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Beauty brands are super competitive online, so it makes sense that makeup hashtags are dominating social media. But did you know how wildly effective hashtags are when it comes to boosting brand visibility, just in general? They do this by fostering a sense of community and building brand loyalty. And regardless of category – your brand can channel the power of hashtags too. We’re about to show you how, using makeup hashtags as an example.

There are lots of popular makeup hashtags floating around online these days, but we’re going to narrow it down to the most meaningful as we explore:

  • Makeup hashtags trends that are taking over
  • Ways makeup hashtags speak to social media users’ values
  • How makeup brands are boosting their visibility with hashtags – and how you can too!

First, a bit about the makeup category and hashtag usage:

  • “The global organic beauty product market is projected to reach over $22 billion by 2024.
  • Skincare is the second-largest branch of the beauty industry, with more than 23% of its revenue.”
  • And content on TikTok and Instagram is often discovered via hashtags, so getting comfortable with using hashtags on each platform is critical.

Now let’s get to those trends!

social media industry report global beauty brands

Makeup Hashtag Trends Taking Over

Top hashtags are found on every influencer’s post, because they know its key to being found by their target audiences on social sites. But they can’t just slap any hashtags on there. They need to know which makeup hashtags are resonating with audiences – and they know this because they’re actively participating in emerging trends.

Brands typically do not have this same first person knowledge, as they’re otherwise engaged in creating the products and services these influencers offer, so they rely on trend analytics to capture top makeup hashtags these influencers are using.

And when we perform a makeup hashtag analysis, we can see it’s not just posts about how to apply makeup or protect delicate skin from harsh chemicals. Actually, the most powerful hashtags to engage on speak to consumer values.


Hashtags Capture Social Media Users’ Values

At first blush, the overarching “makeup” conversation focuses on tutorials and the best products to combat skincare problems, like “maskne,” and how to best showcase your eyes. Both have been growing trends this past year, as eyes have become the only part of the face we really see. But once the masks come off, the skin underneath could use some attention.


This accounts for the many hashtags around #healthyskin, #eyecream, #vitamincserum and so on – but there are other underlying trends that are easy to miss if you’re only looking at surface insights and not exploring the periphery of the conversation, where “concerns” are being discussed.

It’s also easy to miss if you discount the comparatively few mentions of animal cruelty and the like, thinking the volume of posts doesn’t warrant much attention. And that would be a big mistake, as right now that periphery is gaining traction.

The Humane Society launched a “Save the Bunny” video on April 8, 2021 and it has caught fire online in the days since. A beauty influencer, @Shadelima, retweeted it to her followers on April 13, and the #BeCrueltyFree pledge continues to capture significant reposts and mentions.


Brands that aren’t bunny friendly may find themselves impacted by this effort soon enough. It’s a good one to watch regardless to see how it turns out. And it’s something to plan ahead for, as consumer values are coming for every brand in some way.

Regardless of a brand’s interest in connecting with consumers around their values though, the value cosmetics brands derive from carefully selected makeup hashtags is clear. That is, assuming they’ve put the work into selecting them and haven’t been haphazardly applying them like mismatched foundation.

Makeup Brands Boosting Visibility with Hashtags

Speaking to consumer values is powerful and offers great ways to meaningfully connect, as detailed above. Another way though is combining the right hashtags with the right micro-influencers to attract specific segments.

Personalization is so important, but brands struggle to personalize at scale, so many of them create generalized messaging based on assumptions. They know what worked in the past and are fairly certain it will work again. Brands experience moderate success with this rinse and repeat approach – till consumers become bored or annoyed and it stops working. And this inevitably happens.

It isn’t just about reaching a general audience of everyone, of course, but connecting with those targeted audience segments that will buy from a specific brand because they like what they see. And this brand affinity can be directed by influencers.

When we explore the top makeup brands mentioned online, we can connect each to a carefully curated social presence.


For example, Sephora, the top-rated brand as of this writing, does this by incorporating everything we’ve detailed above.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Sephora (@sephora)

To summarize, with this one post, Sephora captured a bunch of key messaging points:

  • A partnership with @peaceoutskincare – a super “clean” and green skincare provider.
  • This lesser-known offering resonates with everyday people seeking simple skincare solutions, and has regular people peppering its advertising, along with corresponding makeup hashtags.
  • Savvy hashtag usage. Here, it applies to the name of the company, but it’s easy to remember, or at least it will be as its part of a TikTok challenge about skin concerns.
  • And then creating a cross-platform promotion, directing users to TikTok and then creating a way to connect on TikTok, which is definitely where tis target audience is participating online.

The other brands in our top ten will have similarly amazing and relevant promotions on their social profiles – all coordinated, organized and tracked using makeup hashtags that speak to its consumers’ struggles, fears and desires. And all of it is pretty immediately available using social media analytics. Reach out for a demo and we’ll show you how to discover which hashtags are most relevant to your target audiences, and get those TikTok (or whatever platform) challenges in action today!

social media industry report global beauty brands

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