Campaign Strategy Secrets: Manscaped Creates Community & Online Advocacy
Mike Baglietto |
 02/12/21 |
4 min read

Campaign Strategy Secrets: Manscaped Creates Community & Online AdvocacyManscaped is not only a first mover in the men’s below the waist grooming category, but their savvy approach to brand awareness also ensures they stay at the top of consumers’ hearts and minds. Seizing upon white space in the male grooming sector, Manscaped launched in 2017, and their spirit of innovation and tongue-in-cheek marketing approach has won them a legion of fans. Here, we’ll touch on how manscaped maintains high visibility by creating community and online advocacy using social media listening.

Tyler Wentworth, Manscaped’s social media director, joined us back in November for our NetBase Quid Live 2020 event, where he spoke on how Manscaped cultivated a community of male grooming enthusiasts. We’ll explore a few of the community building topics covered in the session, which is available to watch on-demand, along with all our other insightful sessions.

  • The Manscaped universe
  • Creating a community around a clean shave
  • Online brand advocates for winning engagement

And building a community around your brand is worth the effort, as these statistics show:

  • 66% of brands with an engaged community say they lean into them for their thoughts on future product development.
  • Community bolsters brand loyalty, which grows your bottom line as two-thirds of consumers spend more with the brands they love and feel a part of.
  • Besides brand loyalty, building a robust community around your brand opens a portal for feedback, ideas, UGC and PR opportunities.

With that, let’s jump in and look at the different aspects of community that Manscaped has built using social media listening tools.

The Manscaped Universe

For a brand that’s only four years old, Manscaped has become a social media darling for its humorous and engaging content. Instead of being awkward or shy with the marketing of their below the waist grooming products, they’ve doubled down on it, and it’s paying off – big time.

Of course, they’re on the usual social media channels like most brands, but they’ve really hit their social media stride once the pandemic set in. By last September, they’d already grown their social channels by 275% year over year.

And while their Instagram page is knocking on 500k followers, their TikTok channel has become their most engaged social media platform as of last year. And it all got its legs during the pandemic.

Using AI Studio’s theme discovery function, Manscaped discovered growing gen Z interest in their products.


So, they began their TikTok channel in late 2019 with those users in mind. And with the onset of the pandemic, Wentworth found himself at home tasked with creating content for the channel – and the rest is history.

Wentworth inadvertently became the face of the brand with funny videos and parodies of viral content on the platform. And engaging with users and other content creators brought a down-to-earth quality to the Manscaped brand that resonates with their fans. Engagement went through the roof to become their most engaged brand social media platform in a matter of months.


Creating Community Around a Clean Shave

They didn’t stop with just growing brand awareness through unique social media content, however. Using the social media listening tools in the NetBase product, Manscaped found men asking questions about male grooming and looking for products and suggestions across the web. In other words, they found their target demographic looking for a sense of direction.


Armed with consumer intelligence, Manscaped acted quickly and formed their Manscaped Ballers Facebook group to act as a home base for men seeking information on the subject of male grooming.

The group acts as a sort of ‘safe space’ for men to explore the topic, engage with the brand over new products and promos and seek advice from fellow users. And as the brand itself, the mood of the group is lighthearted, funny – and most importantly, engaged.


In creating the group, Manscaped removed the stigma around the male grooming conversation and added value to users, which translates to brand loyalty. Having built a space where users feel free to engage with other users offers Manscaped a portal directly to the voice of the customer. And that means a consumer experience platform that provides consumer goods insights, ideas and user-generated content.

Online Brand Advocates are Amazing

Manscaped’s success with driving social engagement across platforms reveals the heights that can be achieved by putting action behind your social media content analysis. It’s unfortunate to find brands leaving users hanging with unanswered questions or missed opportunities to leverage engagement, but it happens all the time. And it shouldn’t.

By consistently interacting with users, Manscaped has sown the seeds that have now yielded a harvest of brand advocates, fan accounts and a seemingly never-ending supply of UGC. For instance, here’s a Manscaped fan showing his devotion in the most on-brand way imaginable – by skydiving in nothing but a pair of branded boxer shorts.


And it’s great because it’s free content that’s relevant, engaging and stirs others to join the club. At this point, there’s no shortage of fans producing their own brand themed content. And it’s all built around consistently putting their social media listening to action.

And it continues to grow because the brand is comfortable being itself while talking online with consumers like old friends. Not only that, but they continually engage with their community to find the next talent to partner with. It keeps things fresh and drives engagement even more, as you can see by the number of responses to these tweets below.


And the engagements create partnerships that spawn new brand conversations. For instance, here’s a podcaster announcing his recent affiliation with the brand that we discovered in our analysis.


For a young brand giving the appearance of not taking itself too seriously, Manscaped is killing it with its online audience. And it’s due to their commitment to consistently interact with consumers based upon the audience analysis insight from their social media analytics tools.

Is your brand building a blossoming community and stirring up a buzz around your brand? Social media listening tools are the keys to the community kingdom, so be sure to reach out for a demo – your audience is waiting.

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