Whether your goal is social engagement, increased sales, a better customer experience, or anything else, social analytics can help. Let’s use NetBase Pro to explore some analytics tactics, and the ways your brand or agency can benefit from them.

Start with Relevant Topics

Your analytics can start anywhere, really – with any topic that matters to your brand. Let’s use Halloween as an example, since it’s coming up, and offers a lot of opportunity for shopping, dining, and social sharing.

A search on the terms “Halloween” and “#Halloween” reveals there’s been a lot of chatter in the past month:

Three million posts by 1.6 million authors have been shared – with a visible uptick starting on October 1. No surprise there – the arrival of October means Halloween is on its way for many:

Right away we see that Vogue is putting Halloween to work for their brand. They’re a fashion magazine, of course – and Halloween is all about fashion when you think about it. Their list of TV shows and movies to put you in the mood is a great way to start the conversation without burning out the topic too early in the month.

Vogue’s post won engagement for this topic on October 1, but plenty of other topics have peaked over the couple weeks since.

And the most popular post overall this past month belongs to YouTube makeup influencer Mykie, of Glam&Gore. Well, Halloween is certainly her season. This Instagram post grabbed the top spot in Popular Posts and Popular Media:

Popularity is great – except high mentions and engagement don’t really tell you much except you’re being talked about. It doesn’t indicate whether the conversations are positive or negative. And that matters – a lot.

Fright or Delight?

Social sentiment is the metric that tells you the value of the rest of your analytics. Whatever else you learn is pretty much worthless without it.

So let’s see what sentiment can tell us about Halloween – and how brands can use that to their advantage.

You can see in the card above that the majority of posts are positive – putting sentiment at 67% overall. That’s not terrible, as Net Sentiment is measured on a scale of -100 to +100, but it’s not stellar either.

There are a couple peaks in the negative sentiment happening within the first two weeks of October. Before you can move forward with any plans to join the social conversation, or prep any kind of Halloween promotions, you need to know what’s behind the negativity.

For that, let’s examine some Sentiment Drivers, starting with Attributes:

Attributes give you a sense of conversation volume per topic, while indicating sentiment as positive or negative. Use Attributes to understand where issues may exist, or what topics have consumers most excited.

In this case the positive Attributes run the gamut from favorite Halloween movies and videos, decorations, costumes and how happy the holiday makes people, to the best candy, recipes, and parties.

Meanwhile, the negative Attributes cover topics like outrage over racist costumes and displays, religious objections, and the stigmatization of the mentally ill during Halloween.

Moving on to Emotions we see the bulk of sentiment is positive – as we knew:

The top Emotions are “love,” “happy,” “ready” and “favorite.”

On the negative end of the spectrum, the chatter is mostly about hating Halloween (without much in the way of specifics), complaining about candy variety bags having a “trash” candy in the mix, and other (mostly) small concerns.

Finally, we look to Behaviors to tell us what these Emotions inspire consumers to actually do:

Though “wear” is a prominent behavior (and likely will gain prominence as we get closer), the top Behavior is “watch.” This references the release of the Halloween movie sequel, with Jamie Lee Curtis returning yet again to the role she originated in the first film, with occasional mentions of other Halloween themed movies.

“Want” and “cannot wait” also include references to the movie, as well as to anticipation of the day itself, and more. “Need” and “buy” are worth a look for sure. Can you offer what consumers want? Here’s where to find out.

These three Sentiment cards together give you a sense of where consumer hearts lie. The only thing left is how strongly they feel their emotions. You can find out in the NetBase enterprise tool, for an extra layer of context around where to focus your energy as you strategize your Halloween offerings.

What else can NetBase Pro tell us? Quite a lot.

Popular Terms and People

Once you know what your audience wants, you need to approach them in their language, using voices they love and trust.

A look at Terms under Popular Items helps you learn their language. In this case, the term with the highest rank is actually the jack o’ lantern emoji. The ghost emoji is also in the mix:

Do your social analytics tools speak Emoji? If not, you’re missing out on a lot of information – a half-million posts’ worth, looking at our list above.

Looking at just Emojis, there are several others in play, though some Terms are taking a larger share in the mix above:

Hashtags also give you a way into the conversation:

But what about Influencers? These are people social consumers organically gravitate to – meaning, they’ve already figured out how to talk to them. Imagine the potential if you can get them to speak on your behalf!

First you have to identify them. Let your social analytics tools narrow the field:

What’s interesting here is that 29 of the top 30 Influencer posts are on Instagram. Does that automatically mean you need to be there? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on whether their Halloween-related topics intersect with those of your brand.

But one thing is certain: The power posters are thriving on the image-driven channel.

It’s not the only one that stands out, however.


Twitter is actually the top channel for Halloween posts, with Instagram a distant second, and Reddit taking third. But just as positive sentiment is stronger when viewed through the lens of brand passion, the value of certain channels must be weighed against your brand’s needs, goals, audience – as well as the passion of those posting on any given channel.

There’s no right or wrong – there’s simply what makes sense for your brand in your vertical.

What social analytics provides is the chance to make an educated decision instead of guessing.

After all, come Halloween night – or with any occasion, campaign, product line, etc. – you want treats, not tricks. Social analytics is how you ensure things stay sweet.

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