Most Loved Brands 91-100

Kimberly Surico |
 03/16/15 |
2 min read

In anticipation of the release of the NetBase LoveList, we’ll be previewing 10 of the brands that just made it onto the list. We’ll take a look at the geographical and industry breakdown of this section of the LoveList.

Coming in at the end of the LoveList, numbers 91-100 generated over 560 thousand mentions on love within the last year, which was about 1.5% of the total mentions for the list. On average, each brand in the group got over 36 thousand mentions on love compared to the list average of 238 thousand. While the brands in the group might now have gotten quite as many mentions on love as some of the brands towards the top of the list, they still generated more than enough mentions to secure a spot on the top 100 most loved brands.

Geographically, the group is mostly from the US, with 7 of the 10 brands headquarter there. However, the group also has representation from France, South Korea, and it contains the only Chinese brand to make it onto the list.

Retail brands dominate the group with 6 out of 10 brands belonging to that industry. After that, the group is evenly split between Telecommunication, Automotive, Computer Hardware, and one of three video game franchises to make the list.

Although this end group tended to be more retail and US focused, the LoveList overall is fairly diverse. With over 23 million mentions of love surfaced across 84 countries in 13 industries, the NetBase LoveList is a close look at the brands consumers express the most love for in social media. Check out the full list to see which brands made it.

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