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Twitter is still an important channel for most brands – but are you maximizing its potential? Here’s how to use Twitter Analytics to drive inspiration, brand health, and more!

What’s Happening in the Twitterverse?

When you’re looking for a jumping off point, it’s easy to get started on Twitter by looking at Events in their built-in analytics. Right now, there are several upcoming seasonal events that have Twitter users chirping, like:

And more. What Twitter provides is a snapshot – telling you not just which events are inspiring conversation  but insights like where such conversations are happening (Japan is talking most about Graduation), or the gender saying the most about a given event, etc.

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What’s useful here is seeing what themes capture the minds and hearts of the Twitterverse. If you thought it was too early for Back-to-School talk, for example, you’d be wrong.

You can also see a list of additional conversation trends by tabbing through Events, Sports, Entertainment, and Recurring Trends (like #ThrowbackThursday, etc.). Search by date and location to see what aligns with your brand.

Use AI Analytics to Go Further

As great as this intel is, you don’t really know if it resonates with your audience without exploring more deeply. This is where Next Generation AI Analytics solutions come in.

With this technology behind your social listening and sentiment analysis, you can make discoveries enabling you to leverage a given trend in the perfect way for your brand. Or choose not to leverage a trend that doesn’t apply.

For example, searching on the upcoming San Diego Comic Con, we see a variety of Attributes – both positive and negative – that tell the story of what has folks excited:


Things like giveaways, Marvel universe news, Funko Pop! Disney characters, and Batman turning 80 are part of the conversation.

Meanwhile, looking at Emotions gives you a sense of the emotional language being used…


Which is what drives the various actions folks are taking…

sentiment drivers behaviors screencap

Does this data match up with what you know about your particular audience – or any segments therein? If so, you can look more closely at the specifics to understand exactly how to enter the conversation for maximum engagement.

That could mean a certain type of content, or messaging, or the help of particular influencers.

Find Your Cheering Section

Speaking of influencers, there are a few ways to find them as well using Twitter Analytics. Again, Twitter’s built-in analytics may help you a bit with info like “Top Tweets” when you click on an Event or looking at your Top Follower on the analytics home page.

But even if those options returned more results, they’d still be limited by the lack of sentiment revealed. Twitter Analytics found through a Next Generation AI-powered platform like NetBase are far more revealing – and precise.

What do we see with regard to San Diego Comic Con? Looking at Influencers as well as “People” under Popular Items reveals who people are talking about as well as whose posts are having the most impact:

influencers and popular items widgets

If you have an audience segment that is super into comics, someone like Jeremy Conrad, editor-in-chief at MCUCosmic might be a great influencer to bring on board. Or what about partnering with Funko for a Pop! figurine?


For more ideas, look to the list of People… Actors like Robert Downey, Jr. and Jeremy Renner could be potential influencers, while characters like Harry Potter and Harley Quinn could be great entry points to the conversation with your audience.

Anything from a contest for user-generated fan art to a fully-produced web series featuring these characters in connection with your brand could work. You just have to follow the data.

And, of course, vet any influencers to be sure there won’t be any surprises.

Don’t Be Caught Off Guard

Being able to properly vet influencers is just another reason you need an AI Analytics solution behind your Twitter insights. Otherwise, what do you have to work with?

A lot of people are talking about Robert Downey, Jr. But what are they saying? How do they feel about him? What about artist Alex Ross? He’s an Influencer based on engagement alone – but you’d have to do more investigating before making him the face of your brand.

Alex Ross sentiment widgets

Sentiment is strong for Ross, but you’d need to understand all the nuances before entering an influencer agreement with him

That’s not the only thing brands have to watch out for, either. Issues can arise at any time – based on consumer complaints, Twitter trolls, influencer clashes, etc. Whatever the case, the sooner you know about it, the better. That takes real-time social monitoring tools – with the ability to alert you when spikes in conversation and/or sentiment occur.

You’ll be able to see which channels the troubling conversations are happening on – whether Twitter or elsewhere – so you can respond accordingly.

Agencies like Octagon use social analytics in just this way to power their social campaigns. Why? Because when competition is fierce, you don’t leave any cards on the table. Every bit of intel you can gather is worth exploring.

Next Generation AI Analytics bring you accurate, sentiment-driven insights fast. So whether you’re looking for trends, influencers, or just want to stay on top of brand health, be sure you add AI Analytics to your Twitter equation. It just might make all the difference.

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