I’ve always been a snap-happy person. However, despite a serious dedication to capturing every moment and hoarding my pictures, I’m actually a late adopter of technology. I was the last of my friends to go from analog to digital, but now that I’ve made the switch, my Kodak camera tends to sit on the shelf in favor of my iPhone (note I was also one of the last people on earth to finally get a smart phone), which is now my go-to for capturing memories. While I love the convenience of my iPhone, nothing compares to the quality of good old-fashioned film, so seeing the headlines about Kodak declaring bankruptcy definitely gave me pause and made me reflect. And according to Saturday, January 7th’s installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker on the 132-year-old brand’s announcement, I wasn’t the only one. 64% of social media users on Facebook and Twitter were saddened to see the iconic brand struggling to keep up with the fast pace of developing technologies, while 23% of users insisted this was inevitable. Below are some of the other sound bites I surfaced with NetBase showing Kodak fans looking back on over a century of Kodak moments:

So, another American icon will be going down the toilet…we will miss you Kodak…

Such a sad day- Thanks for all the memories Kodak!

This is so, so sad. My first camera, and many others afterwards, was a Kodak.

So are you nostalgic? Or did you see this one coming? Let me know in the comments!


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