The Top 12 Marketing Analytics Tools to Optimize Your Strategy
Michael Seymour |
 01/26/22 |
8 min read

The Top 12 Marketing Analytics Tools to Optimize Your Strategy

Digital tools such as marketing analytics tools allow brands to peer deeply into their market and inside their consumers’ minds. And we have 12 of them here that will optimize strategic planning company-wide!

Here’s why these tools are non-negotiable:

  • The Marketing Analytics Market was valued at USD 2.13 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 4.68 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 14% over the forecast period (2021 – 2026).
  • Consumers are less loyal to brands during times of crisis – and the past two years have been full of trouble spots.
  • Social listening is the number one tactic used by marketers – which means if you’re just now investing in it as a part of your market analytics, you’re starting out behind. The right tool, however, can get you up to speed in no time!

What are marketing analytics?

Likes, engagements, customer comments and reviews are all included in marketing analytics. And beyond those basics, it reveals where your brand stands alongside its competitors and within its category and so much more.

Marketing analytics tools gather and aggregate data from off- and online sources found web-wide, including but not limited to review sites, social media, news, research papers, surveys, financial records, forums, images and more. There’s endless amounts of data to sift through, which is why it’s critical to do your research when it comes to which tool you trust to extract actional insight from it all. They’re not all created equally.

And this is why we are going to look at some of the standouts in the market today. Let’s begin!

NetBase Quid

When strategizing, it’s important to be able to see everything, from all angles, leaving no stone unturned. If your marketing analytics tools only have a few features, you’re only seeing a snapshot of what is happening. And you can’t build successful campaigns off of a glimpse, let alone a successful company.

Netbase Quid provides an amazing array of tools powered by advanced AI, which derives meaning, sentiment and inflections from consumer posts, so you’re sure never to miss or misunderstand what consumers are saying. Netbase Quid provides the essentials of marketing analytics tools, such as:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Sentiment monitoring
  • Engagement, volume, follower count and reach
  • Benchmarking
  • Trend analytics
  • Crisis management
  • Technology scouting
  • Brand health

Create a dashboard from scratch or use one of the many templates to organize intel:


And quickly understand your customer journey with dashboarding that details the purchase path, along with attached sentiments, passion intensity and each that you should be benchmarking against.


And understanding purchase barriers and triggers is priceless:


Rival IQ

There’s no place for complacency in marketing. If you become too relaxed, there are hundreds of other brands waiting to take your place. Being proactive means keeping an eye on your competition! Rival IQ has head-to-head comparisons of any brand that you can find on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And it’s really easy to use – just plug in your handle and your competitor’s handle:


And voila! Instant metrics showing you followers, tweets and engagements!


There are also live benchmarks which provide stats and facts on intel specific to your industry. Data provided includes top brands and keywords being used, top hashtags, posts per company per week and a lot more. Here is an example for Skincare:

rival. iq 3

A competitor analysis is fundamental to the benchmarking process, and Rival IQ can provide solid social stats on both your brand and the competition.


Uncovering new trends in consumer behavior is an invaluable part of staying ahead of your competitors! And with Adverity’s marketing analytics tools, you can visualize conversations trending upward, as well as those that are declining.

It pulls data from the connectors (social apps and applications) you chose to integrate with this tool. Once the data is collected from the connectors, you can transform it into your desired format using their data-enriched templates. From there, you can visualize it in Adverity’s dashboard, or another third-party solution.


Wordsift helps brands separate the signal from the noise.  It generates word clouds based on the information you give it. Step one is selecting some reading material for it, and then pasting it here:


We selected a popular outdoors brand blog to see which words were generating the most usage. Below, we can see the obvious such as park, national and Yellowstone. Also seen however are wilderness, life and service:


Wordsift also provides these words in context to other articles and publications on the internet:


So, what does this have to do with market research? Well, this brand could compare its word usage to that of its consumers to see if they are literally speaking the same lingo – this is helpful in targeted messaging and relating to your audience. However, it’s also useful for those using surveys. You could copy your consumers’ responses into Wordsift and pinpoint which words your customers use most often, and this could inform targeted messaging and product descriptions.


A valuable, but often left out, piece of marketing is fraud prevention. You want your consumers to feel safe shopping with you, because if they don’t, you’ll lose brand loyalty and trust. This means you need protect them as you would the Mona Lisa.

Singular takes a proactive approach to keeping fraudulent activity not only at bay, but attempts to eliminate it altogether. Their methods are fine-tuned according to collective information from Singular’s clients. This achieves trustworthy results while “minimizing false positives.”

The customer can activate or deactivate each method separately, choosing what to use:


Customers can also create custom rules to prevent types of fraud that are specific to their apps. No matter what they choose, they’ll be able to see possible fraud activity clearly:


Fraud vulnerability is directly connected to your brands well-being, and this marketing analytics tool ensures you’re not left in the dark.


A brand’s audience isn’t made up of all the same types of people, thus audience segmentation is an elemental piece of the marketing puzzle. Without it, you may only be speaking to a small portion of consumers, and missing out on a larger opportunity.

Morphio locates high and low performing audience segments by tracking and analyzing conversion data using Google Analytics category data (geography, age, gender, device), popular user journeys plus channels, and popular pages and keywords.

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll integrate your Google account, as well as Facebook, YouTube or even Microsoft ads. When your dashboard set up, it’s easy to see your audience segments separated by high performing and low performing segments:


Now you know where to spend those marketing dollars and where to pull back.

Hubspot: Make My Persona

Learning about your ideal customer, their likes and dislikes, hobbies, beliefs and more helps your brand craft targeted messaging, and informs product innovation and campaign strategy.

Make My Persona helps you create a semi-fictional customer based on intel about your existing customers. And there are a couple ways to go about creating your personas. The tool will take you through a seven-step persona creation process where you’ll fill in information on age, goals, education and more.


When you’re done with the questionnaire, you’ll have a detailed view of your customer including:

  • Age
  • Level of education
  • Social networks used
  • Industry
  • Job responsibilities
  • Goals or objectives
  • Biggest challenges
  • Whom they report to
  • How and where they get information
  • Tools needed to be successful

All of this can be used to help your brand interact authentically and meaningfully with your customer.

Your bottom line is always a focus of any marketing efforts, and can help you stay fit in that area. gathers all your data in one place for you to see in a dashboard that you create – this way you’re getting just the intel you want and nothing else.

First chose which connectors/data sources to include:

funnel io

Once chosen, you simply upload the intel to a data warehouse, a dashboard solution, Google Data Studio, Google Sheet, Google Analytics or in custom dashboard. And it will look something like this:


However once joined with Google Analytics, you’ll have a better visualization. Here you can see a breakdown of how much your brand is spending on each channel and this allows you to measure cost per click, revenue per click and ROAS.

funnel 3


You can do all the research you need to for a good campaign, but if your marketing analytics tools aren’t monitoring it to ensure its success, then you’re falling short on the follow through. Ninjacat helps companies track their campaigns to be sure they’re hitting every mark, avoiding any missteps. By tracking your marketing budget and KPIs with real time alerts, you can avoid costly mistakes or locate flare ups that need addressing before they spread too far.


Once you’ve established the KPIs you want to track, you can see conversions, impressions, cost and even new users per campaign effort.


And this keeps your brand fit and looking good from campaign start to finish.


With this platform, the user doesn’t need any real technical knowledge. One of the company’s claims is that it offers zero-maintenance pipeline and a quick 5-minute setup.

Fivetran works with connectors – your connectors are the apps that your company uses such as Instagram, Square and Mailchimp. Once you connect these, this marketing analytics tool pulls all the data from them and siphons it into one centralized location – making it easy for brands to search for intel once it’s stored. And because it updates automatically, you can be sure the data you’re getting is up-to-date.

Because it works with so many different connectors, this tool can be applied to a variety of different tasks such as customer retention and keeping an eye on your financial investments.

Google Trends

This very useful marketing analytics tool allows brands to search any topic and visualize how much chatter it is winning. Once you know the volume of conversation, you can expand to region-specific metrics, allowing you to see where this topic has more traction, so you know where to invest your efforts.

As an example, below we see that the World Cup is trending over the past 7 days, with fairly even hills and valleys. Looking closer, we see the majority of that conversation is focused in Congo, Cameroon and Argentina. The Google Trends map is clickable, allowing you to pinpoint where in these countries the chatter is resonating from, specifically:

google trends google trends

Though you can’t whittle it down to individual posts, it is helpful in understanding how one topic resonates more in an area over another. And this intel helps guide brands in effective and targeted messaging by location, for sure!

Survey Monkey

Surveys are still one of the most common ways that brands seek to improve upon services and products. The feedback gathered from a survey is somewhat beneficial when paired with an analytics tool that can dig into the underlying behaviors.

You can ask your customers critical, brand-building questions and field answers with Survey Monkey’s marketing analytics tool and survey templates. They have many different templates to choose from such as customer service feedback, software evaluation, website feedback and much more. The first step is choosing which area of your brand you’d like more information on:


Learning what’s driving your consumer’s purchasing behavior is always a good idea, and luckily, Survey Monkey has a consumer behavior template as well.

Next, choose which questions you’d like to ask:


A consumer behavior survey provides a fair amount of intimate knowledge on each stage of the purchase funnel, so you can begin to build out an understating of what your audience truly desires.

In today’s competitive and online market, you can’t afford to leave your brand to chance. If you’re ready to obtain a better handle on your individual marketing strategy, brand health and reputation, or simply see where you stand in the competitive landscape, be sure to reach out for a demo.

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