KPop Influencing Zoomers

KPop performers are influencing Zoomers (Gen Z) as well as other demographics in unanticipated ways. The level of intensity they create rivals that of the Beatles, with fans swooning virtually as well as in person, generating seismic shifts in brand awareness for those lucky enough to take advantage of this trend. Here’s why you should consider joining in!

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KPop influence extends beyond trendy clothing and makeup, which we’ll speak to here, including:

  • KPop’s influence on timely trends
  • Putting KPop influence in context
  • Zoomers as consumers

And here are some stats around influencer marketing in general, and KPop specifically to pique your interest:

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KPop’s Far-reaching Influence

KPop isn’t an overnight sensation. Heavily influenced by western culture, it’s been gaining popularity since it’s origin in the 1950’s. And its reach is felt near and far.

From music to fashion; travel to KPOP inspired burgers, the conversation is all a-flutter over this Korean Pop Culture. And popular bands, such as BTS, are featured throughout the categorical clusters.


It’s hard to mention KPop without seeing BTS, or other popular KPop bands such as EXO or Blackpink. And these performers are so pervasive, in fact, that it can be necessary to filter them out in a search because of their overwhelming influence on results.

And from a potential audience awareness standpoint, filtering them out can reveal overlooked information.

Our 12-month timeline view filtered to exclude popular KPop bands, reveals data that might have been overlooked for those wanting to get in on this trend but unable to afford a BTS collab.

Fashion is the largest category feeling the influence, second to that are the KPop curious, those interested in this mutli-faceted trend but hovering on the fringe, similar to the significant Vegan curious crowd. Unlike their less than thrifty friends, the KPop kids are spenders.


This Korean trend ‘pops’ up in some the most unexpected places. But is it useful? Let’s put it all in context. 

Putting Influence in Context

Followers or retweets are ego boosts for any brand, however its engagement that really brings the party. Brands would be wise to consider leveraging influencer marketing to discover content that resonates with Gen Z (and others) from influencers they already follow. And KPop is likely a piece of those conversations.

Below, we have top influencers surrounding KPop. On the left, we have standard news and media displaying their influence by followers and visitors. To the right we have top influencers by mentions.

@multimoots has 13,000 more engagements than CNN-and about half of NY Times. Not bad for someone whose follower count is relatively low.


And if we want to see what multimoots is engrossed in, we can dig into some of their associated interests. Here we see the Sims video game and YouTube, which connects this influencer to a wider consumer demographic.


Brands may not have budget for KPop band members, but a follower/influencer? It’s something to consider, particularly when they have multi-channel reach with your target audience.

And another influencing factor is found in Fancams.

Users responding to any post, argument, in really any context, are doing so with Fancams. It’s a way to advertise a favorite KPop star, or anything you want really, and simultaneously shut down an argument on Twitter. And they are gaining momentum.

A quick search and you’ll find many ‘how to’ videos on Fan-camming in general, displaying KPop brand power.


With the Gen Zers spending 4 hours a day on their smartphones and video content being key, can Fancams be utilized by brands? It can offer an authentic way to align brands with target audiences via influencers.

No one thought memes would ever be used for marketing either, so discounting it is foolish. Zoomers are all about authenticity, so paying attention to what they think, say and do can be the difference in reaching or alienating them as consumers. It’s one piece of the Zoomer puzzle to explore. And there’s more . . .

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Zoomers as Consumers

The two youngest generations in the world are Generation Z and the Millennials. Though similar in many ways, they have differences as well.

Where Millennials are idealistic, Zoomers are pragmatic. Millennials have greater expectations from customer service, where Gen Zers are not as focused on it.


And neither generation has a lot of trust in companies, which makes both of them hard targets to hit and even more challenging to please in general.

There is a glimmer of hope though, 62% of Gen Z are even more likely than millennials (56%) to share that when they see companies demonstrating social responsibility, it strengthens their trust. They long to see something authentic. But what issues are important to this generation? How can brings win Zoomer support?

Consumer and market intelligence helps brands pinpoint them, as well as other factors. Brands that figure prominently in Generation Z conversation are shown below in our word cloud. Twitter is the obvious go-to, but we see American Apparel as well as iPhone 11.


American Apparel needs to update it’s image to attract generation Z,” says an article in 2018. Zoomers are increasingly conscience about green living, including their clothes. In fact 9 out of 10  believe companies have a responsibility to address environmental and social issues.

In recent years American Apparel has lifted their look, by emphasizing ethically sourced materials to capture the Gen Z consumer…


And going one step further, they are personalizing their products by showcasing their seamstress and seamsters.


And they are wise to tailor fit themselves to Generation Z. With 42% already earning money in the workforce and their purchase power already surpassing $500 Billion in the US, keeping an eye on where and what they spend their money on is pivotal to the future of business. And to the future of your business as well.

Social media aanalytics combined with market analysis can keep you in sync with Gen Z, Millennials and any other demographic as they come of age. Be sure to contact us and we can show you how to reach this discerning generation.

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