Lead Gen Technique: Give ’em What They Want
Mike Baglietto |
 12/03/12 |
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This is one technique among a series I’m covering on conversation mining for lead generation.

Set up a topic in NetBase on your brand and then filter the posts down to just those that express “want” or “need” behavior for your brand.  Turn on the firehose, sort by the desired time period, slice and dice by geo/gender/etc. Now you’ve got a rich source of precisely targeted leads.

Thinking about your own business, what behavior would you pinpoint about your brand?  For many brands, consumers will simply say they “want” or “need” it.  But if your product is a consumable item then it might be enough to look for people who say they “use” it because you can target them for re-purchase.  Or if they “own” your product you can target them for a cross-sell.  Think about what behavior you’d click on to filter the conversation down and find leads for your brand.

UPDATE: See this case study on Vitamix: The Proof is in the Smoothie.

To discuss how this or any of the other social lead gen techniques from this series could work for your specific case, please contact NetBase (info@netbasequid.com) for help assessing your requirements.

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