Among the other spring occasions brands have to work with – both for selling and connecting to social audiences – are weddings. With June a particularly big month, with 12 percent of couples  walking down the aisle, what can brands learn and leverage, whatever their category? Things have changed . . .

Always start with social sentiment and what’s behind it to sort out what those changes are! Attributes give you a breakdown of both positive and negative terms so you can see what’s being talked about:

Everything from “fun wedding couples” tying the knot in Vegas to fan fiction is making the cut. Even adapting popular books/movies like “My Best Friend’s Wedding” to be about TV sweethearts Clarke and Lexa from The 100.

More on point though, are topics like the competitive nature of wedding-planning. There are favor ideas, the stress associated with wedding-planning, the cost of weddings, DIY options, and more. Maybe even something taking a light-hearted approach toward everyone’s favorite tv show topic – Bridezillas:

But even with a number of negative Attributes in the mix, the emotions associated with weddings are largely positive:

Because when all is said and done, and you’ve pushed through the expense and stress, it’s worth it when the big day arrives:

All the feels are great – but what can you do about it? Lots!

How Do Weddings Touch Your Brand?

Something that’s important to remember is how wide the playing field is when it comes to weddings. Starting with that so-important-dress for the bride, weddings require services (hair, makeup, etc.) and attire for the groom, wedding party, and honored guests, including the parents of the bride(s) and groom(s) and other attendees. All have social sentiment to share around the experience – and access points to find and authentically engage with these audiences.

Here’s a sampling of the many brands on social engaging over the topic of weddings:

Venues for the ceremony and/or reception

Food, beverage, and cake vendors…

Flower vendors…

And don’t forget the niche for hotels and other hospitality brands providing out-of-town guest accommodations…


Gift registrars…

And more, depending on any number of varied circumstances. Sales opportunities abound – but you need to be listening to capture them.

Almost any brand can find a way to engage those-about-to-be-wed – along with newlyweds and those who’ve been together for years – since wedding season inspires feelings of wistfulness and/or nostalgia in all.

What social listening and sentiment analysis allow you to do is investigate what’s important to your audience, as well as any trends popping up. Brands should be ready to answer specific needs, solve problems, and put those folks with wedding to-do lists at ease. It’s your time to connect meaningfully, and in a way that will certainly keep you top-of-mind for these consumers for years to come.

For example, if you’re a fashion brand, are you up to date on what’s hip for brides right now? The traditional dress you may picture isn’t all that’s on offer:

And would you expect the #1 Emotion for a search on “wedding dress” to be “robbed?”

Turns out some fans of the Marvel movies, as well as Game of Thrones, are upset they didn’t get to see some favorite characters wed before the stories ended.

The popularity of the latter series explains why Brides magazine offered up an illustrated guide to Game of Thrones wedding attire:

Imagine how successful a dress shop could be featuring Game of Thrones-like gowns, even as part of a promotion? It wouldn’t even require new inventory to highlight existing pieces. It’s all about understanding what’s happening in certain segments that relate to your brand – and understanding the larger conversation in context.

Weddings are an emotion-laden topic – which makes them a (mostly) safe subject for brands, as long as you know what the drivers are behind the emotion.

For example, you might want to steer clear of having an opinion about Mr. Ratburn, a character in the beloved children’s book and animated TV show Arthur, who came out as gay and got married on the show.  Unless it’s super on brand for you to chime in on either side of the equation.

But when it comes to simply celebrating love and togetherness, there’s plenty of opportunity to engage your audience – as long as you do it from an authentic, human place.

Love – aka sentiment – should always be your guide when it comes to acting on social data. If this is a new strategy for your brand, practice this June wedding season, because there’s a lot of love to work with.

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