What’s the first thing you’d think of when beginning to research your next vacation? If you said social media, I would be surprised.

But according to research published in eMarketer, one in every four leisure travelers worldwide turns to social media for destination inspiration. If you are a marketer or a researcher looking for customer insights, then social is a fabulous place to uncover behaviors, emotions and purchase intent for your brand and campaigns.

Sounds interesting? Then, read on about the social insights with NetBase using Marriott Hotels as an example. Also, listen to the webinar that covers this and so much more and download the Marriott dashboard report with research insights.
Marriott Uses Social to Bring in More Guests

Marriott recently embarked on a marketing campaign to appeal to the next generation of consumers. Travel Brilliantly is a $90M campaign that includes thought leadership on the future of travel from some of the most innovative and creative businesses.  While Travel Brilliantly is certainly valuable, Marriott and any social brand, already has access to a wealth of information on how customers perceive it; what they love, like and sometimes even hate. All a brand needs to do is to analyze the social chatter.

Here is just one sliver of the rich insights that social analytics could help uncover. On the one hand, Marriott does an amazing job accommodating business travelers. Just in the last year, there were almost 15K unique authors writing about their stays at Marriott. Their reviews were overwhelmingly positive with descriptions including perfect, good and ideal. Keep up the good work with business travellers, Marriott!

Marriott Uses Social to Bring in More Guests
On the other hand, Marriott could learn a lot on social from the experiences that families traveling with children shared online. Only half of the 40K mentions posted on social media by this customer segment were positive. Here is a word cloud that shows elements of travel with kids where Marriott did not earn five stars yet.  Whether it is helping parents enjoy some R&R by organizing a Kids Club or ensuring hassle-free travel by guaranteeing adjoining rooms — there are many great suggestions shared by Marriott customers that would allow Marriott to win even bigger this segment.

If one-in-four travelers worldwide are getting their vacation ideas from social media, then why shouldn’t hospitality businesses do the same to uncover brand insights and opportunities for improvements?

Want to hear more? Check our NetBase webinar on Audience Wants, Needs and Purchase Intent on July 8.

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