Marketers Are Saving Time with Intelligence Connector
Michael Seymour |
 01/23/23 |
6 min read

Marketers Are Saving Time with Intelligence Connector Marketers don’t have enough time and typically rely on multiple tricks and tactics to make better use of the little time they have. However, new evidence suggests that they might not be doing enough.

A HubSpot researcher conducted a survey to understand how much time marketers spend on routine tasks such as email management, social media engagement, and consumer research. The study found that marketers spend, on average, 16 hours a week on everyday tasks. At the top of the list for the most time-consuming repetitive tasks, marketers spend more than 3.5 hours a week gathering market intelligence and nearly the same amount of time creating and sending an email. Of course, that excludes email list management which takes more than 2.5 hours. Social media monitoring, engagement, and analysis take more than three hours and creating landing pages takes about the same time every week. What’s noticeable about these tasks is that they don’t require creativity. The majority can be automated, while the rest can be templated. So why are creatives spending a third of their workweek on mundane tasks? The short answer is that with the tools they have, they can’t help it. If you want to save time, don’t buy many productivity tools. Instead, use NetBase Quid’s Intelligence Connector.

What is Intelligence Connector?

Intelligence Connector is NetBase Quid’s business intelligence (BI) solution to help organizations make data-driven decisions. It uses advanced AI technology to combine market intelligence, consumer research, internal business data, data visualization, third-party tools, and best practices to empower analysts and decision-makers to reach for the most accurate solutions. By combining different tasks and allowing you to perform them from a single dashboard, Intelligence Connector eliminates the back-and-forth required to cover everything in a decentralized system. Powered by AI, the BI solution can automate most repetitive tasks. Further, Intelligence Connector makes it easy to collaborate and share information with people within and outside the organization. This reduces the number of emails that must be sent and makes sending them easier.

How Intelligence Connector Helps You Save Time

Intelligence Connector has a direct route to saving your time as a marketer: It makes it easy to gather and combine data, uses advanced technology to break it down, and automates essential tasks. This allows you to handle non-creative but crucial marketing tasks while leaving plenty of time for creative work.

1. Data integration

Marketing data is spread across various channels, including social media platforms, paid advertising channels, CRM tools, ecommerce platforms, and web analytics tools. Beyond that, marketers collect data from other sources that aren’t under their direct control, such as news channels, review sites, and forums. And they store it in separate containers. Scattered like that, the data is hard to view, harder to analyze, and impossible to turn into actionable insights. This means the marketer spends time perusing these sources to get a clearer picture of the performance. Additionally, it becomes harder to collaborate as communication is stalled. This manual approach is not only time-consuming but also yields little results. By the time the marketer gets to the juicy stuff, the world has moved on, and the insights are no longer viable.


Identify and unify your data sources.

Integrating your marketing data means combining the data sources and creating a unified view where it can be monitored, analyzed, and shared. Intelligence Connector pulls data from all your sources to provide you with a single source of truth, offering a chance to communicate efficiently, split tasks, and obtain insights buried under the pile. In addition, it integrates thousands of third-party tools to let you do your work on the powerful NetBase Quid dashboard. With Intelligence Connector, you can engage with your social media audience from a single dashboard, no matter the number of sites involved. The dashboard updates in real-time, allowing you to respond promptly. Bring your social media management tools and operate them without losing functionality. When you want to share different pieces of information, you can pull them together and forward them to the relevant individuals. IM-like communication reduces dependency on email and makes the entire operation more efficient. Intelligence Connector also allows you to target your audience better with personalized marketing. Pulling data from different sources will enable you to surface connections that you can use to provide a better experience for your audience, e.g., eliminate generic messaging and give better recommendations.

2. Risk analysis

The type and level of risk facing businesses today have changed. For instance, supply chain disruptions during the pandemic, geopolitical tensions resulting from the Russia-Ukraine war, and corporate reputation threats have been made worse by global interconnectivity. As a marketer, these risks directly affect your department and time; here’s how: Supply chain disruptions affect production, then it becomes a Marketing problem when customers don’t get their orders on time or switch to other brands. Fixing this takes time. Similarly, geopolitical tensions eventually cause a headache for Marketing. And the brand reputation rests on the shoulders of the department. When it comes to cybercrime, one of the greatest threats to modern businesses, the activities of Marketing itself can exacerbate the risk. To see these risks requires regular analysis: Consumer research pointing out changes in people’s behaviors and attitudes and market intelligence taking the pulse for market shifts.

Identify and prioritize risks with AI-powered risk analysis.

Identify and prioritize risks with AI-powered risk analysis.

Intelligence Connector does the heavy lifting by sifting through news articles, social media channels, customer reviews, and company profiles for potential risks. Even if you have a small team, you can identify, prioritize, monitor, and report these risks in time to prevent them. Intelligence Connector’s powerful AI technology monitors vast data sources and updates the dashboard in real time. Combining different datasets and applying custom KPIs allows you to rank the risks based on your business, industry, or client.

3. Trend analysis

Consumers are more connected to each other than ever before. They are also exposed to more options, and innovation is happening rapidly. This means preferences are changing a lot quicker. Understanding the trends helps marketers avoid wasting time on outdated strategies and focus their efforts on what has the highest likelihood of success. Being aware of the trends can help marketers develop compelling campaigns that speak to the consumer at a deeper level. However, contrary to the common notion, trends aren’t simply what’s popular. And in chasing after the popular things, marketers spend valuable time acting on market noise, i.e., fads that don’t have a lasting impact on the consumer or market.

Distinguish trends from fads with advanced trend analysis.

Distinguish trends from fads with advanced trend analysis.

Identifying a trend early (emerging trend) can help marketers save time by formulating the right strategies in anticipation rather than in reaction to the trend. Similarly, discovering a long-term trend can help predict what lies ahead. Backed by cutting-edge AI technology, Intelligence Connector analyzes vast amounts of data in real-time to uncover insights that help businesses distinguish between trends and fads. Aside from surfacing hidden trends, it lets you bring known trends for analysis into their endurance and impact on your business and market. Intelligence Connector is equipped to offer recommendations on the course of action by utilizing statistical models that improve the accuracy of those recommendations.

4. Data reporting and sharing

Marketing data has become a mission-critical resource for many departments across the organization. From Data Science to IT, to Comms, Operations, and R&D, these teams are expected to extract intelligence from large amounts of different data sets and use it to improve the business in various ways. Today, nearly 90% of marketers spend most of their time reporting tasks. This includes activities such as catching up on performance across various metrics, competitor analysis, and sharing information with other stakeholders, among others. Whether the goal is to get more funding for the department, highlight performance, or fulfill other stakeholders’ requests, marketers need to present the information they have in such a way that it’s adequate, relevant, and understandable by the target user. Hence, 9 out of 10 have barely enough time to do the rest of their work. Intelligence Connector makes it easy to deliver data where needed through a new API and leading AI capabilities. As a marketer, your task is trimmed down to simply picking the data, setting up the metrics and weighting, and configuring the ideal refresh rate for your business. Access to data is democratized across the organization without corrupting the system’s integrity–ensuring everyone has access to the data they need when they need it.

Create and export customizable reports with Intelligence Connector.

Create and export customizable reports with Intelligence Connector.

To learn more about how Intelligence Connector can improve your consumer research and market intelligence, speak to your NetBase Quid® account manager or reach out for a demo today. An expert will take you through it step by step.

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