Investors Seeking Sustainability-minded Healthcare Options
Carol Feigenbaum |
 07/08/22 |
4 min read

Investors Seeking Sustainability-minded Healthcare Options

As the push to create a more sustainable existence expands, healthcare finds itself at the center of the mix, with calls for universal access to quality healthcare gaining momentum in global sustainable development goals (SDG). And investors are taking note, as they add these goals to their analyses of options, with it lends weight as both a challenge and an opportunity for growth. Below, we’ll explore ways they’re uncovering this intel – and more around why it matters.

To set the stage, we’ll examine the “why” part of this equation first

Below, we have the sustainability conversation isolated to reveal terms specific to “SDG” and including “health,” “healthy” and “healthcare.” As expected, we see sustainable development goals are closely aligned with addressing environmental concerns:


But what may be surprising is the inclusion of public health concerns in this context, which are found further down in our list of terms:

top terms 2

And although this subgroup exists in a smaller corner of the sustainability conversation, it’s significant enough for HCPs to take note––because investors in the healthcare category certainly are! This drive become clear as we dig into the SDG framework.

The SDG Framework

The SDG framework makes sense as it is very market drive––the size of the audience supporting sustainability development goals has grown exponentially in recent years. In fact, as BusinessWire reports, “more than a third of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainability as demand grows for environmentally-friendly alternatives.”

As such, it’s really no surprise that global investors have shifted focus to seek out investments that are green and not merely lean. They want companies that are making an impact, i.e., impact investing:

Impact investments are investments made with the goal to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact while receiving a financial return. Depending on investors’ strategic goals, impact investments can be made in emerging and developed markets and target a broad range of returns. 

The impact investment market continues to grow as it provides capital to companies committed to addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. Companies actively supporting renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, healthcare, education, clean water, and conservation within their operations are a few of the criteria that are popular among investors looking to build well-rounded portfolios with impact or ESG investments.  

We find ourselves in the midst of a consumer-driven push toward green efforts, inspired by shifting priorities brought on by COVID. And health-related SDGs are gaining prominence worldwide, as a result.

What are Health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

Health-related SDGs encompass a broad spectrum of concerns, as detailed in the SDG 3 definition put forth by the World Health Organization.

The SDG declaration emphasizes that to achieve the overall health goal, ‘we must achieve universal health coverage (UHC) and access to quality health care. No one must be left behind’. This places UHC as at the centre of the SDG 3 health goal and SDG 3 as a contributor to and beneficiary of sustainable development, with linkages to all the other SDG targets. Achieving SDG 3 will depend on progress in other SDGs – e.g., poverty reduction; education; nutrition; gender equality; clean water and sanitation, sustainable energy and safer cities (Box 1).

This offers lots of room to grow for healthcare companies of every variety, from providers to device manufacturers. And there’s a place for limitless innovation and category creation. Healthcare companies have an opportunity to disrupt the market with the right consumer and market intelligence informing their efforts

Monitoring SDG Conversation about Your Company & Category

So, how do you monitor the SDG conversation specific to your company and your category? Beyond that, how can you direct the narrative to promote your commitment to SDG and enhance your portfolio to make it attractive to investors? Or at least understand the hot topics they could be searching for?

The online landscape tells a definite story––one where access is important, as people seek to increase, support, improve and provide better healthcare systems. They seek a focus on reducing barriers and ensuring countries their SDG practices to ensure this access – and you want your healthcare company to be part of that story.

The first step requires understanding the larger conversation, in context. We can see “patients, healthcare systems and hospitals” as central to the healthcare SDG universe. And could isolate specific nodes to better understand the specific conversations happening and monitor changes in volume, sentiment or specific terms over time:


And we’ll also need to understand brand benchmarks/norms, which can be captured in a dashboard that’s updated in real-time and helps reveal key metrics with the potential to move markets:


The patent dataset also reveals important information, showing the kind of patents filed, where they originated and by whom:


Beyond all of this, ongoing monitoring reveals outlier conversations in the space – topics winning a good number of mentions, but not yet mainstream. This gives a window into opportunities that investors may also be watching, but that competitors have yet to discover.

And when taken together, the consumer and market intelligence available online offers all the guidance a healthcare company could need to make themselves attractive to new investors. You really just need a tool capable of capturing and analyzing it all accurately and at scale. Reach out for demo and we’ll show you how that looks!

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