Introducing the NetBase Quid Intelligence Connector!
Michael Seymour |
 10/11/21 |

If you’re running a business today you’re most likely short on time. Increasing global competition coupled with ever-shifting consumer demands requires keeping a constant finger on the pulse of the market. Adding to that, consumer and marketing research is time consuming, especially with the volume and the sources of data multiplying at astonishing speed. So very few manage to do it well. And thanks to our Intelligence Connector, all of that is about to change.

Traditional Analysis Isn’t Working

The abundance of data available for analysis overwhelms even the most advanced systems, leaving businesses to rely on a siloed approach. Insights based on Salesforce data or Twitter conversations are typically only available to business units tracking them, with little cohesion company-wide. And this leaves companies without a 360 degree view, unable to keep up with competitors and often failing to connect the dots quickly. The next emerging trend or consumer need escapes notice or is found too late.

It is clear that traditional analysis isn’t working. Businesses need all of the data, in one place and in real-time. NetBase Quid’s next-generation AI-powered platform, sporting advanced NLP capabilities, finds key intel in seconds and helps you accelerate your decision-making around business defining concerns, including:

  • What do people think of your brand and how does that look in relation to competitors?
  • Which marketing activities should you prioritize or rethink, with measurable success metrics?
  • Who are the influencers in a category or relevant to a psychographically defined audience subset?
  • Who buys your products – and who could be buying them?
  • Are there risk factors across your global supply chain? Where are they and how can you best mitigate them?
  • Who are emerging competitors and category disruptors?
  • What is the next big trend, or sleeper trend offering a first mover advantage?
  • Are there merger, acquisition or partnership opportunities? What deals are in motion?
  • Does earning call data reveal offer insight? (They often do.)
  • What patents are in play and what could that mean for your category six months from now?

Actionable, real-time data analysis bulleted above cannot happen unless disparate data sources can be connected and NetBase Quid’s Intelligence Connector makes that possible. And, it saves businesses thousands of hours of manual research into consumer buying behavior.

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What is the Intelligence Connector?

The Intelligence Connector is an end-to-end solution for data connectivity, storage, and distribution. It combines consumer analytics data, market data, share of voice, global news and media outlets, forums, blogs, and social media channels, surveys, review sites, earnings call uploads, patent and company and any CRM or proprietary data you want to add to the mix.

Once uploaded, this consumer and market intelligence is available to all parts of your organization, bringing context and structure to the abundance of data you have at your disposal and supporting rapid decision making.

It helps to think of the platform as a whole as a powerful and highly advanced research team, and the Intelligence Connector is your AI-powered research assistant whose job it is to quickly translate the team’s research findings into actionable insights.

How does it work?

NetBase Quid offers several different integration and output options to support your analysis, from manual CSV or XLS formats to point-to-point automation with Zapier. And the continuum of data integration options flows both ways with our API options allowing for quick inputs and outputs of metrics for further analyses. Transform large amounts of unstructured data into custom metrics mapped to your high-priority KPIs shared across the organization.

The key takeaway is that NetBase Quid embeds intelligence across your enterprise, facilitating quick data-driven decisions based on the rapid and accurate analysis of a wide variety of datasets. It does not rely on gut instinct, which is a dangerous way to do business. Beyond that, the Intelligence Connector offers:

  • Prioritization of insights by helping organizations to weight and rank metrics based on a custom methodology
  • Real-time data and relevant metrics
  • Breadth of data, as detailed above, with robust and ever-expanding datasets

It is the democratization of data at its best. Everyone has access to it and the insights it provides. And you can automatically refresh our data by integrating it with your existing BI platform, like Tableau, Domo, or Microsoft PowerBI.

We have some examples of the Intelligence Connector in action to get you excited about the possibilities . . .

The NetBase Quid Intelligence Connector in Action

When a venture capital firm struggled to sift through volumes of data when searching for new investment opportunities, it realized there were too many potential investments to explore. Using NetBase Quid, it was able to quickly identify prime investment opportunities instead of wasting valuable time on market research that was yielding less than optimal results.

An in-house agency previously used a manual process to track strategic initiatives, requiring extensive analyst time to create reports that were pretty much immediately outdated. NetBase Quid Intelligence Connector completely automated this process, allowing the analyst to focus on more strategic planning and significantly enhancing the accuracy and value of the reports themselves.

Big Four Consulting Firms often help clients identify risk. This firm focused on supply chain risks and tracked 20,000 firms across 20 different risk areas – and it was overwhelmed with data. Using NetBase Quid’s Intelligence Connector, they ‘ve completely automated the process, capturing metrics from news sources, ranking individual risks and employing a weighted average risk – and all with metrics that are always up-to-date.

The Office of Science of a major European government wanted to compete internationally and its first step was measuring its appetite for innovation by comparing technologies against peers across several different metrics. They tracked 70 technologies, aggregating growth metrics across patents, companies, news, and other datasets, and were able to create a competitive dashboard to benchmark against other countries’ innovation efforts. This helped them prioritize innovation investment to ensure the country becomes a world leader in innovation.

Every business should seek to excel in innovation – and there’s really no excuse not to, with the tools available. Our Intelligence Connector can help businesses handle projects of any size, with the same precision. Reach out for a demo and we can walk you through scenarios that apply to your specific needs!

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