One of the best ways to understand how social analytics help brands is to hear from clients succeeding as a result of applying them.

During NetBase LIVE London, Substance Global Director, Digital Strategist Liam Spragley shared how his agency creates emotion-driven campaigns using digital data. Here’s how you can too.

Go for “Warm & Fuzzy” in Your Campaigns

During his presentation, Head, Heart & Gut: Why It’s Important to Make a Connection with Your Audience, Liam hit on a few key points all brands and agencies should understand:

  • The need to break through the noise to truly connect with consumers
  • The importance of masterfully disrupting human habits to foster connection
  • Memory encoding is dependent on emotion – we remember what made us feel something

If we only remember about 100 of the 10,000 daily ads we see, you want to be one of them!

The way to be memorable is to connect to consumers’ emotions.

Research firm Neuro-Insight teamed up with UK TV marketing firm Thinkbox to create 5 creative drivers of effectiveness – all of which focus on telling a story centered around human interaction and evoking emotion.

Substance Global uses these drivers to build emotion-driven campaigns.

Use a Combination of Tools

Social sentiment isn’t the only tool the agency uses, of course. Sentiment is a metric that can be applied to qualify a number of data sets – and Substance Global uses many.

In addition to using NetBase to understand topics being discussed on the web, they use Facebook and Twitter analytics, as well as other tools to measure survey data. They bring all data into their own historical data tool to uncover what people are talking about, and most importantly what they are engaging with.

This is the data pushed out to their creative studio, where content and campaigns are made.

This is a smart move – because social data certainly isn’t the only data that should inform brand strategy. Smarter still is investing in social analytics tools that integrate with other such tools – to bring Voice of the Customer data into a singular stream for comprehensive understanding and planning.

This includes image analytics, customer experience analytics, forum data, star ratings, reviews, sales data, and anything else you can think of that tells you what your audience wants.

A sampling of Best Buy in-home consultation reviews

When clients come into Substance Global, it’s Liam’s job to take the knowledge they share, and combine it with social data and trends to present next steps that make sense.

Give Your Assets Long Life

Part of those next steps should include creating assets that drive engagement by continuing to live online, rather than for a brief moment in time. This is why it’s so important to get to know your audience at a personal level – and to activate their memory through sentiment.

It’s also why you must understand the value of different types of content – like images, videos, text, emojis, etc.

Which audience will love a particular GIF on a particular channel most? Which audience craves behind-the-scenes videos on YouTube? Which segment lives for lifestyle images shared via Instagram Stories?

Sprint capitalizes on a familiar face Verizon used to use…

It’s in your best interest to find out before diving into any campaign.

But your research doesn’t stop when your campaign begins. You’ve got to continue following the journey to know if and when consumer attitudes shift, so you can shift with them.

As Liam says, he’s there to help with the hypothesis, but it’s the tools that distill the data so all “gut” feelings are verified, and you always know you’re on the right track.

That’s exactly the power of social data, and the value of social analytics tools. If you want to be as successful as the top brands and agencies, you’ll put them to use yourself.

For more on how our social analytics and sentiment analysis tools work, reach out for a one-on-one demo!




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