The 2020 Complete Guide to Instagram Listening Strategy

There are so many reasons for every brand to be actively participating – or at the very least, listening – on Instagram. And our 2020 Complete Guide to Instagram Listening Strategy shares everything brands need to succeed on the wildly popular platform!

Instagram Strategy for Every Brand

When it comes to social media, there are several channels vying for top billing right now—and each has its appeal. But the best place for brands to be now and into the immediate future is Instagram. And possibly TikTok. But we’ll cover that site another day! This post summarizes what you’ll find in our super complete guide to Instagram, including:

  • Why Instagram is such a crucial brand channel
  • Instagram-specific challenges faced by marketers
  • How advanced image analytics and next generation AI technology helps brands gather better insights
  • Why authenticity is the most important thing your brand can offer
  • How to capture data you can count on
  • How hashtags and comments impact conversations on Instagram

But why do you need a guide to tell you about Instagram? You use it, love it and know how to create a story already, right? Well, marketing on Instagram is deceptive. It appears simple, but there’s so much that goes into it behind the scenes.

Understanding how to authentically connect with consumers and move them along your purchase path to ultimately convert, is complicated. And as it continues to evolve, businesses need to keep pace with all that it offers or fall behind competitors.

Be sure to download the guide, as we can’t possibly speak to all the intel it offers here, but we’ll speak to two high points that you’ll be sure to appreciate: Instagram’s ecommerce capabilities and how to connect with relevant influencers (and if it’s worth it to do so!).

Three Clicks to Convert & Other Advanced Considerations

Advanced Instagram Marketing tactics separate leading (and exceptionally busy) brands, from struggling competitors. Brand managers really must know so much more than the average platform user, including how to:

  • Take advantage of and understand Instagram’s evolving eCommerce offerings
  • Pinpoint the shifting demographics the channel attracts, and how to adapt to it
  • Use Instagram ‘Stories’ functionality to its full potential
  • Derive meaningful insight from Instagram analytics
  • Identify authentic Instagram influencers who have evolved along with the platform, and those who have just learned to game it

It not only offers brands the ability to sell on its platform, Instagram has made it a speedy process as well. This reduces cart abandonment and leads to lots more conversions than one would have when requiring customers to follow you back to your website to complete a purchase.

As you can see below, it’s as easy as 1-2-3:


Compare that to the number of steps it takes when you’re forced to direct followers back to your site to make their selections, go to the shopping cart, enter payment details . . . . and you’ve already lost them.

Instagram is doing so well with this, in fact, that Amazon should be worried. It’s lots easier for a social network to add snappy purchase options for small business owners to convert lots of sales, than it is for the ecommerce giant to create a social network that attracts everyday followers who are there to interact with friends. Instagram has an edge in this regard, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out in 2020!

And a huge part of its draw, of course, are the influencers that inhabit it.

Instagram’s Influencer Insight

It’s no small feat to capture your audiences’ attention on Instagram in the time it takes them to scroll past your imagery. You need to cause them pause, then “like” something stunning, and then take a meaningful action (like making a purchase).

With marketing success measured in moments today, every bit of data you’re paying attention to must move that needle in your favor. Understanding the themes, trending terms, hashtags and conversation volume is your space is essential intel to have on hand. It helps inform your influencer search:


Because there’s really nothing better at stopping someone scrolling in their tracks than having irresistible posts – or an adorable baby animal. But those little fluffballs only go so far, and that’s where a relevant influencer comes in.

These folks, who have something to say that these consumers just have to hear, see or learn more about, are worth their weight in likes when they’re authentic. The trouble is, there are lots of fake influencers participating online and they’re really hard to spot.

This is because fake influencers aren’t only sporting fake follower counts that make brands salivate, they’re also generating top-notch consumer engagement that’s basically useless. Many brands overlook the fact that likes and comments can be purchased just as easily as fake followers are.

Fortunately, in NetBase, you can create an influencer dashboard where you can track engagements and see who is interacting – and if that’s your target audience or a cadre of spam accounts inflating someone’s numbers.


And all of that is really just the tip of the Insagram iceberg! Be sure to download our 2020 Complete Guide to Instagram Listening Strategy today, and reach out with any questions – or for a demo of how to listen to consumers anywhere online.

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