Music spans such a broad range of offerings, from broadcast radio, podcasting and social media to streaming media and live events. And iHeartMedia captures all of them. They make magical events for music lovers in every genre using social monitoring.

Let’s explore how that looks, and how it can apply to your brand!

CX Understanding Starts Here

Hetal is EVP of Smart Audio Insights & Analytics at iHeartMedia Inc and is passionate about what they do. As an American mass media corporation, using social media listening to create better experiences for audiences is a must. And they use it for lots of amazing things – take a listen:

How iHeartMedia captures music lover audiences

As Hetal mentions, social listening is an essential component during their marquee events, like the iHeartRadio Awards Show and the iHeartRadio Music Festival. Specifically, they use it to capture fan activity and to monitor sentiment around sponsorships. It allows them to have powerful proof points to share with clients.

And each of these activities are things that could apply to any brand’s marketing.

Making the Music Awards Magical for Fans

Adapting early to online voting as a smart user generated content (UGC) activity, iHeartRadio’s Awards Show has a social voting category that’s extremely popular, called Fan Army:

Best Fan Army a music lover voting activity

And iHeartMedia uses NetBase Quid to monitor that activity.

It’s pretty genius when you think about it: How better to reach new audience segments than through viral, interactive contests their peers are participating in? Even though those voting aren’t winning anything personally, being part of the winning team that’s voting a top contender into the finals creates a sense of team spirit that’s usually reserved for sports fanatics.

Harnessing Every Belieber

Fans call themselves #Beliebers (Justin Bieber) and #Arianators (Ariana Grande) and so on, to organize themselves in fan teams. And with the ability to vote up to 50 times each day, you can bet they get some of these hashtags trending – particularly as the event gets close!

iheartawards best fan army trending mentions

And capturing the visualized data around the event from the past year in NetBase Quid, we can see which aspects of the event are attracting significant conversation, and also how those conversational clusters relate:

conversational clusters in NetBase Quid

Any brand can benefit from employing a hashtag-monitored, relevant contest (assuming it resonates), which your next generation AI-powered social analytics tool should reveal ahead of time. But not only that – every brand should be monitoring conversations to see if/when surprising connections reveal themselves. And we see online voting components adopted by many brands and reality shows these days – including, of course, the super viral (and relevant here) American Idol.

Getting a bit more specific and looking at content shared as of January 2020 till now, we can see Justin Bieber, Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish leading the pack in conversation capture.

iHeartMedia music lovers top conversations since new year

But how does that translate when it comes to love? Exploring Net Sentiment around each, we see Lil Nas X capturing 99% of online’s good vibes in his mentions, compared to Bieber’s 26% and Eilish’s 62%. So, if it was a Net Sentiment contest (measure from -100 to 100), held today – he’d win! It will be interesting to see how that plays out with voting!

sourcing sentiment of music lovers in NetBase Quid

And while watching this all go down in NetBase Quid, iHeartMedia will also be tracking sponsorship stats from a client standpoint in the tool as well!

Sponsorship Measurement with Social Monitoring

When sponsoring a musical festival, awards show – or any brand’s next big event – sponsors want to know what they got out of it. And counting on them to measure it themselves is folly, even if you expect to drive an insane amount of sales for them. Maybe their product really sells itself in your niche and there are lots of contenders for their sponsorship dollars?

So, brands need to be prepared to offer powerful proof points to sponsors to ensure future collaborations happen – as there is always a contender actively engaged in sponsorship talks with your partners. It’s just smart business for sponsors to evaluate all of their options, particularly in this ever-changing online landscape.

Proving Your Brand’s Worth

What’s a brand to do? Emulating iHeartMedia’s best practices couldn’t hurt. The brand benchmarks stats for each engagement, so they’re able to share:

  • What amount of activity was generated for the sponsor of that event? Taking the online temperature around the sponsor before, during and after the event is telling here. Forgot to capture it ahead of time? Fortunately, NetBase Quid can take you up to 52 months in the past to recreate precisely what you need to make this stat pop.
  • How did the conversation look – the quantity, but also the quality of those conversations? Being able to get really specific here is what drives it home. Seeing that followers were tweeting about a food item is one thing, and capturing conversations about love of favorite toppings or service at a specific location, is another entirely.
  • What sort of sentiment did the event generate toward the brand? This demonstrates to the sponsor how well the fit is with the brand’s audience. A taco truck might not do so well at a predominantly vegan gathering.
  • And were there recurring themes to share with the sponsor? These could help the sponsor identify unmet needs that will power the business well beyond the awareness its sponsorship generated. And that’s an amazing bit of info to have ready to share with sponsors.

Brands can also capture new follower stats and other vanity metrics, of course – that’s simple enough. But, this info is meaningless without the other context described above. Wouldn’t you love to see it in action? We’d love to show it to you – reach out for a demo. There’s a reason iHeartMedia loves us. You will too!

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