Meghan Markle Maternity Brands Feeling the Love

The Duchess of Sussex is fashionable, famous and fantastic when it comes to putting what she wears in the spotlight. So which brands are benefitting from her patronage – and how much of a boost does her baby bump offer? Let’s see!

Meghan Mania

Ever since she married Prince Harry in 2018, online has been kind of obsessed with her. There’s good enough reason for that, having married one of Princess Diana’s baby boys.

The Duchess, overall has an incredible volume of positive feelings towards her. And her due date approached in the next week or so she has been showing off her baby bump across a number of different brands including –

On March 11th _the duchess for Commonwealth Day service wore a printed Victoria Beckham dress, cream coat, and a pill box hat.

On March 8th – she wore carried a Stella McCartney clutch, and wore  Manolo Blahnik heels as she participated in a panel for International Women’s Day.

On February 25th – she chose a blue printed dress by Carolina Herrera for a meeting with Prince Harry and King Mohammed VI in Rabat, Morocco.

All of these fashion houses have benefitted from her patronage.

We can see the royal baby is certainly a top term being discussed. But just how interested are people in her baby bump? Interested enough to help the happy couple’s yet to be born bundle of joy set a world record. Well, the baby technically set a world record for his/her parents.

“Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new Instagram account has broken the record for the fastest time to gain one million followers on Instagram. The account, named sussexroyal, was set up on Tuesday 2 April and reached the 1 million milestone in just 5 hours and 45 minutes.”

And although brands should not expect any shout-outs around what the Duchess is wearing from this account, the fact that it has 4.8 million followers in a bit over two weeks speaks to the influence they have without even trying.

People absolutely love it, and will be watching it:

Royal Influence or Bust!

And that’s the beauty – and what’s so valuable about – genuine, relevant influence. It’s not forced. It flows naturally from an influencer’s daily conversation and generates awareness in a way that the out-of-character, audience-irrelevant promotions just cannot replicate.

And one can be certain royal enthusiasts are sorting out what she’s wearing anyway. There’s even a website dedicated to it, called What Meghan Wore. They seem to have anticipated our next question:

“Why What Meghan Wore? Meghan Markle has been considered a trendsetter as well as a humanitarian for many years, and she brings a fresh new perspective to the Royal Family and a finely honed fashion sense. Not only will her style choices be closely followed by fashion fans, her new role will allow us to shine a light on the charitable causes and endeavors she undertakes.”

All true – and already happening.

What Is Meghan Wearing Anyway?

As expected, the Duchess’ wardrobe consists of many high fashion items, with more expensive pieces, from purses to bespoke dresses, priced in the tens of thousands. And then there are also quite a few fantastically affordable items detailed in this retail roundup.

One piece that caused quite a bit of buzz was a piece Meghan wore  in January from H&M’s maternity collection. It sold out pretty immediately – and all without her mentioning a single word about the brand (below, left).

Meghan also loves Givenchy, which she has worn for numerous occasions as her pregnancy has progressed – and her much publicized wedding dress was also by Givenchy, of course. And a favorite dress that she’s worn a few times now is a metallic brocade dress (above, right) by British designer, Amanda Wakeley. 

All of this attention promises to increase as we approach her due date.

She’s considered a high-risk pregnancy at age 37, further complicating matters. Combine that with talk of another baby (or two) following immediately behind that’s already started!

Oh, can you imagine and the little outfits s/he will be dressed in! “What [Insert Baby Name] Wore” will be out next – you can bet on that! The sentiment certainly supports it.

We’ll be watching the as trends unfold around it, and savvy fashion brands will be too! Reach out and we’ll help you join them!

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