NetBase is located near San Francisco—many of us live there—and we like to eat. So who better to offer some insider’s tips on restaurants for those of you attending the ad:tech conference?

Here are some of my personal favorites and some recommendations from colleagues.

If you have your own tips, share with others at ad:tech by tweeting #AdTechEats.

Radius (1123 Folsom St.) – Epitomizing the Fresh/Local/Organic craze, Radius sources all ingredients from within 100 miles of San Francisco.

Source (11 Division St.) – Menu translation: Moo, Cluck, Quack, and Oink. The sound animals make to say thank you for eating their respective soy-based brothers.

Zuni (1658 Market St.) – Chicken… nuff said.

Mission Chinese (2234 Mission St.) – Duck-confit nachos and foie gras sundaes with large-format posters of Chinese landscapes and Communist leaders on horseback–Welcome to SF!

AsiaSF (201 9th St.) – This will be your most memorable experience in SF.

Pagolac (655 Larkin St.) – Delicious 7-course beef with dipping sauce.

Greens Restaurant (2 Marina Blvd.) – Amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge from this vegetarian restaurant opened by the San Francisco Zen Center.

Udupi Palace (1007 Valencia St.) – Our staple location for vegetarian Indian food.

Contigo (1320 Castro St.) – Tapas, one of our CEO’s fave spots in the Noe Valley neighborhood.

Una Pizza Napoletana (210 11th St.) – Haven’t tried this one yet but it’s all the rage. Owner Anthony Mangieri has made pizza for 20 years in a constant quest for perfection.


After dinner you might want to try these unusual hangouts:

City Beer Store (1168 Folsom St. #101) – Like a wine bar, but for beer.

Wicked Grounds (289 8th St.) – Order a milkshake, introduce yourself to a stranger and play Cards Against Humanity, among many other kinds of games ;-P

Brainwash Café & Laundromat (1122 Folsom St.) – Thursday is comedy night and host Tony Sparks’ might just call you his…Sugarnasty.

About This Post

To prepare for this year’s ad:tech conference, I used NetBase to glean insights about last year’s show. I dredged up complete history from Twitter’s firehose for mentions of #AdTechSF from 2013. After reviewing what people liked/disliked about the show, identifying key influencers, and analyzing the preferred hashtags, we wondered how many attendees were local vs. out of towners. So we did geolocation analysis of the people who tweeted #AdTechSF in 2013. Based on their profile’s geolocation, we knew where they came from. It turned out only 24% of #AdTechSF mentioners call San Francisco home. So we thought we’d give the incoming cohort of ad:techers some suggestions based on where we love to eat in our Cool Gray City of Love.

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