When I was younger, I participated on an archaeological dig in Israel, which was an incredible experience, but I can’t say I ever unearthed anything that exciting. So, I was pretty interested to see what the response would be to the announcement that a fragment of papyrus had been found alluding to Jesus Christ having a wife. I read a book years ago, called Lamb, which, sometimes hilariously, imagines the first 33 years of Jesus’ life and features his close relationship with Mary “Maggie” Magdalene prominently. The possibility of Jesus being a married man was the September 22nd Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker, and social media users on Facebook and Twitter didn’t disappoint with their responses. 19% were excited at the prospect of this historical finding, while 48% were skeptical, 22% were outraged, and 11% couldn’t help but crack a few jokes. Check out some of the extra hilarious ones:

“Look, buddy, just cause your mother thinks you’re God doesn’t mean you don’t take out the trash.”   #jesuswife

“You’re here to redeem all of mankind, but what about MY needs?”   #jesuswife

You’re always making their milk into chocolate milk.  Why do you always get to be the “cool” parent?   #jesuswife

What do you think about the news? And have you read Lamb? Let me know!


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