INFLUENCER BLOG POST - 25 Most Loved Accounts on Tik TokTikTok, like cream, has risen to the top. And there doesn’t seem to be an end to what people can do on this social media platform. We will explore the top 25 most loved accounts and explain why they are adored and what your brand can do to mirror their success by potentially collaborating with these consumer and market influencers!

Using a combination of social listening and market intelligence, influencer marketing offers an essential assist to brands. We’ll explore supporting evidence, including:

  • Detailing TikTok’s top five
  • What market intelligence reveals about TikTok as a brand channel
  • TikTok accounts that are getting it right and how you can too

And fueling all this intel are stats, such as:

  • TikTok has 800m active users
  • 72% consumers are spending more time on social media since COVID-19

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Top Five TikTok Accounts 

TikTok has 800 million users worldwide – and in April it doubled its downloads in just over a year. Clearly, they have the ‘it’ factor and it’s becoming the place to shine for influencer marketing. Let’s look at the top five accounts to get an idea of why this app is so powerful.


NY Times called her the face of TikTok. Charli D’Amelio is young, genuine and a talented dancer, whose positive attitude brings audiences back every single day. And brands are paying attention. Step Mobile understands the power of an influencer as they’ve wisely partnered with her to reach their core audience – teens seeking easy access to cash:



Addison Rae is spunky with an upbeat attitude of her own, and she has a warmhearted commitment to her family, often making them part of her videos. She’s a young entrepreneur with her own line of clothing and accessories. And @itembeauty saw her reach as a makeup influencer and joined forces:


The next three (of the top five) pack a punch as well. Each has unique offerings for brands to consider, particularly if they’re trying to reach a younger demographic. 41 percent of TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24, after all:

  • @Lorengray – Singer, tackles real issues such as self-esteem, assault, and depression. Her honesty and vulnerability are what her 47.8m followers love about her.
  • @Zachking – 50m followers and known for his comical magic.
  • @SpencerX – His creative voice talents and fun attitude towards life keeps his 45.1m followers coming back.

Something these TikTok stars offer are authentic connections with substantial audiences. They’re the new face of influencer marketing. And consumer and market intelligence reveals lots around the potential here – both of these influencers (we have 20 more to come!) and of TikTok itself.

TikTok Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence tells what’s trending in media, blogs, and articles all over the world within any given timeline. Below, we can see conversations in the media about TikTok. Our colored clusters represent different segments and are interactive, opening more doors to exploration.


Looking at a six-month timeline (below), we can identify emerging trends around influencers themselves.

TikTok Influencer Categories

Social Media Influencers is a huge focal point, as are TikTok Stars. In October, Beauty and Fashion Influencers hold the largest sway, which makes sense as we head into the holidays. This could, and likely will, shift a bit from week to week, even from day to day, and is why consistent monitoring of market intelligence and social listening is crucial when it comes to keeping brands in the know.


Digging in, we can see that each segment highlights critical data on TikTok. A sampling of articles below reveals TikTok’s launch of digital fashion month and How TikTok is Changing the Music Industry – and that demonstrates why fashion influencers hold such sway, at least for now:


By why is this channel to attractive to . . . pretty much everyone?

TikTok Channel Success

Using social listening, we can view the why behind TikTok from consumers’ themselves. And it’s crucial to do so, as 72% of consumers are spending more time on social media since the pandemic, so knowing not only where they are, but why makes sense.

TikTok apparently has a pretty on-point algorithm:


And this user is addicted to heartwarming videos:


While TikTok’s DIY segment has found its home there as well:


So which accounts are killing it on TikTok and is there a method to their performance-based madness? Let’s find out as we share 20 more TikTok accounts brands should follow to stay on top of trends:

20 More TikTok Accounts to Follow

We sorted the top TikTok accounts into categories they had in common, including Dancers, Social Media Personalities, Actors and Fashion & Beauty.

Gotta Dance!

Not since ‘Singing in the Rain’ has there been so much dancing in our view – from commercials to movies – it’s exploding everywhere, thanks to TikTok. And @itsjojosiwa, former Dance Moms child star, is pirouetting her way into hearts.


Dance is the hottest topic for TikTok fans, of course:


Social listening reveals followers can’t get enough of it, for the most part:


And there are so many amazing dancers to follow on the top TikTok list, including:

  • @awezdarbar – Social influencer, dancer, choreographer and comedian
  • @jasonderulo – Singer, songwriter, and dancer
  • @justmaiko – Dancer, choreographer and blogger


But it’s not all bouncing and spinning – actors are seeing the benefits as well. And this channel has been a saving grace for many out of work performers.

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All of Life’s a Stage

Acting is its own category on TikTok and some notable names, as well as up and coming newbies are among top followed accounts such as:

This summary metrics graph shows how the TikTok acting conversation has peaked and waned, observing both positive and negative sentiment:


Clicking any area reveals net sentiment and potential impressions around popular terms used. Here the popular hashtag #tiktok links another actress who’s joined this platform:


On TikTok you don’t have to be a famous actor to create success – anyone can become someone. The significant number of “social media personalities” proves it.

Walk and Talk with Personality

Who knew that just being a presence online could shoot you into stardom? But it has for many TikTok stars including:

  • @riyaz.14 – Known for acting and singing on TikTok 43.4M Followers
  • @mr_faisu_07 – Known for acting and music videos on TikTok 32M Followers
  • @gilmhercroes – Comical lip sync videos at their best 29.8M Followers
  • @nishaguragain – Lip syncing star 28M Followers
  • @stokestwins – Twin brothers, comedic duo 26.6M Followers
  • @avani – Model known for her eye-catching social media accounts 26.9M Followers
  • @joealbanese – Breakdancing and crazy videos 26.4M followers
  • @flighthouse Variety show with other social media personalities 27.3M followers

By adding a filter to include the term “social media personalities”, our social listening search on TikTok, we see even more favorable results. And this tells us how important it is to connect with real people as influencers.


As NetBase is interactive, clicking on any term brings an in-depth look of the social web data informing it. Here, the term comedy skits bring us to a tweet about TikTok personality Josh Lawson, who although not in the top 25 still has quite the following.


And there are endless influencers active on TikTok – one to meet every brand’s budget. Following trends can help brands connect with a rising star. And, as noted early on here, fashion is one area that’s pretty hot right now.

Fashion & Beauty TikTok Influencers 

Makeup, fashion and beauty are three things the remaining five influencers on our list have in common. And it’s one of the most popular segments of TikTok.

It’s something our first TikTok influencer in this list knows a lot about. @babyariel has 34.7M followers and is a social media personality, singer and actress, known for her videos and natural beauty.


And other stylish mentions are:

Applying the interests of Beauty and Fashion to pull focused results, we see top brands mentioned. Companies like Trader Joes and Whole Foods let us know where these segments shop, while make-up brand ColourPop is top.

And, not surprisingly, Colourpop credits its constant influencer marketing as a key contributor to its sales!


And that’s the beauty (pun intended) of influencer marketing as a whole: Once a brand sorts out where its audience lives and what their interests are, NetBase Enterprise makes short work of sorting out relevant influencers to connect with them and generate brand awareness. It’s a measurable, powerful tactic, and one that every top brand in every category uses to some extent.


Knowing what is trending and who is influencing that trend can give your brand the ‘it’ factor. And we can show you how to find each. Be sure to reach out for a demo and we’ll show you how to find influencers to strut your stuff on TikTok!

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