I thought for sure that this summer would be dominated with news related to the 30th Olympic Games – and it certainly has been. However, science fiends everywhere must be rejoicing with all of the developments in science and space news over the past couple of months. Everything from the Higgs Boson discovery (extra points if you can explain it!) to the possibility of privatized space travel has made this a summer for nerds everywhere. This past weekend was no exception, as the August 4th installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker  powered by NetBase examined the response in social media to the Mars landing by the Curiosity rover.  59% of the chatter revolved around people excited for this latest development, while 21% discussed their plans to watch this historical moment. 19% discussed possible tie-ins, from toy ideas to Xbox games, and 1% made light of the situation with some jokes. I loved the creativity from the tie-ins – check out the ones that WSJ pulled for their fun infographic below:

“The Mars Rover will soon be a Hot Wheels toy. Kids are excited to finally have a new toy that they can neglect in favor of surfing the Internet.”

“I love the William Shatner narration of the planning landing.”

“Wow, a NASA rover landing Xbox game.”

To all my nerds out there – what do you think?? Let me know!

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