NetBase Quid Live NY and LA 2021 Recap
Michael Seymour |
 11/19/21 |
6 min read

NetBase Quid LIVE 2021 Roundup

Another round of NetBase Quid LIVE events just happened – were you there with us? If not, we’re here to tell you all about it! Check out our recap below. And be sure to follow us on Twitter to see photos from the events and interact with our team!

NetBase Quid LIVE just wrapped up in New York on November 9 and Los Angeles on November 16. Our team and conference attendees were joined by an amazing lineup of industry experts and thought leaders covering the ever-changing world of social media analytics and market intelligence. It was a continuous intelligence extravaganza of sorts! Let’s dive in.

Keynote Speakers Set the Stage for New Solutions

We kicked off both events at 9am in their respective time zones with keynote speaker Brian Solis, digital anthropologist, 8x best-selling author and Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce.

He shared why we can’t bring 2019 or 2020 mindsets to our changing work and world, as each offers unique opportunities in light of the pandemic. Rather, he explored ways in which we must strive to better understand what people value, their frustrations, and their aspirations, to reinvent engagement and experiences, and reimagine the future forward.

Directly following, NetBase Quid President Bob Goodson took the stage with colleagues Paige Leidig, Chief Marketing Officer and Ranjeet Bhatia, SVP of Product Management for a tidy segue from reimagining the future to how to capture this continuous intelligence, which is swirling around us at an accelerated rate. Goodson, Leidig and Bhatia shared NetBase Quid’s knack for innovating new solutions to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs, with next-generation artificial intelligence technology that uncovers the most accurate insights for every use case.

The lineup that followed in each location offered nuanced and visually stunning insight presented around a variety of topics. We encourage you to reach out to view recordings of each event, and share a highlight reel below for your reference!

LIVE in New York!

Lauren States, Independent Director, Executive Lecturer at Northeastern University shared ways to Drive Your Business with Data Led Intelligence by interpretting signals in data and understanding their impact on your business and using strategic insights to drive organizational change.

And one of the best sites to capture this data is where our next speaker works – Twitter! Paul Bowes, Sr. Partner Manager, Developer and Enterprise Solutions shared tips for Listening to the Real Voice of the Customer on Twitter by leveraging the hundreds of millions of tweets that are created every day, which is truly the largest collection of human thought that has ever existed!

Doing so would reveal a good bit about consumer habits, including travel, which is something near and dear for Melissa Peace, Senior Brand Manager / Global Brand Strategy at Vrbo. She shared insight around the future of travel in 2022 and beyond.

And there are “3 Es” that any brand, regardless of category, needs to take into account if they hope to grow as a marketing leader, which Kip Knight, Operating Partner at Thomvest shared. Those three Es are (Empathy, Education, and Engagement) – and they can help you create great collaboration and generate more substantial results with your internal and external clients.

Following this, Sara Fogel, Director of Customer Engagement at GoPuff and Reagan DeLattre, Director, Business Growth & Strategy at 113 Industries joined forces in an aptly named presentation on Harnessing the Power of Collaboration In Driving Innovative Research. None of which can happen if your Organizational Maturity for Strategic Intelligence is subpar – which was the topic of  Laura Kegley and Sarah Flagg’s presentation. Laura is SVP, Account Management at NetBase Quid and Sara is Manager of Onboarding & Integrations – both understand the power or having strategic intelligence that’s on point.

One social channel that can’t be ignored is Reddit – and we had David Factor, Senior Partner Manager from Reddit sharing ways to Leverage the Power of Authentic Conversations on the platform. And then Ranjeet Bhatia followed up with how to use NetBase Quid to gather Reddit and other intel all in one place to better understand the relationship between dominant and emerging conversation themes to find the signal in the noise. Michael Wahlen, Expert Consultant at Boston Consulting Group expanded upon this conversation sharing ways to Employ Quid’s Company Analysis to See into the Future.

It’s all really about The Power of Continuous Intelligence and using it to predict shifting consumer behaviors, emerging trends, and evolving market dynamics, as Deryn Russell, Director of Customer Engagement at NetBase Quid shared. And having the right influencers working with your brand certainly helps. Laura Leahy, Analyst with Viacomcbs shared why it’s crucial for brands to engage with creators in her presentation on Distilling the World of Influence through Social Intelligence.

And one of the best ways to stay on top of the influencer world in your category is by democratizing data within an organization, as Mike Baglietto, Global Head of Market Insights and Jason Auh, Director of Strategic Growth at NetBase Quid shared in their talk on Extending the Value of Real Time Insights Through BI. Because although predicting markets doesn’t require a crystal ball, it can can certainly feel that way, as Cam Mackey, Executive Director at SCIP shared. And establishing an internal Center of Excellence (COE) isn’t a bad idea, considering. Will Yu, Director of Customer Success at NetBase Quid shared tips around that!

And finally, we ended the day with something very topical from our friends at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center – 2021 Health Care Trends – How COVID-19 Continues to Change the Industry. Thomas Kirby, Director of Strategic Marketing and Intelligence and Niki Bevec, Consumer Insights Manager reviewed key ways that patient needs and expectations have changed, and how the industry can move beyond the reactive ways we’ve had to adapt over the last year, into proactive ways to make changing patient needs more available and accessible.

And then we had a few repeat customers in LA, but also a host of new faces joining us. We’ll share those next!


After our keynotes from Brian Solis and NetBase Quid Leadership, we dove in with tips on How to Monsterize Your Digital Analysis Using NetBase Quid with someone who knows a thing or two about this – Laura Thieme, Director of Digital Marketing Analytics at Monster Energy. And immediately following, we had another titan in the “yes, we all know that company” space – Jess Bundy, Manager of Consumer Insight at The Walt Disney Company. She shared how brands today are Taking Ownership of Your Social Listening Future. If your brand is not, you need to watch this presentation.

With the future firmly in place, you need ways to generate brand awareness. This was covered by Founder and CEO of BAM in 4 Ways to Turn Your Data into Media Coverage. And Shelina Taki, Senior Director, Strategic Planning and Insights offered tactics to do so in her Oops I Did it Again – Nostalgia in Marketing. This emerging (yet familiar) trend is powerful indeed. And we heard from Paul Bowles of Twitter to help solidify how important that consumer voice is to understanding trends.

Next up, participants learned how Western Union implemented a custom Media Reputation scoring model based on multiple factors to measure true performance (quality and depth of media coverage) against organization priorities and peers to transition from a tactical informer of data to a strategic influencer of insight from Evan Escobedo, Global Lead – Listening, Analytics, & Insight at Western Union.

Though the toughest job around lately is probably in the tourism sector and Ashley McHugh, Research Director, Memphis Tourism has that locked up. She said how she’s been able to keep things moving forward in her enticingly named More Bite, Less Bark: How Memphis Tourism Defines Brand Identities with Social Intelligence.

And 113 Industries never fails to disappoint with its expert insight around everyone consumer and market intelligence, including its presentation here on Unraveling Shopper Behavior Through Social Intelligence. Anupam Singh, Founder and President and Reagan DeLattre

Director of Business Growth and Strategy shared key insights in consumer behavior and the tactical approaches using NetBase Quid to uncover tectonic shifts in where and how they shop along with expectations from retailers and brands.

It’s all really about The Power of Continuous Intelligence, when predicting shifting consumer behaviors, emerging trends, and evolving market dynamics, which Bryce Lednar, Product Manager at NetBase Quid shared. But influencer analysis is essential too – and this is hard when brands are stuck at a standstill with a conventional approach. Lusine Kodagolian, Founder, StratInt Research lead a deep dive into challenges brands face identifying and ranking influencers in our increasingly complex in a world of disparate data signals.

Overall, brands need to Build a Multi-Segment Marketing Strategy Driven by Audience Insights and Jocelyn Harjes, VP, Insights and Analytics, Ayzenberg shared ways to do just that! And we had Kate Coke, Executive, Insights & Analytics and Ryanne Miller, Executive, Brand Consulting at Creative Artists Agency rounding out the day with an important reminder for brands to Inject Data and Analytics into the DNA of Deal Making. Social listening can and must be leveraged as part of the data pie in a diverse organization.

Overall, the wealth of social media analytics and market intelligence tips, insights, and best practices shared at these two events left no stone unturned, and revealed ways of understanding that will certainly result in a larger share of voice for brands paying attention. Are you?

Be sure to please reach out if you’d like more information about any of it – or ways to make continuous consumer and market intelligence work for you!

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