The Intelligence Connector Simplifies Sharing Metrics Across Your Organization
Michael Seymour |
 10/27/21 |
4 min read

The BI Connector Simplifies Sharing Metrics Across Your Organization

Powerful consumer and market intelligence platforms offer businesses a 360-degree view of a given industry, competitors and consumers. But sharing these real-time metrics across your organization becomes increasingly complicated as data sources multiply and various silos check in. The Intelligence Connector simplifies this process. Let’s explore how that looks and why leading brands are making it a priority.

The Biggest Challenge Brands Face

Finding your target audience online and keeping them happy and engaged with your product and services hard to do these days. Consumers tell you exactly what they love, hate and want you do develop or fix for them, and market data alerts you to category contenders with nonstop reporting on all facets of market behavior. And all of this consumer and market data makes its way online in a continuous flow.

Interestingly, the best thing about the myriad data sources available to brands is also the worst thing – there are so many data sources available, that it has become impossible to analyze it using traditional methods. And every brand needs to track relevant consumer and market behavior, in one place and in real-time.


And once that is done, the next big step calls for making this data accessible to stakeholders. And these people can be found both within your organization, including internal teams and executives – and in external functions, including clients. If you’re an agency, keeping that latter group informed is key.

Data silos and disjointed workflows have no place in today’s data-driven business landscape, yet many still suffer from these challenges. And lacking an integrated approach to data capture and analysis, a unified view that separates the signal from the noise is not possible. And it certainly isn’t scalable, if you’re hanging on with a ‘fake it till you sort it out’ workflow. 

When data isn’t immediately shared between the various teams of your company, you will inevitably face business efficiency problems such as duplication of efforts and lack of synergy. Perhaps even more importantly, you won’t be able to act in time at the first signs of danger (a product performing poorly or a growing negative sentiment) or miss a great opportunity (an emerging trend).

When you make all the information equally accessible to all parts of your organization including the average non-technical users – that’s when the true value of data will be realized. Multiple creative minds seeing all the relevant data in real time – rather than getting it second hand from a static report at a weekly meeting – will be able to see problems immediately and spot opportunities before they become apparent to competitors.

But that’s not all.

Sharing Metrics is a Game-changer for Brands

When brands can combine consumer and market data with propriety company-captured intel (think call centers and surveys) and share that holistic snapshot company-wide, immediately – the benefits are endless. The extensive list of problems that can be solved by democratizing your data includes better risk analysis, business development, corporate development, product innovation, technology scouting, advanced consumer understanding, uncovering undiscovered ideas and audiences, crisis management and every variety of PR communication. And this is just the beginning.


Are you tracking how your recent social media campaign boosted sales and increased brand loyalty? Now you can not only see that information for yourself but also share the metrics in real-time with all stakeholders in your organization and make changes immediately, as needed. This nimble approach is what separates leading brands from those always playing catchup.

And having direct access to sentiment tracking will allow the customer management team to really focus on improving customer experience. Rather than getting weekly reports and customer satisfaction surveys, they will see what’s going on in real time, and if problems arise, they’ll be able to nip them in the bud.

All of this sounds complicated to connect in one place, right? It’s not.

BI-connector-sharing-metrics-across-organization-2Easy Alternative for XLS Exporting & APIs

The Intelligence Connector is designed to break data silos and automate the process of data sharing and analysis without the need of any technical expertise. As it stands today, short of this technology, NetBase Quid offers several different integration options including manual CSV or XLS exports, point-to-point automation with Zapier, and API capabilities that allow your developers to customize your metrics. But – the most advanced level is one that is completely automated for you, offering faster refresh rate, advanced scalability, wide variety of metrics and a range of analyses that outperforms expectations. That’s the power of our Intelligence Connector.

At the most advanced level, the Intelligence Connector allows you to automatically transform large amounts of structured and unstructured data into insights into KPIs and connect to your business processes. With it, businesses can extract metrics and underlying data in real-time, and in the least error-prone, and most reliable method that will save businesses’ most precious commodity – time.

Overall, businesses love Intelligence Connector because it:

  1. is completely automated.
  2. offers metrics and data to more sources than brands are used to having access to in one place, including news, social media, blogs, forums, company, earnings call and patent data.
  3. has its own custom metrics that give you the option to gain unique insights into your business.
  4. captures unlimited data and is always up-to-date in real-time.
  5. delivers insight in an analyst-friendly format, directly into your database or BI system.
  6. doesn’t require technical programming skills.

And it has been helping brands and agencies win again, which is crucial as they recover from ongoing pandemic impacts. Reach out for a demo and we’ll show you how it can put your brand or agency in the driver’s seat too!

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