How Micro-Influencers Can Offer Masterful Marketing Lessons

Word of mouth is still the best way to find and engage with new consumers, and social media works much the same, with the use of micro-influencers! They can offer your brand masterful marketing lessons.

As social media is playing a more active role in our lives, paying close attention to how your brand is being talked about is critical. And harnessing the power of influencer marketing could help boost your visibility and credibility in the eyes of consumers.

In this article, we will discuss this as well as:

  • Micro-influencers, what they are and how they work for your brand
  • Consumer influence by micro-influencers, and why they resonate so deeply
  • What micro-influence look like in action

And we’ll share statistics, such as:

  • 49% of consumers rely on influencer endorsements
  • 75 percent of brands include influencer marketing as part of their marketing mix
  • Micro-influencers generate 7x more engagement than regular influencers

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What are Micro-influencers?

With $15 billion expected to be spent on influencer marketing by 2022 and 75% of brands engaging this style of marketing, “influence” is too big to ignore.

It has grown exponentially in the last few years, from 1.7 billion being spent in 2016, to 6.6 billion in 2019. And with all of us stuck indoors recently, you can bet it’s exploding right now:


And this is where micro-influencers come in.

Small, but with highly engaged audiences, micro-influencers have sway over what a good number of niche consumers buy – and even what they think! With small audiences from 1K up to 10,000, they pack a punch. Consumers intently listen to what they have to say about X product, or whatever niche they inhabit, as they’ve established themselves as trusted sources of this niche information.

Working similarly to word of mouth, they post posh, or even just authentic, photos of what they are using or eating, explaining why they like it. And they do in a way that’s genuine, not in a used car salesman way. They resonate with their audience, even if their photos seem a bit staged.

From make-up to instant dinners – these influential social media users could be your hero and consumer connection in these uncertain times.

Why Micro-influencers Resonate with Consumers

As consumers are getting better at tuning out ads, influencers are stepping into the spotlight. 49% of consumers rely on influencer endorsements and 40% purchased something after seeing it on Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. And as we can see, the latter is the preferred avenue to use:


These statistics are joined with the fact that consumers are becoming more socially conscience and expect the brands they support to be so as well. And Instagram is over-flowing with consumers’ searching for distraction – and something good. Instagram offers a ready stage for a company to show consumer solidarity, and that effort is amplified through micro-influencers.

Super Relatable Micro-influencer Marketing, When It’s Needed Most

Relatable and (in general) heavily invested in their community, they are “one of us.” And because of this, they come across in a way that is palatable to even the most advertising adverse consumer. Additionally, 86 percent of consumers say authenticity is essential when deciding what brands they like and support, so having an authentic influencer on your side is money well spent.

Many brands underestimate micro-influencers’ small audiences, and that’s a mistake. Micro-influencers often share that the smaller the audience, the deeper they connect. And also – the numbers tracking their results don’t lie. They generate up to 7x more engagement than macro-influencers who are celebrity-driven and have a larger follower base. And there’s more:

And when consumers find an influencer they gel with, they become miniature advertisers themselves, taking to social media and spreading the good word.

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Micro-influencers Grow with Proper Care

Take this user, for example. He’s so excited about a favorite influencer liking a musician, that they feel it needs recognition. The advertisement here is 3-fold, the influencer, the musician and by default the record company the musician is with:


Having an influencer on your side can turn the tables in seconds. And this is something retailer Lord and Taylor understands and uses.

Micro-influencers Marketing in Action

Lord & Taylor partnered with 50 influential fashionistas on Instagram, having each pose wearing the same dress. By the end of the weekend, the dress was sold out. This gave the company a chance to market their new line, Design Lab Collection, to consumers by way of micro influencer marketing.

Brands everywhere are becoming hip to this little trick and if you scroll Instagram for any amount of time, you’re likely to see it in action.

For example, a simple selfie in the mirror and @simplymelanielo successfully markets jCrew by talking about her plans and leaving a simple hashtag with the brand’s name. It’s uncomplicated, not overdone and required no heavy sales tactic other than a nice photo and someone who is marketing in an authentic manner. If this isn’t an official partnership for that brand – it should be!


More Fashion & Foodies

And make-up queen Sephora is winning points with this ‘grammer’. The message of women empowerment rings strong and clear, a relatable message in our current climate and with consumers today. A straightforward brand mention and hashtag brought in 445 ‘likes’ and comments galore.


It’s not just fashion taking the reins here – Blue Apron has foodies all over social media singing their praises. Like this person with 4,619 followers – a bright photograph, relevant hashtags and a quick mention garnered 491 likes and 66 comments. Engagement is the new insight.


Thankfully, monitoring influencers and visualizing their reach and engagements is easier than ever before in NetBase.

Here, we have analyzed make-up brand L’Oreal to see who their top influencers could be. We can look at them by brand mentions, followers, engagements, and even shared media. It’s segmented to reveal top authors and then detailed further to show posts with the most followers or visitors:


Having the right social listening platform is like peeking at the performance of consumers from behind the theatrical curtain. We can help you see where the micro-influencers are and how they can help you set the stage for your brand. Shout out for a demo!

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