Outside of the obvious population differences, with the UK’s 63 million people accounting for a significantly smaller share of online voice than the 309 million people in the US, there are areas of difference to note when marketing to each country – some more significant than others. And social media listening reveals what some of those are.

Save a Penny

According to a personality study of 20,000 consumers, split evenly between the two countries, “the British are three times more likely to be careful spenders than those across the pond, with an index of +3.14. [And] its conclusions are both a warning and opportunity for brands. Consumers are generally willing to spend if they think it is worthwhile but will not fritter away their money.”

Apparently, those in the UK will be a harder sell than their US counterparts. Or will they? It depends how you – or how they, rather – define “worthwhile.”

If you add a #sustainable angle to your bargain offering, you’ll find more than a few folks interested. And this isn’t just about growing your own food, there’s also sustainable fashion for the forward-thinking among us:

Or sustainable may relate to transportation as well. Supporting cyclists, conserving energy and being civic-minded, with keeping costs in check is always in style.

It’s all relative and depends on where you’re looking and how you’re targeting each group. Understanding both demographics and where this online traffic lives is an essential part of this puzzle.

Demographics and Online Traffic

UK online participants share their favorite things on Twitter, Instagram and news sites, with forums and blogs trailing closely behind. And these potential consumers offer a pretty even demographic split between men and women, which is predictable, considering. The age groups we’re seeing show a trend of more UK males participating in the older age groups, with the 55-64 range capturing 25% of the pie.

What can you do with this information?

Brits love a good love story, and when we dig a little deeper into the forums bubbling up, we find lots of conversation around “favorites” Lauren Steadman and AJ Pritchard:


So, creating your own conversations on your brand channels around these two would be a great way to grab the attention of a significant UK segment. Take care to create authentic audience interactions though, so it doesn’t look like you are trend-jacking out of the blue.

You could also connect by participating in these forums via brand ambassadors or by creating your own conversations starting threads around hot topics.

Why would a brand do this? Why indeed . . .

AMAs and Reddit in the USA

In the US, we see a similar male/female split, with more males participating in the 25-34 age range. And we also see that forums are a big deal in the US when it comes to finding “favorite” conversation – much more so than we saw for the UK:

With Reddit capturing no less than 10% of the conversation – and that points to a significant trend that has been building in the past few years, with Reddit billing itself as the “front page of the internet” for good reason:

Reddit’s AMAs (Ask Me Anything) are question and answer sessions with fascinating people. They’ve hosted AMAs with Keanu Reeves, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Madonna and countless other non-famous and equally compelling people.

Should your brand host an AMA on Reddit? Possibly! You’d need to explore that option a bit to see if it makes sense for you specifically, but know that brands have experience both rockstar success and embarrassing failure on the platform.

If you’re up for the challenge and you’re seeing a significant portion of your audience there, plan it out and go for it. But be sure to have a really good sense of online sentiment around what your company offers before you do. You can bet those who failed there wish they had spent more time doing exactly that ahead of their own AMAs!

And fortunately for you, NetBase pulls in that precise intel, along with lots more, to power that insight and ensure you’ll create a successful campaign on whatever forum you choose to explore.

Bringing It All Together

Although there are some similarities when it comes to who and where you may find UK and US participants online any given day, when exploring any variety of topics, you have to bring it all together to sort out how. Making those connections and uncovering the best way to meaningfully interact with your target audience without coming across creepy with where social media listening saves the day.

Short of chasing participants around the web with remarketed ads that do little more than annoy them, mastering sentiment analysis is the only surefire way to make sure every time they see you pop up it’s in a way that’s relevant to them, regardless of where you find them.

Want a demo of this online hunt in action? Reach out and we’re happy to take your for a spin!



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