Longevity no longer equals loyalty – if it ever did. Luckily, luxury brands in all stages of growth can use predictive capabilities to stay ahead of demanding consumer needs and edge out competitors. Here’s how.

Create a Share-Worthy Experience

If you want social consumers to talk about your brand – and of course you do! – you’ve got to give them something to talk about.

The offline experience is often what prompts online sharing more than simply retweeting a clever meme, etc.

Hennessy – a brand in the Luxury Spirits category – leveled up their experiential marketing with Le Grand Voyage: “A spectacular production that will stir your senses, excite your imagination and immerse you in the savoir-faire behind the world’s most prestigious cognac.”

The brand analyzed liquor category trends, combining insights with their brand heritage, to introduce cognac to a new, younger audience.

How’d they do it? By using AI-enhanced NLP to filter for first-person narratives identifying unmet consumer needs – in this case making cognac accessible and addressing challenges of mixology.

They planned exclusive mixology events in hip neighborhoods and venues, offering cocktail instruction by Hennessy mixologists and brand ambassadors, weaving in the history of Hennessy and cognac to connect the experience to the brand’s lengthy tradition.

Hennessy’s plan to attract a younger audience has clearly succeeded…

A New Perspective on Loyalty

Is creating experiences enough to win you loyal customers for life? Maybe, maybe not. Loyalty has taken a backseat among today’s consumers – at least with regard to brands in the traditional sense.

Where a bridge to loyalty may exist is among influencers. Find out which influencers your audience is loyal to – even in the short term – and you can keep them engaged for the duration.

We’re seeing a lot of luxury brands take advantage of this – with the type of slant you’d expect from a category like luxury. Just as the products and brands are next level, so too are the influencers. K-pop band members – specifically Kai and Sehun from EXO – have been made the “face of luxury” by Gucci and fashion house Zegna, respectively.

Similarly, beauty brand L’Oreal’s collaboration with singer Camila Cabello had them dominating with 36% of all mentions in that category in the Netbase Social Media Industry Report 2019: Luxury Brands.

Meanwhile, for those with a more sophisticated, classic sense of style, influencers like Kate Middleton and Anna Wintour keep brands like Alexander McQueen on top in the Luxury Fashion category.

The lesson? Choosing the right influencer can elevate your brand beyond existing – to flourishing. Use AI analytics to find influencers who represent the ultimate in luxury to your audience.

Kill with Content

How does a brand jump 70 spots up the rankings of Luxury brands in a single year? Surely, it’s by getting a lot of things right – including the content they share. That’s what Prada has done – and it’s not hard to see their engagement is consistently high.

One thing they’re taking advantage of is video content on Instagram – which can really catapult a brand forward. With views regularly in the tens of thousands, they have a clear understanding of what their customers want.

When the content features influencers like model Gigi Hadid, the views climb into the hundreds of thousands.

And it’s obvious fans of the brand are passionate, based on the Emotions we see:

These aren’t run-of-the-mill adjectives – they represent a passionate love affair with the brand.

To ensure they keep climbing higher in the top 10, they should explore the other brands mentioned alongside them on social and perform some competitive analysis:

It’s just another way to offer customer care to your audience – whether they’re already a fan of yours, or someone you can sway by solving another brand’s problem.

Customer Care Isn’t a Luxury

It’s important to remember that customer care is never limited to complaints or problems. It’s an all-the-time endeavor that starts with awareness, and continues through every step of the customer journey through purchase and beyond.

With luxury brands in particular, the customer experience must be extraordinary – or consumers will move along to the next brand. But extraordinary is subjective. Use AI Analytics to ensure you have a thorough understanding of what matters to your audience, and you’ll never have to worry about losing them.

Wondering how AI Analytics offer such speed and accuracy? Reach out and we’ll show you with a customized demo of our tools.


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