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Instagram is the modern way to socialize, especially in the last six months as we’ve been socially distanced. It’s more than just an online platform to meet and talk with people – this virtual hotspot is to millennials what malls where to teens in the 1980’s. And it’s ripe with influencers.

Using social listening, we’ll explore 25 successful millennial Instagram influencers and why they are beloved. And we’ll share ways you can benefit from their success using some influencer marketing of your own. We’ll also discuss:

  • How to find influencers using social listening
  • Top categories important to millennials and the influencers who rule these areas (and why)

These statistics highlight what’s important to millennials:

  • 72% of all millennials use Instagram daily
  • 90% of millennials are more likely to buy from a company whose social and environmental practices are trustworthy.
  • 57% of millennials use social media for finding fashion

guide to influencer marketing

Five Millennial Accounts to Set the Stage

A striking 72% of millennials use Instagram to connect with others – including influencers. These influencers often have large followings, making them indispensable for companies wishing to reach a larger, more fickle generation.

Millennials are unlike any other age demographic, as they are hyper-focused on their carbon footprint, saving money and entertainment.

Using social listening, we did a quick search and found millennial influencers really stood out for their diverse backgrounds as well as who they connect with.

Here are the fabulous five:

Damon & Jo

These two besties come together to create funny skits and really showcase the millennials PMA – positive mental attitude. And big companies are noticing to partner with them, such as American Express.


King Bach is an entrepreneur and comedian who co-owns four different businesses. He’s an all-around funny guy and social his listening engagement stats prove that people love him!


And this generation’s interests are as diverse as they are. here are another three:

  • Susie Bubble, is a second-generation immigrant and successful British fashion blogger.
  • The Labrant Family has 1.2M Followers. It’s a young, Christian family that stands out, as millennials are waiting longer to have kids than generations before them.
  • Miranda Sings is perhaps our most successful influencer in our top five. With 6.2M followers, she rose to the top by recording videos of her self-made comedy character on YouTube.

So, how did we find them? Let’s explore using social media monitoring.

Under the Influence

Let’s talk turkey. Avenues of advertisement have evolved, and now more than ever before influencers are being utilized to reach a wider audience. With 72% of people spending more time on social media since the pandemic, this makes sense.

But, how does one find these genies of the new generation? Social media monitoring to the rescue!

Using next generation AI powered social listening we’ve created a search and dashboard to help us locate millennial influencers in the Healthy Lifestyle/Travel category. We’ve done this by searching using primary keywords – and could also use a Boolean search:


From that we can create a dashboard locating millennial voices within this segment, showing mentions, follower counts and engagement:


One standout is @Onyiibekeh. This doctor has exceptional engagement as well as a good ratio for reposts on her Twitter and Instagram, which indicates influence a brand may want to explore:


Clicking on her post allows us to see who shared it, which gives us real insight around her reach:


Trending terms and hashtags are explorable as well. And each one is clickable to reveal posts directly connected to them. Brands can also locate influencers based by platform, domains, blogs, new sources, professional reviews and more. And all of it can be accomplished in NetBase Enterprise.

Now let’s apply that criteria to additional top millennial categories, including the one referenced above, and see who shakes out!

20 Amazing Instagram Influencers to Watch and Follow

Based on intel pulled from social listening, we’ve compiled a list of 20 influencers divided into segments that are important to this generation. Many listed here are entrepreneurs. This follows with millennial thinking, as 44% percent say their number one financial goal is funding an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Lifestyle/Healthy Living

@gofitjo – She works with women to help them move past sexual trauma in their lives, empowering them to let go and equip them to be emotionally fit.


  • @onyiibekeh – Powerful feminist, fashion-babe and medically trained doctor.
  • @scottpresler – Young conservative who is passionate about his message.
  • @iammaritzarod – Redefining beauty by being herself and challenging beauty norms.
  • @globalgaygirlgang – An inclusive “girl gang” of gay women supporting one another.


They grew up on it, and more than any other generation, tech is a part of their daily use – from podcasts to app building. This influencers are at the top of their field.

@mynameisjessamyn – Podcast personality and Yoga coach – she tackles everything from body positivity to polyamory:


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This is a huge subject for our millennials, as 90 percent are more likely to buy from a brand that pay attention to and practice good social and environmental policies. Here are our picks!  Kathryn Kellogg is NatGeo’s spokeswoman for plastic free living – and a DIY Instagram star.


  • @terronrm/  – As the VP of @MTVnews, people are paying attention
  • @gretathunberg/  – Greta needs no intro, teen activist of conservation and climate change.

Finance & Education

Millennials’ biggest financial regret is not saving enough money. 44% say they have savings which covers three months of living expenses, which is not enough, but it’s a start! Maybe they took a cue from this top finance influencer:

@millennialmoneycom/  – an entrepreneur who advocates financial freedom:


  • @bexlife – Mom, entrepeneur, author, publisher and book coach.
  • @starstrickenSF  – Astrophysicist and women’s health advocate.


Research shows that millennials “bond strongly” with entertainment, be it movies or tv. These next influencers get a standing ovation from us as they are skilled at capturing consumer attention.

@caitiedelaney – Funny and fresh with a humble 4K+ followers, she gets loads of engagement as revealed by social listening, especially with re-posts.



  • @bex_tk – Performer and advocate for the LGBTQ and non-binary among us.
  • @keyonelkins – Personality in an authentic package – offering rants, raves and humor about life.


In 2019, on average, millennials spent $112 a month on gaming. So, it’s definitely a category worth paying attention to if you want to reach another demographic of consumer. Social listening reveals top emotions expressed around this pastime with best, amazing and love standing out.


And here are some influencers with promotional power to keep an eye on:

@cinnamontoastken – Dad, gamer and really bad jokes that get 28,517 likes – that’s what it is to be an influencer!


  • @feliciaday  Gamer and author with 1.5M Instagram followers.
  • @jccaylen – Entrepeneur, “wannabe gamer” and creator of @tixxo – a popular and pretty simple t-shirt company

And these folks really just scratch the surface, as there’s an influencer for every brand out there. Using social media analytics helps brands locate influencers that reach consumers in an authentic way. And social media monitoring keeps them honest!

If this is something you want to explore, or you want to see how you can maximize your online presence, reach out for a demo. And if you’d like to know more about millennial trends, our 2020 Millennial Trends guide will get you there!

guide to influencer marketing

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