Brands Helping Consumers Shop for Jobs this Labor Day

The pandemic has been hard on consumers financially. Many are out of work and none are overly eager to spend on holiday sales this Labor Day. And this is why there’s a very wise push for brands to help consumers shop for jobs instead of sales today. And one company is behind this consumer and market intelligence-informed effort.


#LaborDayOn Effort Helping Consumers Find Jobs

Citing the 25 million out of work Americans, Red Wing Shoe Company is asking other companies to join in their #LaborDayOn effort and post open jobs this Labor Day for consumers to apply to.


It’s a smart move.

When exploring online conversation around jobs, we can see social media sentiment about the U.S. job market in locations across the U.S. We even have other countries weighing in, as the global market is affected by every nation. The overwhelming sentiment is negative, with some neutral and positive pockets shining through, signaling lots of room for improvement:US-Job-Market-sentiment-by-location

Explored another way, we can see the stories media are sharing (published count) and those consumers are sharing (social engagement) and which are capturing the hearts and minds of readers. We can see a wide variety of outlooks, supporting nothing clearly, beyond the roller coaster of emotions it creates for those reading and sharing these items:


And regardless of which way the wind blows, with all of that in mind, Red Wing Shoe Company’s campaign is greatly needed and perfectly timed. And apparently, at least 50 other companies agree:


Not Just a New Tactic

This may feel like it’s merely a new tactic for brands to pursue – with the only difference being that it’s not focused on sales. But it isn’t really a “tactic” at all. Brands have become increasingly savvy around understanding the consumer experience and capturing very specific needs and wants, for sure. But they’ve also developed keen awareness that this understand does not work as a one-off application. It requires consistent effort, informed by consistent and accurate social media listening and monitoring.

Thanks to consumer and market intelligence, we can examine both the conversation happening in the media around the job market, and the consumer sentiment being shared web-wide.

And back to this effort itself: How does the conversation look around it, specifically?


Sentiment Shifts Thanks to Red Wing’s Labor Day Jobs

In Quid Social, we can drill down and see precisely how this promotion is being discussed in our semantically connected conversational clusters:


We can click through and explore any of the clusters, to see precisely what is being said, by whom:


And for a complementary consumer intelligence view, when we explore this effort in NetBase, we can see another view of sentiment with our Storyscope and Word Cloud views. And when it comes to #LaborDayOn, there’s no mistaking the overwhelmingly positive sentiment expressed:


Not only that, but we can see who is saying it, as approached from a bunch of different angles. We can see the consumer snapshot, of course, but also which blogs, forums and news sites have picked it up – and can click through to see precisely what is being said on each:


And where they’re located:


And this location data makes sense, as Red Wing Shoe Company is based in Minnesota. But, you’ll find lots that makes sense besides – a lot of it will be things you’d never discover otherwise, in fact!

Uncovering Amazing Consumer Intelligence Insight

That’s the beauty of NetBase Quid insight, as stated again and again here – it’s precise. With consumer and market intelligence that’s aggregated from the widest variety of structured and unstructured data, combining both social web and news media intelligence, the results are not only immediately actionable, they’re also immediately verifiable.

Every bit of insight a brand encounters is NetBase Quid is transparent and open to exploration to confirm what it’s offering – the intel informing its analysis – actually supports the result. And to do this, each bit of it can be explored down to an extremely granular degree. This is huge differentiator in the social analytics space.

The very specific consumer intelligence it reveals not only provides brands with the insight they need to encourage ongoing brand loyalty and love, it also helps inform future campaign planning and influencer identification.

Consumer Intelligence for Influencer Identification

For example, we can see the authors sharing about Labor Day and, even more specifically, those talking about it along with Red Wing Shoe Company’s hashtag #LaborDayOn (it’s our “included term” below):


From there, we can explore each instance and see if any of the people taking about this promotion with their substantial audiences might be a good fit for future partnerships. This person might be someone to explore further, for example:


And, in NetBase Quid, you can do precisely that. You can vet a person’s public online activity and then monitor the relationship as you go, tracking how effective they are at promoting your content. Brands can also track how these influencer relationships impact overall media coverage in our Converged Media view.

There’s really just so much to offer, and so many ways for brands, like Red Wing Shoe Company, to capture consumer and market intelligence to inform and measure online efforts. They’ve definitely created a winner with this effort. Be sure to reach out for a demo and we can help you do the same!


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