I used NetBase to analyze tweets from last year’s ARF show to help us prepare our own marketing efforts there. See if you can use some of these insights in your planning for the show.

Day Two: Tweeting Takes Off
ARF 2013 started on March 17 but tweeting peaked the day after with 575 mentions. Guess everyone needed a day to get the lay of the land before they were ready to start commenting.



Locals Rule

More conference attendees were from New York than anywhere else. Here are the percentages of tweeters from various cities:

New York         35%

Boston               9%

Atlanta               4%

San Francisco    4%

Chicago              3%



If you’re a New Yorker, it’s likely you’ll have plenty of company again. Not too surprising, given that the conference and Madison Avenue are in the same city.

Most-Used Hashtag: #rethink13

We’re betting #rethink14 will be the champion this year.


Use #mrx for Market Research Topics



To get your market-research-related seen by the greatest number of people interested in that topic, use the #mrx tag.

Pats on the Back Are Appreciated

The biggest “emotion” expressed at the conference took the form of messages of congratulation, like those for winners of Ogilvy Awards.


Thanks for reading. We look forward to meeting you at the show. And be sure to stop by Booth 515 and check out our new Brand Pulse social dashboard.

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