Top Seven Media Monitoring Software Tools

Media monitoring software is at the core of leading companies’ marketing strategies. It’s the key to a better, more in depth understanding of what makes your customers tick. And there are loads of options out there to choose from! This list will help you narrow things down.

So, how do you know which tool(s) are right for your business? We are covering the top seven media monitoring software programs, including:

  • NetBase Quid
  • Mediatoolkit
  • Muck Rack
  • Reputology
  • Google Alerts
  • Boardreader
  • Prowly

Media monitoring is perhaps best known for its ability to monitor social platforms, getting inside the heads of consumers. But there are other essential places that must be monitored as well, such as blogs, forums, news channels, radio and podcasts. And here are some media monitoring stats to keep in mind as you think this through as well:

  • The media monitoring tools market is projected to grow from $3.04 billion in 2021 to $7.25 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 13.2% – and for good reason!
  • Half of worldwide marketers turned to media monitoring software to understand changing consumer behavior during the pandemic. Media monitoring keeps you prepared for the next unexpected shift.
  • 63% of social media marketers believe listening will become more important over the upcoming year

A brand’s reputation is its life force. Media monitoring software helps protect it and enables a brand to stay on top of any perceived threat. Additionally, it uncovers hidden consumer sentiments, common consumer interests and professions, as well as emerging trends within your audience and in the larger market.

It tracks and measures all this and your brand’s reputation. For example, a top beverage and snack brand shows considerable amount of volume within the past month. We see a large spike in sentiment surround this brand its partnership with K-Pop bands, but it comes just before a hug dip. Behind that dip are complaints of the brand being too unhealthy.


Tracking this sentiment would be wise, as would considering some messaging to address these concerns. But it looks like the sentiment begins to soar in no time, once again thank to K-Pop, in particular, GOT7. So, they could potentially have that K-Pop band deliver its healthy messaging.

Now, that we’ve had a sampling, let’s explore seven companies offering the best in media monitoring software.

1.NetBase Quid

NBQThe media monitoring tools market is projected to grow from $3.04 billion in 2021 to $7.25 billion in 2028. That’s a CAGR of 13.2%. The importance of picking the best tool to aid your brand growth is critical. Meet NetBase Quid. This media monitoring software uses Advanced AI machine learning and does pretty much everything, leaving no stone unturned.

It pulls intel from popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  But it also grabs data from forums, blogs, news, articles, papers, radio and various other links from around the web. With its natural language processing (NLP) it’s able to read posts and decipher commonly misspelled words and understand urban words and new spellings, such as smol for small. And this keeps your sentiments on track and accurate.

Additionally, it has the necessary benchmarking aspects any growing business needs at any level, start-up or enterprise. With it you can protect your brand health by:

  • Analyzing social media data 9x faster than any other tool. This helps you know what your customers are saying at every moment as you have real-time results.
  • Using geo-location specific analyses to better understand your audience and brand at a global, regional, or even drilling down to a local level.
  • Gaining insights into brand conversations through owned, earned, partnered and paid channels.
  • Discovering and cultivating your most vocal brand advocates, building loyalty and expanding your reach.
  • Understanding brand sentiment and digging beneath the surface to understand the fluctuations.

Campaigns can be difficult, but this software helps your brand compare historical data to glean insights for your future marketing endeavors. Once your campaign is sailing, you can measure impact on brand sentiment, and identify sentiment drivers that will impact customer behavior. And we didn’t forget about influencer marketing either! With this media monitoring software you can identify and track influencers that drive engagement.

Last, but certainly not least, it offers total crisis coverage. Twenty-eight percent of crises spread internationally within an hour. Your tool needs to help you move quickly to effectively manage risk allowing you to act rapidly to control the chaos and then monitor the impact of your messaging until your sentiments are back on track.

Moving forward, you can benchmark your issues by type and distinguish between normal fluctuations and emerging issues. NetBase Quid integrates with Zapier – and its 3,000+ apps, and you can also bring your own intel so you can visualize your entire business on one platform.

Cost for this software is by request, and you can request a free demo to try before you buy!

2. Mediatoolkit

mediatoolkitMediatoolkit is another great option for media monitoring software. It allows you to monitor Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and forums. And you can track posts and mentions in any country or language. And because knowing when news happens is critical to your brand health, their real time alerts keep you abreast of anything that would be important to your brand. And then there’s the competitive comparison – use your benchmarking process to track against your rivals and see where they may be winning – and why. Or simply track top industry topics or locate social media influencers.

This social analytics tool offers the basics such as analyzing sentiment, impressions, influencers, and engagements. From there, you can build a strategy based on data the tool pulls. And you can fine tune your search using filters for unlimited keyword combinations, location, source, authors, queries and more. Once you have what you need, everything is downloadable to make reporting quick and painless for your client or your team. And speaking of team, this media monitoring software includes an unlimited number of seats per account.

Price is by request, but they do have a free seven-day trial.

3. Muck Rack

muckrackMedia monitoring is all about building relationships powered by the intel you gather. And Muck Rack describes their platform as just that: a relationship-building platform.

Muck Rack’s search engine lets you discover and pitch relevant journalists. It’s about building and sharing media lists to keep your company up to date. And it monitors the news, alerting you whenever journalists are writing about your company, campaign, competitors or any relevant keywords. This is perfect for damage control – immediately you’ll know who to contact.

Half of all marketers worldwide turned to media monitoring to understand changing consumer behavior during the pandemic, and there were gads of articles on this topic. And that’s because media monitoring keeps you prepared for the next unexpected shift. And it’s not just disaster alerts, in the case of emerging trends, you’ll know which stories to get in front of so you can shine like the expert you are.

It has the standard analytics that any good tool should have, such as trends, share of voice and sentiment. When you’re ready, you can create reports, or even newsletters to send out to investors or clients. Once again, it follows the trend of requesting a demo for pricing information.

4. Reputology

reputologyThis media monitoring software has a different approach. It tracks online reviews of your company. And since the difference in one star can translate to 9% of sales, it’s definitely something to stay on top of!

Reputology has 24/7 monitoring of Facebook, Google, local search directories, review sites, app directories and more. And these reviews not only give you a heads up on your brand, but also what consumers think about other details such as your location.

And because this social media monitoring tool allows you to respond to negative reviews from the dashboard, it’s convenient and time saving. Plus, it allows you to protect your brand by responding within the sacred 24-hour window that 80% of consumers expect brands to respond within. You can even escalate issues to a particular team member for quick and competent customer care.

By focusing on reviews, this tool offers great anecdotal sentiment monitoring. And this allows you to go to the root of the problem quickly, added by its semantic analysis technology. This helps clarify words that have double meanings, or sarcasm.

This tool can also track your KPIs, trends and even takes a quick look at the competition.

This company prices per seat and is laid out like such: $110/monthly (1 seat), $180/monthly (3 seats), $400/monthly (10 seats) and $2500/monthly (100 seats). They do offer a free trial and a demo.

5. Google Alerts

google-alertsGoogle Alerts is the old school version of media monitoring, but it’s still valuable and probably always will be as they own search. It’s very simple to use. You enter a keyword, such as ‘sustainable,’ set your criteria and Google will notify you when this keyword is mentioned online.

Though it doesn’t monitor social media per se, it can still be used to monitor other areas. You can use Google Alerts to:

  • Monitor mentions of a brand, company, or client names
  • Monitor keywords, topics, and products
  • Monitor content for campaign strategy planning
  • Monitor your brand reputation
  • Competitive monitoring (setting keywords for their names)
  • Monitor news channels
  • Track trends

To get the most out of this tool, try using a Boolean search, selecting sources, and picking a language and region to track. Other quick tips to setting up Google Alerts are:

  • Check your advanced settings once a month to see if you need to adjust your alerts. This critical especially if you’ve begun a new campaign.
  • Use as many alerts as you can to better organize results.
  • Create strings of search terms to capture better results.

Though not a good stand-alone media monitoring software, it does have power. And it’s 100% free. It’s silly not to use it in some way, really.

6. Boardreader

trendyBoardreader is along the lines of Google Alerts in its simplicity. But instead of scouring Google, it scours message boards and discussion panels to see what consumers are saying about you in the comments section. The advanced search allows you to search exact phrases and even target specific domains.

Their ‘Trendy’ tool is the standout here. It allows you to track up to three words or phrases over a period of time, which you select. For example, we searched Equality, Sustainability and Equal Pay over the past three months and found that there has been 395 posts per day on Equality alone. Equal Pay garnered 115, while Sustainability only had 97 mentions.

This intel could be empowering to your brand depending on what you find, as these topics are clearly very much in the public eye. You could do this same thing with different brands to compare mentions and trends.

Like Google, this media monitoring software is 100% free to use.

7. Prowly

prowlyProwly is a one-stop shop for businesses seeking “media relations made simple.” It houses all of your PR work in one place, so you can find and manage relevant media contacts, create and publish press releases and pitch your stories in one handy dashboard.

It helps businesses discover new media opportunities and stand out in journalists’ inboxes by fostering long-term relationships with them. Brands and agencies can save hours every day with a streamlined, collaborative dashboard that keeps the whole team on the same page.

And it caters to in-house PR teams, as well as agencies – and is priced right even for small businesses. Speaking of which: They offer a 7-day trial to take it for a test drive and then monthly pricing ranges from $189-$259 per month when billed annually, or $269-$369 when billed month-to-month. They also offer special package pricing for agencies, though you’ll need to call to find out those specifics!

And keep in mind, sixty-three percent of social media marketers believe listening will become more important over the upcoming year, so media monitoring software needs to be a part of your strategy as we power through the rest of 2021 – and beyond! Reach out for a demo and we’ll help you get all of your bases covered with NetBase Quid.

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