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Social media has given birth to many things that can be considered useful in today’s business world, but perhaps the best invention is the meme. In present culture, the meme reflects current news, changing moods of the people, as well as trends. And companies paying attention to this have a real opportunity to connect with their audience more than ever.

Connecting businesses to consumers on an emotional level, memes have the ability to showcase a sense of humor, and most importantly right now, show solidarity. Envision memes as little crumbs that your company can follow to stay on top of how your consumers feel about important topics, and your brand. You can’t talk to each and every consumer, but memes, from serious to hilarious, allow you some of the same privileges and insights.

We can use advanced AI to see how memes play an integral part in the daily lives of consumers, with 54,216 mentions of the word ‘meme’ in a month, it’s clear that consumers are paying attention to them.


And now brands everywhere are recognizing the power of using them to connect on a deeper level with their audience.

Meme Culture as Way to Connect with Consumers

Over the years, brands have had an on again, off again relationship with memes. However, being in quarantine has led to more meme making, turning them into a must-have for marketing. Companies everywhere are experimenting with memes as a way to connect with consumers.

And Bagel Bites gets number one for harnessing the power of the meme to engage their larger, and somewhat older audience. They have been around long enough to see their younger child consumers grow up to become parents themselves. Which led them to create the “rad dad” campaign with Tony Hawk leading the way. This brand’s focus shifted from just a kid snack, to “creating bite-sized bonding moments” for families, a timely campaign for COVID-19.

And their meme game is strong!


Already a food favorite, Bagel Bites has become a staple food for everyone stuck inside, they have been mentioned 7,896 times in the past month alone.


The love for these round hybrids hasn’t changed since quarantine lock-down, and in fact, has grown – just like memes surrounding COVID-19.

COVID-19 Meme Messaging

Low on spirit, consumers are preoccupied with their electronics, and a little laughter goes a long way. Memes have a unique way of reaching out and lifting us up and out of our self-consumed stupor. This means, they are a powerful marketing tool for any brand feeling disconnected from their audience.

Research shows consumers want the present situation acknowledged, brands ignoring the current pandemic situation only causes them to be viewed as insensitive by the public. Alternately, spreading awareness like Louis Vuitton or Mucinex is welcomed, and those who can manage to get consumers to smile are winning the COVID-19 marketing battle.

Runners of the World did this perfectly.


Companies are creating a sense of togetherness by pointing out our humanity (and our procrastination!). Choosing to see the humor, it’s a strategy that is winning. Down at our core, we are all the same.

One brand receiving praise for uniting the world under one umbrella is the current pandemic hero, Netflix. The release of The Tiger King was the shot heard around the world. No one series has brought a world together quicker than this surreal trip down big cat lane. Everyone quickly agreed on two things: Joe Exotic is a charismatic train wreck that is impossible to stop watching, and Carole Baskin definitely fed her husband to the tigers.

And from that social media was taken by storm by consumer memes. The memes kept coming, and haven’t stopped. And, as we know – “Art imitates life:”


The world needed to laugh and be entertained by something more surreal than the Coronavirus pandemic. Joe Exotic and Netflix brought it.

It wasn’t long before companies saw the usefulness in meme making. And consumers everywhere are thankful they did. . .

Barkbox is filling in the animal gaps by providing laughter to millions of pet owners, they even joined in on the Tiger King parade.


And they have done a great job relating with humor to the situation we all find ourselves in.


Charmin took advantage of their product being at the center of pandemic frustration, showing they were listening. They “regrammed” consumers’ photos and weren’t afraid to laugh with and share in the frustrations that consumers were facing at the lack of T.P. in our bathrooms.


Each company has brought something different to help consumers through the dark.

All of this points to one important fact: Consumers love memes, especially during difficult times. Brands not participating are clearly missing out. As harnessing the power of advanced AI, we can see people expressing their joy over COVID-19 memes through various social media sites.


We can also use image analytics to view the top trending COVID-19 memes in the past 2 weeks, giving us a bird’s eye view into what consumers are thinking about and if/where your brand fits in that picture. This season of self-isolation proves that, at least for companies, image is everything.


Memes can be illuminating for brand health, an important part of being able to see the whole image of your brand’s worth – and how your logo is being mentioned online. Memes offer the potential to raise your engagement and profile, logo recognition ensures you can check your brand health in real time. Posting less = engaging more, and this is what quarantined audiences are after right now.

Meme Marketing Moving Forward

When it comes to social media, how a company is seen amidst the pandemic is a bit of a balancing act. And memes are a special resource for companies to access and use for multiple reasons. Using next generation AI-powered social analytics offers powerful insight into your brand’s image.


Ready to take the plunge and engage your audience with relevant memes, or whatever amazing marketing tactic applies? Reach out for a demo.


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