Let The Data Be Your Muse

Carol Feigenbaum |
 03/11/19 |
3 min read
Let The Data Be Your Muse

Some days, it feels like there really isn’t anything new you can sort out about your audience – and those are the days you are mistaken. If you allow the data to inspire your efforts, you’ll find the opposite to be true. When accurate data is your muse, your real problem should be deciding which path of many to explore. Let’s stroll down a couple of those paths to see what can happen when you let the data lead you!

Making the Unknown, Known

Uncovering new insight is amazing – and powerful. It can uncover new consumer segments or new product ideas you wouldn’t have considered otherwise. Better still – it can make these discoveries well ahead of your competitors. And it can even propel unknown brands into the spotlight.

FruitShoot faced precisely that dilemma when it wanted to expand beyond the UK to the U.S., where it was an unknown attempting to break in to a category dominated by the likes of Koolaid and Capri Sun. And its response, as discovered by branding wizards at its parent company, Britvic, and their agency partner Zocalo, is a brand awareness success story.

Britvic has grown from a small, chemist-created business in the 1930s to a global enterprise – one that has branded itself as a naturally flavored, no sugar added beverage offering for active kids, and families.

After digging in to what was being said in the juice category in the United States, they discovered there was lots of negative buzz being shared about juice, in general – and particularly around sugar additives. So, they faced an uphill battle on two fronts – shifting the sentiment, and generating significant brand awareness of their natural product while doing so!

Listening to the data, they discovered a group of “movable mom” bloggers who were active and engaging on social media and fond of sharing personal product recommendations. FruitShoot partnered with these influencers to creat positive mom-to-mom conversations and created that sought-after shift in sentiment– one that was directed toward FruitShoot.

Amazing luck? No – informed strategy.

As an added bonus, while doing so, they honed in on competitor shortcomings that further helped the brand stand out in ways that were mom-approved, and witty:

How did it turn out? Well, launching during the summer months was smart move #1, as moms were looking for ways to send snacks along with littles to summer camps – and their overall campaign saw a 200% increase in purchases.

But gaining traction in a category must be easier when you’re a bigger well-known brand, right? Not necessarily. Even when a brand steps outside of its comfort zone to do something that should propel it into awareness overdrive, the competition becomes fierce.

Take the Olympics, for example. Sponsoring an athlete or a team results in lots of influencer love, but what do you do if you go for the gold (as it were) and sponsor the whole event? Well, you have to make memorable marketing moments.

Sounds easy to accomplish, right? Of course not.

Memorable Marketing Moments

If you want to set your own agency bar, add the challenge of standing out during the Olympics to your “must do” marketing bucket list, as that’s what GMR Marketing was faced with.

GMR created a strategy that it was able to execute with confidence, knowing their intel was accurate and the strategy sound, because they were able to identify and share details to support each step of the overarching narrative they’d created for the brand. And who was the brand?

Bridgestone. You probably know it for its tires, but Bridgestone Group “makes and sells a range of rubber products and other diversified products. Many of these products and technologies are used in a variety of everyday applications.”

And if that wasn’t impressive enough, as a worldwide Olympic partner, you can be sure Bridgestone had set the bar for success pretty high!

Listening to – and trusting – what the insight revealed, GMR created custom audiences for the large nationalities Bridgestone wanted to connect meaningfully with. When these people arrived on the ground in Tokyo, there were greeted with custom experiences waiting for them – experiences directly tailored their needs.

There was no room for a silver medal on this stage. All gold for these delighted travelers!

But that can’t be the norm, can it? These are just shocking successes experienced by a lucky few? Not quite. When you let the data guide you, anything is possible – for brands big, small and in-between. We’re committed to customer success to make it happen, and it happens again and again. Reach out for a demo and explore what’s possible.

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