Lead Gen Technique: Spy on your Competitor’s Sales People
Mike Baglietto |
 12/19/12 |
2 min read

This is one technique among a series I’m covering on conversation mining for lead generation.

In certain industries, there are already companies mining social media for sales leads.  If so, then their sales people have probably left digital breadcrumbs to the prospective customers.  Identify the sales people by identifying their sales language.  For instance look for someone offering to set up a time to talk or to send a free sample by mail.  Who did they tweet or comment to?  Who do they follow?  These are all places to look for leads.

How this works may differ by industry, so let’s delve into an example.  According to NetBase’s study on over 27 billion conversations last year, one of the biggest wants expressed in social media is a car.  Therefore I would expect to find savvy automotive companies social selling.  Lo and behold, there are experts emerging on automotive social selling such as Kathi Kruse.  So dive into “want” comments about Mustang and find dialogues such as the one below where @yougotrossed seems to be inquiring about cars and @FordService responds offering sales literature.  With 15K+ followers of @FordService, competing car companies have a targeted audience to mine for leads and other insights.

The next step would be to use NetBase to mine @FordService’s comments and followers.  To start, simply set up a Topic on @FordService.  If you’re a NetBase user interested in mining a follower base, contact me for a demo of an advanced capability.

Thinking about your own business, how would you go about identifying your competitor’s sales people using conversation mining?  In some cases, like @FordService above, the sales people are tweeting on a corporate handle and use tell-tale cotags (the like hat character followed by the person’s initials such as “^EM”).  In other cases the salespeople might use their personal accounts but tweet on their company’s behalf.  In those cases you can look for clues in their profiles indicating that they tweet on behalf of a corporation.  In still other cases, you might find them in the course of mining for your own leads because they’ll be responding to the same people as you.  Once you find one, analyze their followers.  You can also analyze the person themself by setting up a topic on their user id such as their twitter handle.  This will reveal what hashtags they tend to use, etc.

Beyond spying on your competitor’s sales team these tools will help you spy on their social activity.

To discuss how this or any of the other social lead gen techniques from the series could work for your specific case, please contact NetBase (info@netbasequid.com) for help assessing your requirements.


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