Investors Agree: NetBase Rules Social Listening

Peter Caswell |
 03/18/15 |
2 min read

Part of what drives us at NetBase is a passion for connection – between brands and consumers, between clients and us, between now and the future. Our social listening platform is award-winning because of the depth of connection it allows for those who use it. We know the importance of not just gathering data, but interpreting it – connecting to its sources and building a profile of actionable insights from there.

Our goal is to innovate the way social media influences not just marketing, but all aspects of brand business, from sales to customer service to research and development. Social media is a deep well (and wealth) of information that we’ve only begun to understand, and that is why continuing to grow our platform’s capabilities is always necessary – because technology continues to evolve at a stunning rate, and the only way forward is to evolve alongside it.

Management changes have already propelled NetBase to massive surges in customer growth (10X) and revenue growth (7X) and that, along with the expert guidance from Houlihan-Lokey, led to a new Series E round of funding provided by Spring Lake Equity Partners, joined by long-time NetBase investors Thomvest Ventures, Altos Ventures, and WestSummit Capital.

Houlihan-Lokey’s guidance was invaluable in bringing together like-minded entities committed to later-stage growth opportunities. And the $24 million provided by this latest round of financing will allow us to move into the next phase of our social analytics journey, building upon the capabilities of our suite of products, which offer real-time data accessible from any mobile device, and our incomparable Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, which measures depth of sentiment beyond anything available elsewhere, while adding new products the market has only begun to imagine.

We’re incredibly grateful to both new and long-time NetBase supporters, because beyond the proof we see daily in the meaningful data we offer our clients, it demonstrates a belief in what we do and recognition of the value it offers all stakeholders beyond our client base. NetBase takes social insights deeper than ever before.

As we move forward, sinking deeper into the well of social media analytics, our focus will continue to be on deepening the connections between brands and consumers, and offering actionable insights about the passion that drives consumers, thereby allowing brands to build relationships that increase sales, create loyal customers, and raise the bar on what’s possible using social analytics.

We’re excited to have these firms along for the ride with us.

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