mentions, positives outweigh negatives by about three-to-one and the Net Sentiment is 45. These numbers are staggering– and so it should come as no surprise that when the December 8th installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker covered the Grammy nominations, 21% of the chatter revolved around Justin Bieber…despite the fact that he wasn’t nominated.  As my friends will tell you, I am often too busy to keep on top of pop culture, so I was not talking about the Grammy’s, but conversations by savvy Facebook and Twitter users broke down like this: 54% were happy to see their favorite stars nominated, 23% were upset and 2% made jokes. Check out some of the Bieber frenzy below:

Why the hell are The Muppets nominated for a Grammy and Justin isn’t?  Justin works so hard…  Believe went double platinum for God’s sake.

RT @KylieKewtie: Not watching the Grammys because Bieber wasn’t nominated.  He deserved it more than anyone.   #BieberForGrammy

Believe is such a great album.  Justin is so talented.  If the grammys people can’t see that, then they’re either blind or hearing impaired.

So are you happy, upset or just plain Bieber-obsessed over the Grammy nominations? Let me know!

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