Maximizing Business Impact with Powerful Platform Capabilities

Having advanced AI-powered insights to inform your strategic decision making is crucial to a brand’s success. Now, with NetBase Quid’s Application Switcher, your social analytics efforts just earned a power boost! The combined insights offered are all in one place for your team to easily navigate, making campaigns and strategic planning more efficient than ever.

The Importance of Continuous Consumer & Market Intelligence

It’s never been more important to get things done in a timely fashion. This something the application switcher can help you with, as it removes the need to manage multiple logins to access the intel you need right now. And with consumers becoming ever more demanding and fickle, brands must be quick on their feet to capture and keep their attention. If you’re having to shuffle between endless tools, that’s time lost – time which is better spent on one platform that is ready made with everything you need.

Many brands are increasingly savvy when it comes to working this way, realizing accurate, real-time intel reveals mission critical opportunities. Companies of all sizes have come to rely on a “one stop shop” type of social analytics tool to keep them informed. This makes sense as social media monitoring has become more of a priority for brands, as these stats bear out:

And monitoring has never been easier. It’s a click of a button to switch between NetBase, Quid and Rival IQ:


Let’s explore some intel each uncovers.

Deeper Consumer Segmentation for Campaign Strategy

By now, you likely already know the power of NetBase Quid’s social listening capabilities. With it, brands take trending topics, such as sustainability, and break them down, revealing not only how people feel about the topic overall:


But also what they’re saying about it specifically (the posts powering the feelings):

And they can then zoom out to visualize larger conversational clusters in Quid, offering a birds eye view of the landscape:


From here, we can isolate specific clusters to really dig into the voice of the consumer. This way, we can see what is happening in these relevant subsections and get as granular as we like to see how each informs the larger sustainability conversation.


Voice of the Consumer Analytics

Exploring the emotions behind sustainability mentions offers oodles of intel. For example, brands wondering what consumers are seeing as a “best practice” for meeting these ecological concerns can tease out that intel rapidly.


And when searching on an anonymized brand result, we find many mentions of how they promote fair trade, women-owned businesses, yet use cheap labor to produce some of their food items. This is a result that could be mischaracterized as either positive or negative in most tools, rather than analyzed in context of the search and revealing both positive and negative elements. It’s obviously a mixed and very nuanced result, and one that you wouldn’t want to miss if there was this sort of conversation building about you! Is there?

Getting ahead of any negative narrative, correcting misperceptions, and promoting your sustainable practices is important these days. And it’s equally important to live up to what you represent – by offering proof points that speak directly to consumers wants and needs.

And in NetBase Quid, it’s easy to understand those desires by filtering results with a ‘personal narrative’ theme. For example, it revealed this Reddit post showing that consumers crave vegan options for dark chocolate:


And of course, you need to not just keep an eye on consumer thought, but also keep a your competition in focus as well

Competitive Analysis Power Boost

Eying the competition is never a bad idea. Your competitors are keeping an eye on you, you should pay them the same kindness! Competitive analysis reveals advantages and disadvantages in the market. And Rival IQ has you set when it comes to benchmarking your brand against others in your industry.

From the NetBase Quid menu, brands can switch over to Rival IQ to see how their product, service or company is preforming in the competitive landscape. This cross comparison of social channels reveals how you stack up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


After you have an understanding of where you stand, you can set alerts to keep you informed of any changes on social sites or standing, such as a competitors Instagram bio:


And these alerts can be set for any number of things to keep you up to date on your competitors’ movements. This way you can copy a successful move – or avoid a bad one.

And all of this ties into your overarching brand health. It’s all connected and available to switch between from one hub, with a few clicks. And that’s just one small feature of many new updates we’ll be sharing with you, so be sure to check back for more intel next week! And reach out for a demo, so we can show you the platform – via all three offerings – in action!

The Importance of Continuous Consumer & Market Intelligence

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