Lead Gen Technique: Lead Enrichment
Mike Baglietto |
 01/21/13 |
3 min read

This is one technique among a series I’m covering on conversation mining for lead generation.

Once you’ve got a lead you can use this next technique to build a profile based on what they talk about in social media.  It could be a lead you’ve gotten from one of the previous lead gen techniques or it could be a long-term client whom you just want to get to know better.  With NetBase, you can set up a topic on a particular author and build a profile as a dashboard.  Your dashboard would then analyze the last year of posts made by that person which you could summarize as word clouds.  You can also build a timeline to better understand when this person tweets, correlating it to other happenings in their company or industry.

For example, let’s suppose we want to sell a product or service to VPs of Human Resources.  Using one of the other lead gen techniques I’ve identified Allison Vaillancourt, the VP of HR at the University of Arizona as a possible lead.  We now want to enrich our profile of Allison so that we can build a better case for why she should take our cold call, cold email, or cold tweet.  From a word cloud on her favorite hashtags we see that the top three by frequency are #li, #hr, and #careers.  If you’re not familiar with #li, it was the hashtag LinkedIn used to append to your tweets before Twitter shut off their partnership.  The second and third hashtags are self-explanatory but they do confirm that she’s in the target profession.  So we know she’s an avid user of LinkedIn and maybe we could chat with her about the Twitter/LinkedIn partnership.  From the timeline you can see she tweeted less in August and November which probably means those were vacation or busy times for her.

The one other intriguing nugget I found on Allison came from exploring a peculiar hashtag in her word cloud, #cupahr.  It sounds like “cup of tea” but it says HR so I guessed this was a light moment she wanted to share about her career.  Sure enough, it’s a link to a post she wrote called When Your Presentation Goes Awry.  It’s a hilarious account of a presentation she did that despite her painstaking preparations proceeded to go sideways.  I hate to cut to the punch line but the presentation was interrupted by a little bird that “had apparently ingested cocaine”.

Knowing this about Allison, if I were to make a sales call to her and her department, I would try to make good use of what I learned about her.  First of all I would redouble my preparation for the meeting because she seems to be a perfectionist.  Second, I would bring some kind of toy bird, maybe like a wind-up-toy, to the meeting.  To break the ice, I might wind it up and have it hop across the conference room table to her.  Something like that anyway.  I’m sure it would give her a good laugh and stick in her mind as a memorable sales pitch.

Thinking about your own business, do you have your customers’ and prospects Twitter handles to plug in as topics for this technique?  So many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems treat the email address as the unique identifier these days.  But as my teenage daughter’s generation hits the job market, email could possibly be a thing of the past.  CRM systems need to be expanded to record all kinds of handles for people and not treat any of them as the unique identifier since not everyone is on every social network.  Once your systems are in place you should be able to do this kind of sleuthing to enrich your understanding of your prospects.

To discuss how this or any of the other social lead gen techniques from the seriescould work for your specific case, please contact NetBase (info@netbasequid.com) for help assessing your requirements.

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